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NameInstitutionPublication Status
Cabaniss, Emily RegisSociology, UNCG Student
Cabell, Bettie Home Economics, UNCG N/A
Cabello-Hutt, Claudia Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, UNCG Faculty
Caesar, Lindsay K.Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Cagle, Betty AnnHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Cain, William HenryEducation, UNCG Student
Calabria, Christine S.Sociology, UNCG Student
Caldwell, Robert ClydeArt, UNCG N/A
Caldwell - Midero, Judy English, UNCG Student
Calhoun, Ann WardPsychology, UNCG Student
Calhoun, Carmen Inez SotomayorLanguage, Literature and Cultures, UNCG Student
Calhoun, Daniel W.Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Calkins, James EugeneEducation, UNCG Student
Calkins, Susan D.Human Development and Family Studies, UNCG Faculty
Callahan, Cheryl MannHome Economics, UNCG Student
Callahan, Gaylor ForrestEnglish, UNCG N/A
Callanan, Nancy Genetic Counseling, UNCG Faculty
Callebs, John SolomenEducation, UNCG Student
Callender, Jenna L.Biology, UNCG Student
Callicutt, Jimmy DaleNursing, UNCG Student
Calligan, Charles ParkerBiology, UNCG N/A
Callow, Noel English, UNCG N/A
Cameron, Dorothy Education, UNCG Student
Camp, Jean S,Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Campbell, Allison Psychology, UNCG Student
Campbell, Betty Home Economics, UNCG N/A
Campbell, Catherine McLeanHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Campbell, Chole AnneEnglish, UNCG Student
Campbell, Emily C.Counseling and Educational Development, UNCG Student
Campbell, Fred HammondHome Economics, UNCG Student
Campbell, Julie Psychology, UNCG Student
Campbell, Karen HarmonEducation, UNCG Student
Campbell, Mackenzie R.English, UNCG Student
Campbell, Martha PrattHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Campbell, Rachel MarissaGeography, UNCG Student
Campbell, Theresa J.History, UNCG Student
Campitelli, Anita German, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese Studies, UNCG N/A
Campo, Roberto E.Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, UNCG Faculty
Canada, Fred English, UNCG Student
Canada, Lee ERIT, UNCG N/A
Canada, Nicholas Sociology, UNCG Student
Canady, Larry D.Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Canady, Leander Art, UNCG N/A
Caneva, Kenneth HIstory, UNCG Faculty
Canine, Karen McFarlandEnglish, UNCG Student
Cann, Kevin Chemistry, UNCG N/A
Cannie, Mary RuthEducation, UNCG Student
Cannon, Carey JosephMusic, UNCG Student
Cannon, Jennifer L.Counseling and Educational Development, UNCG Student
Cannon, Robert E.Biology, UNCG Faculty