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Adams, Rebecca G.


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'React and Go with it': Interviewing Persons with Alzheimer's Disease about their Friendships 2008 1192 This study accessed the firsthand perspectives of persons with Alzheimer's in order to report their friendship patterns with cognitively intact friends. I expected to find a gradual breakdown of respondents' networks and negative processes to charact...
Characterization of Popular Culture Icons in LIFE and TIME Magazines 2008 1701 Popular culture icons are physical objects of everyday use that make the everyday meaningful. They are ideas, both old and new, that are at the mercy of its viewer, meaning whatever the viewer desires whenever the viewers desires it. Celebrities with...
Muslim punk rock in the United States: a social history of the taqwacores 2009 2811 This project develops a social history of a Muslim American punk rock subculture, The Taqwacores. This social history examines the social context in the United States that has facilitated the emergence of Taqwacore, specifically the cultural, politic...