Prove It On Me

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Lillian Augspurger (Creator)
University of North Carolina Asheville (UNCA )
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Cynn Chadwick

Abstract: The following chapters constitute the beginning of a historical fiction crime novel set in 1928 New Orleans. After losing her job as a telephone operator, Marilyn “Skid” Calwell returns to her roots as a singer and male impersonator in the underground world of speakeasies. She quickly forms an attraction with the secretive bartender, Louise Patin. When Skid begins to pry into Louise’s past, she uncovers a history of deceit, theft, and treachery, as the Patin family estate has been taken from Louise by her brother-in-law, Warren Clairmont, who Louise believes is responsible for the death of her sister Michelle. Skid agrees to help Louise steal from Warren’s jewelry store on Victoria Street in an attempt to buy back the estate. When things go south, Louise is forced to leave Skid to the police, and Warren refuses to return the home. Louise breaks Skid out of jail, and together the two must find a way to take down Warren and get the estate back. All the while, their feelings for each other burn hotter than a shot of bathtub gin.

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Language: English
Date: 2019
novel ; crime fiction ; creative writing

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