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Rodriguez, Christina


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Family functioning and social isolation as moderators between stress and child abuse potential 2011 1334 Previous literature has implicated stress as a significant contributor to child physical maltreatment risk. Studied to a lesser extent, family dysfunction and inadequate social support have also been associated with physical child abuse potential. To...
Peer social support as a moderator of child abuse risk and child internalizing symptomatology 2013 368 Literature has identified a significant relation between maternal physical abuse risk on child internalizing symptomatology during middle childhood. Further, positive peer relationships have also been noted to play a significant role in promoting pro...
Personal and couple level risk factors: maternal vs paternal physical child abuse risk 2014 106 Previous maltreatment literature examining child physical abuse potential relied heavily upon maternal only samples, limiting our understanding of paternal risk factors. Moreover, the extent to which relationship and individual factors interact to im...