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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
A systems model for comprehensive staff development in the community college1985Joseph, Elizabeth TettertonStudentEducation, UNCG
A systems approach for unpacking the mechanisms of a global society2012Lindo, Dean MarvinStudentLiberal Arts, UNCG
A systematic approach to double bass fingerings for the classroom string teacher2015Rex, Cody StudentMusic Performance, UNCG
A system for studying the effect of vitamin A on ³H-Uridine uptake and incorporation in cell...1975Kelly, Patricia W.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
Synthetic landscapes1976Gantt, Charles RichardStudentArt, UNCG
Synthetic derivatives of Solenopsin A2012Baker, Michael RobertStudentChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG
Synthetic and molecular modeling studies of antiangiogenic compounds based on Solenopsin A l...2009Ford, Shavon L.StudentChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG
Synthesizing systems : the work of art and of science in the fiction of Richard Powers1995Copeland, Anna DardenStudentEnglish, UNCG
Synthesis of potential potent antagonist of G-Protein coupled receptors2016Sayed, Sommayah StudentChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG
The synthesis of a polydiacetylene to create a novel sensory material2007Selde, Kristen AStudentChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG
Synthesis of novel lanthanide paramagnetic ionic liquids2019Knoop, James EugeneStudentJoint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, UNCG
A synthesis of modern and Brazilian elements: an investigation of Variantes e Toccata Opus 1...2009Gusmão, Pablo da SilvaStudentMusic, UNCG
Synthesis of C6-substituted uridine-5'-monophosphate derivatives as potential inhibitors of ...2009McDonald, Molly C.StudentChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG
Synthesis and biological evaluation of potent neuroprotective agents against stroke and rese...2017Abu Deiab, Ghina'a IsmailStudentChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG
Syntheses of new fulvene derivatives1973Burnette, James CornetteStudentChemistry, UNCG
Syncing up with the iKid: portrait of seven high school teacher leaders transforming the Ame...2009Davis, Annie WilsonStudentEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG
Symbolic computation of resolvents2017Rudzinski, Sandi StudentMathematics and Statistics, UNCG
A symbolic analysis of the dimensions of holiness in American culture and curriculum : towar...1990Hage, George CampbellStudentEducation, UNCG
Swift on the mountain2009Tobin, Christine StudentEnglish, UNCG
Sweet potato sticks : acceptability as a nutritious snack food for adolescents1974Hogan, Martha AnnStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Sweet potato flakes : a study of their development and usage with dried whey in pies1965Smitherman, Sarah AliceStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The Swedish system of gymnastics and its relationship to corrective physical education and p...1959Jamerson, Ann LouStudentPhysical Education, UNCG
Swapping styles: an exploration of fashion leadership, brands, and group membership in the c...2012Matthews, Delisia R.StudentConsumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies, UNCG
Sustainable business in the experience economy: an examination of marketplace, consumers, an...2016Turner, Thomas F.StudentConsumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies, UNCG
Survival and reproduction: optimal resource allocation2017Safley, Joshua StudentMathematics and Statistics, UNCG
A survey to determine the use of music theory knowledge and skills by North Carolina public ...1984Decker, Robert L.StudentMusic, UNCG
A survey of weekday programs for preschool children in Southern Baptist Churches in North Ca...1965Wagoner, Elizabeth TuckerStudentHome Economics, UNCG
A survey of the teaching of filing in the public white high schools of North Carolina and of...1949Wheless, Martha E.StudentBusiness Education, UNCG
A survey of student evaluations of teacher/course effectiveness within dance technique cours...1985Schubert, Deborah DavidStudentHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG
A survey of research in television by graduate students in speech and cognate fields, 1968-1...1972Baumgardner, Anita TeresaStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
A survey of the requirements for the licensing of preschools and certification of preschool ...1954Schaper, Monna JeanStudentHome Economics, UNCG
A survey of protectionism from import quotas1973Brady, Gordon LeonardStudentBusiness and Economics, UNCG
A survey of the physical education, intramural, interscholastic and recreation programs for ...1970Chase, Philip E.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Survey of Norwegian oboe literature1989Register, Paul BrentStudentMusic, UNCG
A survey of the music of Norway and Sweden for the purpose of selecting folk music to enrich...1947Sikes, Ruth StudentEducation, UNCG
A survey of music education programs for senior citizens in Mecklenburg County, North Caroli...1992Robertson, William DwayneStudentMusic, UNCG
A survey of methods, procedures, and materials used for teaching critical thinking in a sele...1989Thorpe, Vivian CameronStudentEducation, UNCG
A survey of the literature on health habits in the primary grades from 1936-19481950Livengood, Zona BelleStudentEducation, UNCG
A survey of lay opinion of teachers conduct and obligations in Clemmons, North Carolina1949Smith, M. JackStudentEducation, UNCG
A survey of food practices of 124 eleventh and twelfth grade students in three North Carolin...1946Blackman, Nina RuthStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Survey of fashion trends in women's shoes in the United States July, 1914-February, 19431943Cabell, Bettie StudentHome Economics, UNCG
A survey of duelling in the United States1969Wilson, Martin LutherStudentHistory and Political Science, UNCG
A survey of the diets of the children in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades of Curry school...1947Sharpe, Evelyn TerryStudentHome Economics, UNCG
A survey of data processing education in industry and government in Piedmont North Carolina1970Andrews, William CampbellStudentEducation, UNCG
A survey of audio-visual aid resources as used in fifteen Guilford county high schools durin...1948Robbins, James RaymondStudentEducation, UNCG
A survey of the attitudes of the Abingdon community toward Barter Theatre of Abingdon, Virgi...1977Keller, Teresa DianeStudentDrama and Speech, UNCG
A survey of American women's underwear and foundation garments from 1875 to 19501958Ott, Peggy SueStudentHome Economics, UNCG
A survey and evaluation of professional literature on spelling, 1938-19481949Southern, Lillian SmithStudentEducation, UNCG
A survey and evaluation of the professional literature on the over-aggressive primary school...1948Lawson, R. RuthStudentEducation, UNCG
A survey and evaluation of the literature on children's interests, 1939-19491950Johnson, Martha NetheryStudentEducation, UNCG