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  1. Association of Diabetes and Prediabetes Risk Perception with Leisure-time Physical Activity and Weight Loss by Echeverría, Sandra E. (2018)
  2. Development of a Wellness Trust to Improve Population Health: A Case-Study of a United States Urban Center by Echeverría, Sandra E. (2018)
  3. Foreign- Born Blacks Experience Lower Risk of Obesity but Higher Risk of Type 2 Diabetes than US-Born Blacks in NYC by Echeverría, Sandra E. (2018)
  4. Is there a relationship between accelerometer- assessed physical activity and sedentary behavior and cognitive function in U.S. Hispanic/Latino adults? The Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL) by Echeverría, Sandra E. (2017)
  5. Debunking paradoxes: integrating complexity in CVD research among Latinos. Editorial to ‘County-level Hispanic Ethnicity Density and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality’ by Echeverría, Sandra E. (2018)
  6. Human Mast Cells from Adipose Tissue Target and Induce Apoptosis of Breast Cancer Cells by Kepley, Christopher and Dellinger, Anthony (2019)
  7. The Role of Horseshoe Crabs in the Biomedical Industry and Recent Trends Impacting Species Sustainability by Kepley, Christopher and Dellinger, Anthony (2018)
  8. NF-kappaB Inhibitors that Prevent Foam Cell Formation and Atherosclerotic Plaque Accumulation by Kepley, Christopher and Dellinger, Anthony (2017)
  9. A synthetic crustacean bait to stem forage fish depletion by Kepley, Christopher and Dellinger, Anthony (2016)
  10. Inhibition of inflammatory arthritis using fullerene nanomaterials by Kepley, Christopher and Dellinger, Anthony (2015)

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Feasibility of a bilateral 4000–6000 Hz notch as a phenotype for genetic association analysis

Richter, Scott
Mathematics and Statistics

Objective: Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a worldwide health problem and a growing concern among young people. Although some people appear to be more susceptible to NIHL, genetic association stu... View More