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Zora Neale Hurston: A Universal Voice Far Removed From the Orgasms of Harlem (Student Work)2014Canada, Fred English, UNCG
Zeegermans (Student Work)2009Mayo, Scott MFAStudio Art, UNCG
Zarathustra as Superman: reading the Nietzschean narrative in Also Sprach Zarathustra (Student Work)2014Arno, Joseph L.M.M.Music, UNCG
"You've got to want to do!": an examination of the construction of academic identity among h... (Student Work)2012McCain, Johnette AtkinsonPh.D.Teacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG
YouTube: An International Platform for Sharing Methods of Cheating (Student Work)2011Seitz, Christopher DrPHPublic Health Education, UNCG
YouTube: An International Platform for Sharing Methods of Cheating (Student Work)2011Gringle, Meredith DrPHPublic Health Education, UNCG
YouTube: An International Platform for Sharing Methods of Cheating (Student Work)2011Orsini, Muhsin MichaelDrPHPublic Health Education, UNCG
Your love is safe with me (Student Work)2012Wheeler, Anna MarieM.F.A.English, UNCG
"Your Former Selves and Your Present State:" Identity and Domestic Landscape in Upper Georgi... (Student Work)2008Mails, Ryan FredrickMAHistory, UNCG
You Made Me This Way: Systems of Oppression in Joseph Heller's Something Happened (Student Work)2005Humphries, Matthew McLaurinMaster of ArtEnglish, UNCG
You hurt me, i'll hurt you: the prediction of aggression based on the interaction between an... (Student Work)2011Skinner, Stephanie MAPsychology, UNCG
'You don't even know me:' exploring news media, educational policies and practices affecting... (Student Work)2014Boyer, Sabrina L.Ph.D.Educational Studies, UNCG
Year-round activity of peripheral bat populations in the North Carolina coastal plain (Student Work)2014Grider, John. F.M.S.Biology, UNCG
Writing program administration and institutional narratives (Student Work)2011Hassell Ritola, Tonya Ph.D.English, UNCG
A writing collaborative: shaping secondary English teachers’ identities as writers within a ... (Student Work)2014Ormond, Allison HuffmanPh.D.Educational Studies, UNCG
Wounded whiteness: masculinity, sincerity, and settlement in contemporary U.S. fiction (Student Work)2015Laminack, Zachary S.Ph.D.English, UNCG
World religions: seeing with, not looking at (Student Work)2016Lovett, Stephanie JanePh.D.Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG
Workplace climate, degree of outness, and job satisfaction of gay and lesbian professional s... (Student Work)2009Johnson, Robert BradleyPh.D.Teacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG
A Work Behavior Analysis of Executive Coaches. (Student Work)2008Newsom, Glenn PhDCounseling and Educational Development, UNCG
The woman in the principals' office: a study of young, female principals practicing in the e... (Student Work)2011Oakley, Whitney W.Ed.D.Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG
Women's rhetoric(s) as a method for feminist pedagogy in composition studies (Student Work)2011Field, Laura A.Ph.D.English, UNCG
Women and pre-hospital delays associated with myocardial infarction (Student Work)2015Walters, Gloria A.Ph.D.Nursing, UNCG
Women abused as children and participatory dreaming: a study of unitary healing. (Student Work)2009Repede, Elizabeth J.Ph.D.Nursing, UNCG
Woman, warrior: the story of Linda Bray and an analysis of female war veterans in the Americ... (Student Work)2009Ruffin, Ingrid J.MAEnglish, UNCG
Wolves, dragons, and ponies… oh my!: fursonas and stigmatization in the “human” world (Student Work)2017Lucas, Torie E.M.A.Sociology, UNCG