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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
B2003Myers, Nancy A.FacultyEnglish, UNCG
B & B innkeepers in the United States: When the boundary between work and personal life is b...2010Hsieh, Yu-Chin "Jerrie"FacultyMarketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & Tourism, UNCG
B-type emission-line stars with warm circumstellar dust2000Miroshnichenko, Anatoly S.FacultyPhysics and Astronomy, UNCG
B2C Internet Commerce: A Tale of Two Nations2002Palvia, Prashant FacultyInformation Systems and Supply Chain Management, UNCG
Babeuf : a Communist in a non-Communist conspiracy1967Kanipe, Esther SueStudentHistory, UNCG
Baby Boomer Friendships.1998Adams, Rebecca G.FacultySociology, UNCG
Baby of mine2020Furr, Emily StudentArt, UNCG
Baccalaureate student perceptions of challenging family problems: Building bridges to accept...2011Gruber, Kenneth FacultyCenter for Youth, Family, & Community Partnerships, UNCG
Baccalaureate student perceptions of challenging family problems: Building bridges to accept...2011Floyd-Pickard, Melissa FacultySocial Work, UNCG
Back Road Paranoia2008Watson, Joshua StudentEnglish, UNCG
Back to Basics: Rules, Praise, Ignoring, and Reprimands Revisited2009Rock, Marcia L.FacultySpecialized Education Services, UNCG
Back to Basics: What Every Comediante Should Know: Confessions of a Panel Organizer2004Williamsen, Amy R.FacultyLanguages, Literatures, and Cultures, UNCG
Back to the city: the re-emergence of the urban grocery store in mid-sized cities2009Jennings, Jennifer BlakemoreStudentInterior Architecture, UNCG
Back to the future: how future choices impact current satisfaction2010Turner, Samuel AshbyStudentPsychology, UNCG
The background experiences and current status of women intercollegiate basketball coaches in...1974Klock, Gail PatriciaStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Backward detection and discrimination unmasking : suppression or cueing?1992Shilling, Russell DwightStudentPsychology, UNCG
Bacterial content of fortified and unfortified Holder pasteurized donor human milk during pr...2019Perrin, Maryanne T. FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Bacterial production in an arctic pond1975Rublee, Parke A.FacultyBiology, UNCG
Bacteria and bioactivity in Holder pasteurized and shelf stable human milk products2017Perrin, Maryanne T. FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Badminton skill tests for the smash and overhead drop shot1972Besner, Patricia R.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Bagratashen 1, a stratified open-air Middle Paleolithic site in the Debed River Valley of no...2016Egeland, Charles P.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
Bajo Sediments and The Hydraulic System Of Calakmul, Campeche, Mexico2002Gunn, Joel D.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
Balance and counterbalance in Andrew Marvell's pastoral poems1977Allen, Anne Kimberly BrysonStudentEnglish, UNCG
Balance Recovers Within 20 Minutes After Exertion as Measured by the Balance Error Scoring S...2004Shultz, Sandra J.FacultyKinesiology, UNCG
Balance theory, unit relations, and attribution: The underlying integrity of Heiderian theor...2007Silvia, Paul FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Balance, literacy acceleration, and responsive teaching in a summer school literacy program ...2001Harrington, Ann DuffyFacultyTeacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG
Balancing chorus and orchestra in performance: problems and solutions for conductors of the ...2009Turner, Kelly J.StudentMusic, UNCG
Balancing Preservation and Interaction in the Museum Setting2007Wade, Amanda ElizabethStudentInterior Architecture, UNCG
Ballpark Figures1998Brod, Andrew C.FacultyEconomics, UNCG
The band music of Don Gillis : an annotated catalog1991Fry, William EnricoStudentMusic, UNCG
Band Ordering in Lossless Compression of Multispectral Images1997Tate, Stephen R.FacultyComputer Science, UNCG
Bandgap engineering of titanium based oxynitride thin films and molybdenum disulfide thin fi...2019Froeschle, Michael R.StudentNanoscience, UNCG
Bank Loan Officers' Perceptions of the Characteristics of Men, Women and Successful Entrepre...1988Buttner, Eleanor "Holly"FacultyBusiness Administration, UNCG
The banking industry in North Carolina, 1955-1975 : a discussion of its changing structure1976Salmony, Edith RichardsStudentBusiness and Economics, UNCG
Banking on Availability2017Kshetri, Nir B.FacultyManagement, UNCG
Baptists and religious liberty in the U.S.S.R.1971Stewart, Elliot BrownStudentHistory, UNCG
Baptized by fire2013Hayes, Matthew S.StudentArt, UNCG
The bare minimum2011Melton, Deven StudentEnglish, UNCG
The barebones parliament1966Rakama, Washington Z.W.StudentHistory and Political Science, UNCG
Bargaining with patriarchy : former women coaches' experiences and their decision to leave c...2006Kamphoff, Cindra SStudentKinesiology, UNCG
Baroque Solo and Homogeneous Ensemble Trombone Repertoire: A Lecture-Recital Supporting and ...2010Palm, Paul WernerStudentMusic, UNCG
Barrack Obama's Call to Restore Ethics in Politics2008Jovanovic, Spoma FacultyCommunication Studies, UNCG
Barriers that influence the adoption of ACL injury prevention programs in high school girls’...2019Kingston, Gregory C.StudentKinesiology, UNCG
Barriers to college access for Latino adolescents: A comparison of existing theoretical fram...2015Gonzalez, Laura McLaughlinFacultyHigher Education, UNCG
Barriers to development strategies that may promote physical activity: a mixed-method study ...2010Peachey, Andrew A.StudentPublic Health Education, UNCG
Barriers to the diffusion of nanotechnology.2008Link, Albert N.FacultyEconomics, UNCG
Barriers to e-commerce and competitive business models in developing countries: A case study...2007Kshetri, Nir B.FacultyManagement, UNCG
Barriers to HIV Testing Within a Sample of Spanish-speaking Latinx Gay, Bisexual, and Other ...2019Tanner, Amanda ElizabethFacultyPublic Health Education, UNCG
Barriers to the Inclusion of Volunteers with Developmental Disabilities2003Schleien, Stuart J.FacultyCommunity and Therapeutic Recreation, UNCG
Barriers to the Inclusion of Volunteers with Developmental Disabilities2003Bedini, Leandra A.FacultyCommunity and Therapeutic Recreation, UNCG