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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Six short films1978Hudson, Joanna StudentArt, UNCG
Spontaneous trail: mapping the moment2019Litaker, Alexandra StudentArt, UNCG
Silent occupants2019Morrissette, Alexandra StudentArt, UNCG
Studies on the solid-phase biosynthesis of S-adenosyl-L-methionine1978Mauldin, Stanley KennethStudentBiology, UNCG
Serological typing and chlorine resistance of cyanophages isolated from wastewater1976Stanley, James LeeStudentBiology, UNCG
Some pre-emergence studies on final-instar larvae of Tetragoneuria cynosura (Odonata)1975Mantz, William JeffreyStudentBiology, UNCG
Some aspects of the ecology of benthic macroinvertebrates in a cove of Lake Jeanette1974Lively, Eleanor RuthStudentBiology, UNCG
Seasonal changes in lotic phytoplankton and their successional responses to experimental tem...1973Narala, Channa ReddiStudentBiology, UNCG
A study of behavioral and reproductive patterns of adult Lestes Vigilax Hagen (Odonata: Lest...1972O'briant, Patricia StudentBiology, UNCG
Studies on the beta-glucosidases of neurospora crassa1969Lee, Catherine TingStudentBiology, UNCG
Sequence Variation in LEAFY, a Candidate Gene for Life History Variation in Arabidopsis lyra...2010Vestal, Richard D.StudentBiology, UNCG
Species differences and interspecific interactions in wild Peromyscus ultrasonic vocalizatio...2009Carney, Catherine StudentBiology, UNCG
Studies of the Actin Binding Activity of Dictyostelium discoideum Myosin II Heavy Chain Kina...2008Keener, Mary ElizabethStudentBiology, UNCG
Single-nucleotide variations and linkage disequilibrium patterns in three candidate genes fo...2009Acosta, Glen Howel G. StudentBiology, UNCG
A screen for modifiers of teflon identifies novel components of the meiotic segregation path...2007Thomas, Amanda L.StudentBiology, UNCG
A study of cellular proliferation and apoptosis in short- and long-lived honey bees, Apis me...2007Ward, Kristen NicoleStudentBiology, UNCG
Some observations on Tilia (Basswood) seeds1930Grimsley, Gertrude StudentBiology, UNCG
Sexual dimorphism and offspring sex ratio in feral cats2015Perkins, Tyler StudentBiology, UNCG
Studies of environmental pollutant acrolein-induced endothelial dysfunction: the role of glu...2015Chitrakar, Rojin StudentBiology, UNCG
Se-ing bacteria in a new light: investigating selenium metabolism in Bacillus selenitireduce...2015Wells, Michael BannerStudentBiology, UNCG
Studies of Alpha Kinase 1 and its potential to influence cytoskeletal reorganization2016Burgett, Kyle D.StudentBiology, UNCG
A survey of protectionism from import quotas1973Brady, Gordon LeonardStudentBusiness and Economics, UNCG
The social and financial effects of the German inflation of 19231975Clark, Thomas HenryStudentBusiness and Economics, UNCG
Social policy toward higher education in the United States1975Redmond, John G.StudentBusiness and Economics, UNCG
A statistical study to determine intelligence quotients and general achievement test scores ...1951Giles, Mary AngelynStudentBusiness Education, UNCG