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Ferguson, SallyAnn


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Leaving Cinderella in the Ashes: The Self-Actualization Novel 2008 2885 Literature proscribes and prescribes ethically. When stories reinforce a society's unhealthy prejudices, responsible readers should find others. The Bildungsroman has fostered the perspective that women are expendable, that coming of age terminates i...
“Pray if you want to:” a reevaluation of religion in the fiction of Ernest J. Gaines 2010 4905 This study examines religiosity in Ernest J. Gaines’s fiction. Though some critics acknowledge the existence of religion in Gaines’s work, most of them gloss over the topic. Generally, they conclude that the author mistrusts religion, religion fails ...
Heavy things: materiality and masculinity in African American literature 2014 178 Heavy Things illustrates how African American writers redefine black manhood through metaphors of heaviness, figured primarily through their representation of material objects. Taking the literal and figurative weight the narrator's briefcase in Ralp...