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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
“The Answer to Laundry in Outer Space”: The Rise and Fall of the Paper Dress in 1960s Americ...2015Knight, Virginia StudentHistory, UNCA
Collierism and Communism in North Carolina: The American Indian Federation’s attack on the I...2015Hall, Pierce StudentHistory, UNCA
Colonel Alexander Boyd Andrews: “Hero” of the Western North Carolina Railroad2016Eck, Montana StudentHistory, UNCA
Crafting A Homespun Image: Fred Seely and Biltmore Industries, 1917 to 19422015Keefauver, Sharon C. StudentHistory, UNCA
“Do it for Your Grandchildren”. A Missed Opportunity: the Legacy of the Redress Movement’s D...2017Williams, Dustin EricStudentHistory, UNCA
Dummies on the British Home Front: Decoys that Protected the UK during World War II2016Barnett_Lawrence, Jane StudentHistory, UNCA
From Classrooms to Courtrooms: An Analytical View of the Struggles of Homosexual Teachers in...2015Albala, Owain StudentHistory, UNCA
The Game of United States Diplomacy Within the Ottoman Empire: How the United States’ Intere...2017Nowland, Robert StudentHistory, UNCA
“Hear that racket down there? That’s your French Broad.”: The Eternal Connection Between Wi...2015Brown, Stephanie StudentHistory, UNCA
"How Shall We Eliminate It: Edward Lowinsky and the Black Mountain College Integration Progr...2015Morton, Garrett StudentHistory, UNCA
“In Defense of My Country” Slavery, Secession, Civil War and the Students Who Served the Con...2016Sowder, Hugo StudentHistory, UNCA
In the Grip of Slavery: The Rise of a Slave Society Surrounding the Establishment of Stock S...2016Cutshall, Katherine CalhounStudentHistory, UNCA
“The Insane and Other Defectives”: Dr. P.L. Murphy and the Enactment of the Colony System at...2016Cable, Kayla StudentHistory, UNCA
It Cannot Be Helped: Racial Stratification in Jerome and Rohwer, Arkansas During World War I...2015Glenn-Bradley, Amanda StudentHistory, UNCA
“Let Everything I Have Done, Said, or Written be Forgotten But This:” The Influence of Money...2017Randall, Patrick StudentHistory, UNCA
“The Moment I Stepped into Asheville, I Felt a Connection. I Can’t Really Explain It”: Julia...2016Dacey, Joshua StephenStudentHistory, UNCA
“Now Mining Coal is for the Big Boys”: Agency and Adaptation in the Changing Culture of Taze...2016Engel, Laura FugateStudentHistory, UNCA
The Pineland School, Mrs. Mollie Jones, and the Progressive Roots of Salemburg, North Caroli...2016Weston, Brooke StudentHistory, UNCA
A Playground for the Privileged: The Appalachian and Wonderland Clubs in the Great Smoky Mou...2016Gartz, Melany LynnStudentHistory, UNCA
“Rather Death than the Montagne”: Roots of Federalist Revolts of 1793 in Revolutionary Franc...2015St. Angelo, Luke StudentHistory, UNCA
Reconstructing an Identity: Critical Reexamination of the Historical Legacy of John Walter S...2016Young, Jarrell HamptonStudentHistory, UNCA
The Road to Happiness: Paternalism in Canton’s Champion Paper and Fibre Company2015Aughe, Brannon StudentHistory, UNCA
“Shakespeare on a Shoestring:” A History of the Montford Park Players2016Suskauer, Adrian StudentHistory, UNCA
Skewed Identity and Cordial Enemies: World War I Flying Aces2016Whaley, Nicholas StudentHistory, UNCA
Sparks of Modernity in Asheville Infrastructure: Perceptions of the Electric Street Car2015Johnson, Kathryn StudentHistory, UNCA