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Williams, J. Kent


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Luigi Dallapiccola's first twelve-tone work : an analytical study of compositional techniques in cinque frammenti di saffo 2007 2402 "Luigi Dallapiccola (1904-1975) is considered the foremost Italian composer of twelve-tone music. While the culmination of his efforts resulted in masterpieces such as Quaderno musicale di Annalibera, in which the transformation of a single row is th...
The emancipation of consonance: a pedagogical approach to distinguishing between consonance and harmonic stability 2012 430 Modern pedagogical approaches to consonance have three problems in common: they often conflate consonance with subjective cultural factors, they do not account for the most recent psychological research, and they do not adequately explain musical phe...
Modified contrapuntal conventions: stability and instability in the neotonal music of Hindemith 2013 808 This paper presents an analytical methodology for neotonal music that is based upon the writings of Hindemith (1942) and Etler (1974). After establishing a gradation that orders intervals from the most stable to the most unstable, a theory of interva...