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Taylor, Ethan


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A novel method for the selective elimination of HIV infected cells: dexamethasone and procaine as a combination therapy prototype 2011 2222 It has been established that various combinations of three or more antiretroviral drugs will lead to durable inhibition of HIV replication in patients. Despite its success in controlling the infection, highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) doe...
Cloning and in vitro characterization of a novel ribosomal frameshifting site in the HIV-1 gag gene 2011 280 Most retroviruses and various other organisms have a capability of producing multiple protein products from a single RNA species using overlapping genes and taking advantage of ribosomal frameshifting (Jacks T. , 1990; Taylor, 1994). This phenomenon ...
Elucidation of the cellular genes, pathways, and biochemical mechanisms involved in HIV stimulation by aqueous tobacco smoke extract. 2014 45 HIV infection, and tobacco smoking, two areas of major health concern which continue to grow worldwide, both of which have detrimental health effects on the population. The point of intersection where these two health concerns cross is the focus of t...