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NameInstitutionPublication Status
Aaron, Julian L.English, UNCG Student
Aarts, Tony English, UNCG Student
Abadi, Efrat Kinesiology, UNCG Student
Abbot, Isabelle PeytonArt, UNCG Student
Abbott, Janet NewsomeArt, UNCG Student
Abdalhameed, Manahil Mirghani AliChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Abdel-Kader, Mona KhalilHome Economics, UNCG Student
Abdrabbou, Marwa FaroukCommunication Sciences and Disorders, UNCG Student
Abebe, Abraham Computational Mathematics, UNCG Student
Abee, Michele Geography, UNCG Student
Abel, Willie M.Nursing, UNCG Student
Aberg, Miriam RuthHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Aberi, Jewell MillerHome Economics, UNCG Student
Abernathy, Christie S.Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Abothneen, Noura AloushEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Abrams, Sarah I.Nursing, UNCG Student
Abramson, Jane English, UNCG Student
Abu Deiab, Ghina'a IsmailChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Acevedo, Edmund O.Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG Student
Acharya, Rejwi Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Acheampong, Irene Nutrition, UNCG Student
Ackerman, Terry A.Educational Research Methodology, UNCG Faculty
Ackler, Ellen S.Drama and Speech, UNCG Student
Ackley, David LawrenceEnglish, UNCG Student
Acosta, Glen Howel G. Biology, UNCG Student
Acquaah, Moses Business Administration, UNCG N/A
Acton, Katherine KlymanHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG Student
Adams, Alice Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG Student
Adams, Christine GraceEnglish, UNCG Student
Adams, Franklin DelanoEducation, UNCG Student
Adams, Jeffrey T.Media Studies, UNCG N/A
Adams, Jennifer S.Psychology, UNCG Student
Adams, Melanie Kinesiology, UNCG Student
Adams, Nancy J.English, UNCG Student
Adams, Nancy J.Biology, UNCG N/A
Adams, Rebecca G.Sociology, UNCG Faculty
Adams, Sandra ParkerEducation, UNCG Student
Adams, Sydney Lucille HughesChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Adams, Virginia WatsonHome Economics, UNCG Student
Adams-Budde, Melissa EileenEducational Studies, UNCG Student
Adamson, Amy L.Biology, UNCG N/A
Adamson, Nicole A.Counseling, UNCG Student
Adamsons, Kari L.Human Development and Family Studies, UNCG Student
Adaramola, Bukola O.Mathematics and Statistics, UNCG Student
Adcock, Attie W.History, UNCG Student
Adcock, Shannon J.Psychology, UNCG Student
Addo, Linda D.Education, UNCG Student
Adkins, Maria English, UNCG Student
Aguilar-Valdéz, Jean RockfordEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Aguilera Guardado, Claudia Interior Architecture, UNCG Student
Ahlgrim-Delzell, Lynn Psychology, UNCG Student
Ahmed, Alaa HassanComputer Science, UNCG Student
Ahmed, Hassan S.Biology, UNCG Student
Ahn, Woo KyuEnglish, UNCG Student
Ahr, Charles JonathanPsychology, UNCG Student
Aichele, K. PStudio Art, UNCG N/A
Aiken, Marianne SewellEnglish, UNCG Student
Aine, Cheryl J.Psychology, UNCG Student
Ainsley, Margaret LynneArt, UNCG Student
Ainsley, Raymond M.Education, UNCG Student
Akers, Patricia AnnHealth, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, UNCG Student
Akers, Whitney PaigeCounseling and Educational Development, UNCG Student
Akindahunsi, Oluwole O.Biology, UNCG Student
Al Kaabi, Khaula AbdullaGeography, UNCG Student
Al Zoubi, Rufaida M.Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Al-Hamadani, Mokhaled N.A.Computer Science, UNCG Student
Al-Huniti, Mohammed Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Faculty
Al-shdifat, Khalid G.Communication Sciences and Disorders, UNCG Student
Al-zurfi, Huda Kadhem Abdnoor Computer Science, UNCG Student
Alberg, Sandra LynneHome Economics, UNCG Student
Albert, Anne E.Music, UNCG Student
Albert, Connie S.Information Systems and Operations Management, UNCG Student
Albert, Edward HenrySociology, UNCG Student
Albert, J. RossMusic, UNCG Student
Albold, Cheryll A.Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Albright, Donald AlexanderEnglish, UNCG N/A
Albright, Pamela AshtonBiology, UNCG Student
Albritton, Travis J.Educational Studies and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Albuero, Anne N.Home Economics, UNCG Student
Albureshaid, Fuad AbdulrahmanEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Alderman, Jennifer TaylorNursing, UNCG Student
Aldridge, Arnie Economics, UNCG Faculty
Aldridge, Kathryn SES, UNCG N/A
Aldstadt, Harriet History, UNCG Student
Alexander, Cory ThomasMusic, UNCG Student
Alexander, Dayne B.Women's and Gender Studies, UNCG Student
Alexander, Dorothy McCullochHome Economics, UNCG Student
Alexander, Frances Psychology, UNCG Student
Alexander, Timothy R.Psychology, UNCG Student
Alfakhouri, Lara Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Alford, Jennifer BraswellGeography, UNCG Student
Alharoon, Dahlia Psychology , UNCG Student
Alhusayni, Faisal A.Specialized Education Services, UNCG Student
Ali, Omar H.African American & African Diaspora Studies, UNCG Faculty
Alkaldi, Wejdan AbdullahComputer Science, UNCG Student
Alkire, Jennie G.Interior Architecture, UNCG Student
Allan, Kenneth DSociology, UNCG Faculty
Allen, Aaron S.Geography, Environment, and Sustainability, UNCG Faculty
Allen, Anne BrysonEnglish, UNCG N/A
Allen, Anne Kimberly BrysonEnglish, UNCG Student
Allen, Catherine J.Human Environmental Sciences, UNCG Student
Allen, Cody S.Sociology, UNCG Student
Allen, David ReedMusic, UNCG Student
Allen, Hengameh Nutrition, UNCG N/A
Allen, Laurie H.Nutrition, UNCG N/A
Allen, Lynne B.SES, UNCG N/A
Allen, Margaret KarenEducation, UNCG Student
Allen, Melony HolyfieldEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Allen, Sarah HoltHome Economics, UNCG Student
Allen, Stuart D.Economics, UNCG Faculty
Allen, Suzanne GailMusic, UNCG Student
Allen, Veronica M.Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, UNCG Student
Alley, Barbara JaneHome Economics, UNCG Student
Alley, Jennifer ElaineHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG Student
Allison, Bette JeanHome Economics, UNCG Student
Allison, Dorothy TennantHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG Student
Allison, Nelson BergenDrama and Speech, UNCG Student
Allison, Pamela C.Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, UNCG Student
Allmond, Heather AnnMathematics and Statistics, UNCG Student
Allred, Edward WilliamMusic, UNCG Student
Allred, Karen A.Music, UNCG Student
Allred, Larry DouglasEducation, UNCG Student
Allred, Michael CarawayEducation, UNCG Student
Alpaugh, Roberta L.Drama and Speech, UNCG Student
Alphin, Beth Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG Student
Alsalman, Ola AbdullahCommunication Sciences and Disorders, UNCG Student
Alston, Charlotte Music, UNCG Student
Alston, Dorothy JeanHealth, Physical Education and Recreation, UNCG Student
Alston, Maude HollowayHome Economics, UNCG Student
AlSwaiti, Fadi Y.Communication Sciences and Disorders, UNCG Student
Altaher, Arwa Mohamed AlnaassGeography, UNCG Student
Althagafy, Hanan SaadChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Alvarez, Linda RodrigueUNCG N/A
Alvarez Wilson, Sonia English, UNCG Student
Alvis, Arthur ElliotDrama and Speech, UNCG N/A
Alvis, Jonathan D.Music, UNCG Student
Alzaghari, Omar Nursing, UNCG Student
Alzahraney, Turki SamahSpecialized Education Services, UNCG Student
Amankwah, Evans KwameGeography, UNCG Student
Ambegaonkar, Jatin PKinesiology, UNCG Student
Ambrose, Robert PaulHistory, UNCG Student
Ames, Allison JenniferEducational Research Methodology, UNCG Student
Amidon, Jill YouslingHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG Student
Amirehsani, Karen A.Nursing, UNCG Student
Ammons, Brian DwightEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Amoako, Emelia PNursing, UNCG Faculty
Amoako-Gyampah, Kwasi Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, UNCG Faculty
Amodei, Nancy Psychology, UNCG Student
Amos, Alvin E.Music, UNCG Student
Amos, Bonnie WagonerDrama and Speech, UNCG Student
Amos, Lundee WilliamsEducation, UNCG Student
Amrine, Chiraz Soumia M.Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Amundsen, Scott A.Teacher Education and Higher Education , UNCG Student
Anandavalli, S Counseling and Educational Development, UNCG Student
Ananian, Michael Studio Art, UNCG N/A
Anastopoulos, Arthur D.Human Development and Family Studies, UNCG Faculty
Andersen, Stephen S.Mathematics, UNCG N/A
Anderson, Anna MarieHome Economics, UNCG Student
Anderson, Denise Community and Therapeutic Recreation, UNCG Faculty
Anderson, Dennis RayArt, UNCG Student
Anderson, Elma FrancesDepartmment of Home Economics, UNCG Student
Anderson, Eugene DavidHome Economics, UNCG Student
Anderson, Grace Shih-Huei LinMusic, UNCG Student
Anderson, James A.History, UNCG Faculty
Anderson, Joel G.Nutrition, UNCG Student
Anderson, Lane SchofieldEducation, UNCG Student
Anderson, Marjorie GoffHome Economics, UNCG Student
Anderson, Mary E.Teacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG Student
Anderson, Norma JeanHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG Student
Anderson, Norman B.Psychology, UNCG Student
Anderson, Sara ElizabethBusiness Education, UNCG Student
Anderson, Travis Kinesiology, UNCG Faculty
Anderson, Treva L.Kinesiology, UNCG Student
Andrade, Juan PabloMusic, UNCG Student
Andreatta, Susan L.Anthropology, UNCG Faculty
Andrews, Emily K.Psychology, UNCG Student
Andrews, Frances KennedyEducation, UNCG Student
Andrews, Mary AnnaChemistry, UNCG Student
Andrews, Maxine RamseurEducation, UNCG Student
Andrews, Sandra D.Library and Information Studies, UNCG N/A
Andrews, Sherri Education, UNCG Student
Andrews, Shirley MarieHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Andrews, William CampbellEducation, UNCG Student
Androzzi, Jared Kinesiology, UNCG Student
Anemone, Robert Biological Anthropology and Paleoanthropology, UNCG Faculty
Angle, Claire FrankEnglish, UNCG Student
Anijar-Zapolsky, Karen Education, UNCG Student
Anllo-Vento, Maria LourdesPsychology, UNCG Student
Anthony, Bolton Education, UNCG Student
Antolak, Stephanie AnneChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Antonijevic, Todor Nanoscience, UNCG Student
Antonin, Claudine English, UNCG Student
Apostolopoulos, Yorghos Public Health Education, UNCG Faculty
Appaneal, Renee NewcomerKinesiology, UNCG Faculty
Appenzeller, Herbert ThomasHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG Student
Appenzeller, Margo CatharineSpecialized Education Services, UNCG Student
Apple, Vanessa University Libraries, UNCG Faculty
Aragon Moreno, Adan Romance Languages, UNCG Student
Arango Callejas, Cristina Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, UNCG Student
Arango-Sosa, Cinthia Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, UNCG Student
Arbuckle, Barry ScottHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG Student
Arbuckle, Margaret BourdeauxHome Economics, UNCG Student
Archer, Shelby Drama and Speech, UNCG Student
Archer-Capuzzo, Sonia Library and Information Studies, UNCG Student
Arditti, Joyce A.Human Environmental Sciences, UNCG Student
Areford, David SStudio Art, UNCG N/A
Argent, Joseph E.English, UNCG Student
Arl, Ellen English, UNCG Student
Armentrout, Virginia HalterEducation, UNCG Student
Armer, Caitlin A.Sociology, UNCG Student
Armistead, Molly S.Psychology, UNCG Student
Armond, Arlisa Educational Leadership and Cultural Studies, UNCG Student
Armstrong, James EarlMusic, UNCG Student
Armstrong, Mark R.English, UNCG Student
Armstrong, Mark V.Computer Science, UNCG N/A
Arnett, Cynthia EllenHome Economics, UNCG Student
Arno, Joseph L.Music, UNCG Student
Arnold, Abigail S.English, UNCG Student
Arnold, Donald GeorgeEducation, UNCG Student
Arnold, Genevieve HunterEducation, UNCG Student
Arnote, Thelma ElaineHome Economics, UNCG Student
Aronson, Robert E.Public Health Education, UNCG Faculty
Arrighi, Margarite AnnHealth, Physical Education and Recreation, UNCG Student
Arrington, Cecil E.Accounting and Finance, UNCG N/A
Arrington, James BradleyEnglish, UNCG Student
Arshavsky, Nina SouthEastern Regional Vision for Education Center, UNCG Faculty
Arthur, James DouglasMathematics, UNCG Student
Artimisi, Anthony B.Music, UNCG Student
Artz, Martha DashHome Economics, UNCG Student
Asfaw, Annette MSES, UNCG N/A
Ash, Mary CallisTeacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG Student
Ashburn, Beth Ann English, UNCG Student
Ashby, Helen BewleyHome Economics, UNCG Student
Asher, Kenneth NathanHome Economics, UNCG Student
Ashley, Barnett E.English, UNCG N/A
Ashley, Kristin V.Art, UNCG Student
Ashton, Kathleen S.Nursing, UNCG Student
Asiri, Maha MohammedComputer Science, UNCG Student
Ask, Jenni SES, UNCG N/A
Askerov, Ali Peace and Conflict Studies, UNCG Faculty
Askew, Joan Health, Physical Education and Recreation, UNCG Student
Askew, Kshawna C.Educational Research Methodology, UNCG Student
Atchison, Steven ToddEnglish, UNCG Student
Atkins, Gertrude WaltonEnglish, UNCG Student
Atkins, Karen S.Home Economics, UNCG Student
Atkins, Pamlyn DawnPsychology, UNCG Student
Atkins, Sally Ann SmithEducation, UNCG Student
Atkinson, Shirley J.Teacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG N/A
Atta, Maryam Sociology, UNCG Student
Atwater, Brent RBryan School of Business and Economics, UNCG N/A
Atwell, Bobbie McGuireEducation, UNCG Student
Auber, Valerie W.Human Development and Family Studies, UNCG Student
Aucoin, Julia W.Nursing, UNCG Faculty
Auld, Corinth AndrewsNutrition, UNCG Student
Austin, Gerald D.Education, UNCG Student
Austin, Heidi ElizabethEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Austin, Katharine W.Art, UNCG Student
Austin, Patsy C.Home Economics, UNCG Student
Auvil, Richard D.Music, UNCG Student
Avellar Merçon de Vargas, Elisa Human Development and Family Studies, UNCG Student
Avent, Janeé R.Counseling and Educational Development, UNCG Student
Avery, Marlina J.Sociology, UNCG Student
Avgerinos, Elizabeth AnneHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG N/A
Avram, Patricia FingerHome Economics, UNCG N/A
Ayau, Kurt JoseEnglish, UNCG Student
Ayers, Carole AnnetteEducation, UNCG Student
Ayers, Cheryl A.Teacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG Faculty
Ayers, David F.Teacher Education and Higher Education , UNCG Faculty
Ayivi, Frederick Geography, UNCG Student
Ayres, Michelle ElizabethSchool of Music, UNCG Student
Azad, Michael M.Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, UNCG Student