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NameInstitutionPublication Status
D'Agostino, Cynthia Anne FrascoHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG N/A
D'Agostino, Vincent LouisRomance Languages-Spanish, UNCG N/A
D'Souza, Deborah M.Human Environmental Sciences, UNCG Student
Da, Rui Computer Science, UNCG Student
Dagenet, Jacqueline S.Teacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG N/A
Dahir, Mustafa Mathematics, UNCG N/A
Dai, Hua Information Systems and Operations Management, UNCG Student
Dai, Wei Music, UNCG Student
Dailey, Jacqueline AnnHealth, Physical Education and Recreation, UNCG Student
Dailey, Robert JohnHealth, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, UNCG Student
Dale, Ashley DanielleInterior Architecture, UNCG Student
Dale, Jenny University Libraries, UNCG Faculty
Dale, Margot LucileHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Dalia, Ritu UNCG Student
Dallas, Andrew Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation, UNCG Student
Dalton, Mary M.Education, UNCG N/A
Dalton, Steve Education, UNCG Student
Damasceno, Paula Media Studies, UNCG Student
Damer, Linda KayMusic, UNCG Student
Dancy, Andrew LanceMusic, UNCG Student
Daneshvar Kakhki, Mohammad Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, UNCG Student
Danford, Stephen C.Physics and Astronomy, UNCG N/A
Daniel, Edwin LewisArt, UNCG N/A
Daniel, Mary ReginaHealth, Physical Education and Recreation, UNCG Student
Daniel, Robert MarionMusic, UNCG N/A
Daniel, Stephanie Center for Youth, Family & Community Partnerships, UNCG Faculty
Daniel, Virginia JenningsBusiness Education, UNCG N/A
Daniels, Deborah ThiesEducation, UNCG Student
Daniels, Elna ElizabethHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Daniels, Glennie OvermanHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG N/A
Daniels, Michael DeanHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Daniels, Steven MichaelPsychology, UNCG Student
Dannenberg, William JohnDrama and Speech, UNCG N/A
Danner, Michelle E.English, UNCG Student
Daoust, Timothy JamesMusic, UNCG Student
Dar, Aneliese K.Sociology, UNCG Student
Darden, Leatha AnneHome Economics, UNCG Student
Darnley, Frederick Home Economics, UNCG Student
Darnley, Martha HighsmithHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Das, P. SelvieHome Economics, UNCG Student
Dasher, Luther WinfieldChemistry, UNCG N/A
Dashiell, Rebecca English, UNCG Student
Datta, Mridul Nutrition, UNCG Student
Daughton, Jackie Romance Languages, UNCG N/A
Daughtridge, Anne E.English, UNCG N/A
Daughtry, Timothy Psychology, UNCG N/A
Daughtry, Timothy C.Psychology, UNCG Student
Dave, Gaurav Public Health Education, UNCG Student
Davenport, Leah H.English, UNCG Student
Davenport, Rebecca ReadArt, UNCG N/A
Davidson, Robert GregoryEnglish, UNCG Student
Davies, Susan Teacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG Student
Davis, Allison CooperEnglish, UNCG Student
Davis, Angela English, UNCG N/A
Davis, Annie WilsonEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Davis, Arcenia MartinArt, UNCG N/A
Davis, Carolyn JaneHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Davis, Dorothy I.Anthropology, UNCG N/A
Davis, Gary S.Biology, UNCG N/A
Davis, Grace MooreEducation, UNCG Student
Davis, James BStudio Art, UNCG N/A
Davis, Joyce H.Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Davis, Joyce LucilleHome Economics, UNCG Student
Davis, Justin C.Music, UNCG Student
Davis, Kellie M.Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Davis, LaMyra HighsmithHome Economics, UNCG Student
Davis, Leslie LAdult Health, UNCG Faculty
Davis, Lynne MarieMathematics, UNCG N/A
Davis, Margaret CarleenArt, UNCG N/A
Davis, Matthew Kinesiology, UNCG Student
Davis, Noah CTheatre, UNCG Faculty
Davis, Ora Home Economics, UNCG Student
Davis, Pamela NelleHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG N/A
Davis, Paul Kinesiology, UNCG Faculty
Davis, Rebecca LynnEnglish, UNCG Student
Davis, Rebecca SpotswoodArt, UNCG N/A
Davis, Rebecca T.Home Economics, UNCG Student
Davis, Ruth FayeHome Economics, UNCG Student
Davis, Stephanie GraysonTeacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG Student
Davis, Stephanie LeeTeacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG Student
Davis, Sylvia FreemanHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Davis, Trevor E.School of Music, UNCG Student
Davis, Troy TimmonsArt, UNCG N/A
Davis, Walter K.Art, UNCG N/A
Davis, William PikeEducation, UNCG N/A
Davis-Seaver, Jane Education, UNCG N/A
Dawalt, Laura F.Music, UNCG Student
Dawkins, Aileen Therapeutic Recreation, UNCG Student
Dawkins, April Library and Information Studies, UNCG Faculty
Dawkins, Sabrina Y.Sociology, UNCG Student
Dawson, Charlesetta M.Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Dawson, Janice FayeEnglish, UNCG N/A
Dawson, Joseph LeroyEducation, UNCG N/A
Dawson, NeShawn CoxEducational Leadership and Cultural Studies, UNCG Student
Dawson, Thomas DonaldDrama and Speech, UNCG N/A
Day, Savannah SegravesHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Daye, Shirley WatfordHome Economics, UNCG Student
Dayhuff, Zachary J.English, UNCG Student
Daynes, Sarah Sociology, UNCG Faculty
Deakin, George RobertEducation, UNCG Student
Deal, Therry NashHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Deal, Therry NashHome Economics, UNCG Student
Deal, Tony RayHome Economics, UNCG Student
Dean, Felicia FrancineInterior Architecture, UNCG Student
Dean, Laura A.Education, UNCG Student
Dean, Phillip WalterHistory, UNCG N/A
Dearsley-Vernon, Ann Art, UNCG N/A
Deasy, Guylene MarieRomance Languages, UNCG N/A
Deasy, Mary KayEducation, UNCG N/A
Deaton, Fran KirkseyPsychology, UNCG Student
Debbage, Keith G.Geography, UNCG Faculty
Debeck, Laurinda K.History, UNCG N/A
Debnam, Janet FayeHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Debrew, Jacqueline K.Nursing, UNCG Student
Decasper, Anthony J.Psychology, UNCG Faculty
DeCasper, Helen SuarezEducation, UNCG Student
Dechman, Kimberly S. KleinHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG N/A
Decker, Janet F.History, UNCG N/A
Decker, Robert L.Music, UNCG Student
Dee, Stacy Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
DeGennaro, Jeremiah J.History, UNCG Student
Degnan, Kathryn AmeyPsychology, UNCG Student
Degni, Suzanne M.Education, UNCG Student
DeGrass, Lisa Psychology, UNCG Student
DeHart, Danny WilliamEducation, UNCG Student
DeHart, Norman Art, UNCG N/A
Dehoney, Martyvonne Art, UNCG N/A
DeHoog, Ruth H.Political Science, UNCG Faculty
DeJesus, Jasmine M. Psychology, UNCG Faculty
DeJonghe, Natalie MarieEnglish, UNCG Student
Del Tatto, Ann FemiaRomance Languages-French, UNCG N/A
Delafield, Carter English, UNCG N/A
Delafield, Carter English, UNCG N/A
Delaney, Dianne McGheeArt, UNCG N/A
Delaney, Peter F.Psychology, UNCG Faculty
DeLangie, Heather LeahKinesiology, UNCG Student
DeLangie, Nicholas BrianKinesiology, UNCG Student
Delattre, Susan B.Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG N/A
Delgado, Shawn MichaelEnglish, UNCG Student
Delisle, Richard Art, UNCG N/A
Dellinger, Anthony Nanoscience, UNCG Student
Dellinger-Johnston, Rebecca A.Biology, UNCG Student
Demo, David H.Human Development and Family Studies, UNCG Faculty
Deng, Jing Computer Science, UNCG Faculty
Deng, Wenyin School of Music, UNCG Student
Deng, Yangyang Kinesiology, UNCG Student
Denio, Erin B.Psychology, UNCG Student
Denmark, William CraddockEducation, UNCG Student
Denning, Mary Lou Román Home Economics, UNCG N/A
Dennis, Mary Kate LowreyEnglish, UNCG Student
Dennison, Susan T.Social Work, UNCG Faculty
Denny, Elizabeth ByrdPsychology, UNCG N/A
Der, Krisztina E.School of Music, UNCG Student
Derkics, Dorothy J.Classical Civilization, UNCG N/A
Desensi, Joy TheresaHealth, Physical Education and Recreation, UNCG Student
DeShazo, Marshall Sociology, UNCG N/A
DeSilva, Dana M.Nutrition, UNCG Student
Deters, Lauren B.F.Educational Research Methodology, UNCG Student
Dettl-Rivera, Martha GraceKinesiology, UNCG Student
Detty, Elizabeth W.Education, UNCG Student
Deutsch, Roland C.Mathematics and Statistics, UNCG Faculty
DeVaney, Susan B.Education, UNCG Student
Devany, Jeanne MariePsychology, UNCG Student
Deviney, Collette W.Education, UNCG Student
Devlin, Michelle PolandMusic, UNCG Student
Dew, Stephen University Libraries, UNCG Faculty
DeWitt, Glenna History, UNCG N/A
Dewitt, Martin Physics, UNCG N/A
Dharmapala, Aparna Physics, UNCG N/A
Dharmasri, Poorna Biology, UNCG Student
Dharod, Jigna M.Nutrition, UNCG Faculty
Di Luca, Kristen Center for Youth, Family & Community Partnerships, UNCG Faculty
Diaz, Martha AnnPsychology, UNCG Student
Diaz, Reynaldo T.Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Dick, Marrissa R.Educational Studies, UNCG Student
Dick-Barnes, Margaret LiljaPsychology, UNCG Student
Dickens, Christopher D.English, UNCG Student
Dickerson, Celia B. HunterEducation, UNCG Student
Dickey, Wanda LeeHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG N/A
Dickinson, Edward GlennEducation, UNCG Student
Dickson, Myra AliceEducation, UNCG Student
Diekfuss, Jed AllenKinesiology, UNCG Student
Dietzer, Jenna English, UNCG Student
Diggs, Tosha RaynorEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Dillon, Mark A.School of Music, UNCG Student
Dils, Ann H.Dance, UNCG Faculty
DiMeo, Melissa A.Psychology, UNCG Student
Dimock, George Studio Art, UNCG N/A
Dingman, Deirdre A.Community Health Education, UNCG Student
DiSarno, Anthony Studio Art, UNCG Student
Dischell, Stuart English, UNCG N/A
Dissanayake, Bupathi S.Biology, UNCG Student
Ditcheva, Maria Psychology, UNCG Student
Ditmars, Earl EdwardBusiness Education, UNCG N/A
Dix, Caryl L.Health, Physical Education and Recreation, UNCG Student
Dix, Karen RuthHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG N/A
Dixon, LaToya Sociology, UNCG Student
Doad, Suzanne Nutrition, UNCG Student
Dobbins, Paula Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG N/A
Dobbins, Tracy R.Psychology, UNCG Student
Dockery, Linda BengeEducation, UNCG Student
Dodgen, Loretta PateEducation, UNCG Student
Dodson, Crystal HeathNursing, UNCG Student
Dodson, Michael GaryArt, UNCG N/A
Dodson, William English, UNCG Student
Doebler, Elizabeth A.Music, UNCG Student
Dola, Peter T.Romance Languages, UNCG N/A
Dolan, Carol AnnPsychology, UNCG Student
Dolive, Emily J.English, UNCG Student
Dollar, Cindy BrooksSociology, UNCG Faculty
Dollar, Patrick G.English, UNCG Student
Donahue, Janet AnnHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG N/A
Donahue, Paul LangdonPsychology, UNCG N/A
Donaldson, Franklin P.Media Studies, UNCG N/A
Donaldson, Ralph ThadPsychology, UNCG N/A
Donaldson, Sandra J.Psychology, UNCG N/A
Donat, Patricia Lyn NilesPsychology, UNCG N/A
Donato, Leanna Education, UNCG Student
Dondanville, Rebecca AbigailEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Doraiswamy, Dilip Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies, UNCG Student
Dorsch, Andrea MariaPsychology, UNCG N/A
Dorsett, Katie GraysEducation, UNCG Student
Dorsey, Sarah B.University Libraries, UNCG Faculty
Dorwart, Catherine E.Recreation, Tourism, and Hospitality Management, UNCG N/A
Doudlah, Anna MayHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG N/A
Dougherty, Michael P.Music, UNCG Student
Douglas, Kenneth A.Music, UNCG Student
Douglas, Lee VernonRomance Languages-Spanish, UNCG N/A
Douglas, Sharon MPCN, UNCG N/A
Douglas, Ty-Ron Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Doull, Judith DianaHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG N/A
Douthit, La-tika Shanee'Music, UNCG Student
Dove, Sarah JeanetteDance, UNCG Student
Dowd, Michelle M.English, UNCG Faculty
Dowdle, Margaret JaneHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Doyle, Jennifer Suzanne HartyChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Doyle, Laura WatkinsHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG N/A
Doyle, Myra LynnSociology, UNCG Student
Drakeford, Robert WayneEducation, UNCG Student
Dresser, Karen ElizabethTeacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG Student
Dressler, Jane K.Music, UNCG Student
Drewicz Ewing, Laura AnneWomen's and Gender Studies, UNCG Student
Driggers, James ArchieEnglish, UNCG N/A
Drinka, Mary BethHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Driscoll, Deborah P.Educational Research Methodology, UNCG Student
Driver, Cary FalconerArt, UNCG N/A
Drouin, Denis Health, Physical Education and Recreation, UNCG Student
Drozd, Nancy CarolynHome Economics, UNCG Student
Druhen, Madelynn J.Psychology, UNCG Student
Dubois, Rita Home Economics, UNCG N/A
Duckworth, Katharine E.Counseling and Educational Development, UNCG Student
Dudley, Barry S.Drama and Speech, UNCG N/A
Dudley, Linda MotleyPsychology, UNCG N/A
Dudley, Linda MotleyPsychology, UNCG Student
Dudley, Nickola B. N.Art, UNCG Student
Dudley, William NHealth and Human Sciences, UNCG Faculty
Dudley Shotwell, Hannah GraceHistory, UNCG Student
Duffy, Amy Human Development and Family Studies, UNCG Student
Duffy, Donna Kinesiology, UNCG Student
Duffy, Gerald G.Teacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG Faculty
Duffy, Lauren N.Community and Therapeutic Recreation, UNCG Student
Duffy, Liam M.Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG N/A
Duffy, William E.English, UNCG Student
Dugan, Elizabeth Human Environmental Sciences, UNCG N/A
Duhig, Christina English, UNCG Student
Dulin, Max W.Biology, UNCG Student
Dunbar, Angelicia S.Human Development and Family Studies, UNCG Student
Duncan, Angela BostEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Duncan, Bryce Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, UNCG Student
Duncan, Harriette E.Home Economics, UNCG Student
Duncan, Timothy PaulMusic, UNCG Student
Dunigan, Martha MalicoatArt, UNCG N/A
Dunn, Betty LouHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG N/A
Dunn, Dana Office of the Provost, UNCG Faculty
Dunn, Mariah Media Studies, UNCG Student
Dunn, Patricia CarolynHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG Student
Dunnill, Andrew MStudio Art, UNCG N/A
Dunno, Carly HertzGeography, UNCG Student
Durand, Georgette Home Economics, UNCG Student
Durham, Holiday A.Nutrition, UNCG Student
Durham, Lori A.Women's and Gender Studies, UNCG Student
Durkin, Mary VirginiaHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Durway, Flo Ellen DennyEducation, UNCG Student
Duvall, André CharlesMusic, UNCG Student
Duvall, Paul F.Mathematics and Statistics, UNCG Faculty
Dwyer, Ann Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG N/A
Dye, Mary SueEnglish, UNCG N/A
Dymmel, Richard RoyEducation, UNCG N/A