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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Airborne manganese exposure differentially affects end points of oxidative stress in an age-...2004Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Behavioral interventions to benefit cognition: intervenciones cognitivas para beneficiar la ...2015Etnier, Jennifer L.FacultyKinesiology, UNCG
The effect of partial vascular occlusion on oxidative stress and inflammatory markers in you...2011Garten, Ryan S.StudentKinesiology, UNCG
Effects of açaí berry (Euterpe oleracea) extracts on human antioxidant systems and drug meta...2015Kandagatla, Suneel KumarStudentChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG
Effects of Inhaled Manganese on Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress in the Rat Brain2006Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Effects of manganese exposure and antioxidant therapy on oxidative stress and stereotypic be...2009Fordahl, Steven C.StudentNutrition, UNCG
Effects of Manganese on the developing rat brain: oxidative-stress related endpoints2002Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Exercise-induced oxidative stress markers (glutathione and oxidized LDL) during and after an...2021Lee, Junyong StudentKinesiology, UNCG
Fullerene Nanomaterials Inhibit Phorbol Myristate Acetate-induced Inflammation2009Kepley, Christopher FacultyNanoscience, UNCG
An investigation of the long-term effects of early developmental stress exposure in the Hone...2019Vega Meléndez, Carlos JoseStudentBiology, UNCG
Investigation of optoelectronic properties and anti/pro-oxidation effects of carbon nanodots...2023Azami, Mahsa StudentJoint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, UNCG
Manganese Neurotoxicity2004Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Manganese-exposed developing rats display motor deficits and striatal oxidative stress that ...2013Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Nuclear Factor E2-Related Factor 2-Dependent Myocardiac Cytoprotection Against Oxidative and...2008Jia, Zhenquan FacultyBiology, UNCG
Organotellurium and Organoselenium compounds attenuate Mn-induced toxicity in C. elegans by ...2012Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Oxidative stress in spinal cord injury and antioxidant-based intervention2012Jia, Zhenquan FacultyBiology, UNCG
Oxidative Stress is Induced in the Rat Brain Following Repeated Inhalation Exposure to Manga...2003Erikson, Keith M.FacultyNutrition, UNCG
The oxidative stress-induced niacin sink (OSINS) model for HIV pathogenesis2010Taylor, Ethan WFacultyNanoscience, UNCG
Plasma protein carbonyl response to increasing exercise duration in aerobically trained men ...2007Davis, Paul FacultyKinesiology, UNCG
Plasma protein carbonyl response to increasing exercise duration in aerobically trained men ...2007Wideman, Laurie FacultyKinesiology, UNCG
Plasma protein carbonyl response to increasing exercise duration in aerobically trained men ...2007Consitt, Leslie FacultyKinesiology, UNCG
Reactive oxygen species in in vitro pesticide-induced neuronal cell (SH-SY5Y) cytotoxicity: ...2007Jia, Zhenquan FacultyBiology, UNCG
The role of KEAP1 in Nrf2 regulation in response to chronic exercise training2021Martin, Kerry JamesStudentKinesiology, UNCG
Testing the effects of oxidative stress on genomic recombination in the honey bee, Apis mell...2014Langberg, Kurt A.StudentBiology, UNCG
Upregulation of haeme oxygenase-1 by zinc in HCT-116 cells2012Loo, George FacultyNutrition, UNCG