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??? to Snowbird: Education, Assimilation, and Integration of Cherokee in the Snowbird Commun... (Student Work)2019Brown, S DakotaBachelor of ArtsHistory, UNCA
Abandoning Pretense: Oscar Wilde’s Engagement with Society (Student Work)2016Allen, Charles TylerBALiterature, UNCA
Above It All (Student Work)2016Horner, Jeff BALiterature, UNCA
Absurd Function Upends Familiar Form: Satire, Literary Space-Time, and the Subversion of Det... (Student Work)2016Weddington, Michael BALiterature, UNCA
Accidental Necromancer (Student Work)2019Danzis, Kinsey, Bachelor of ArtsEnglish, UNCA
Alienation and the Grotesque in Sylvia Plath's "Ariel" Poems (Student Work)2018Black, Kayla Bachelor of ArtsLiterature, UNCA
All American Girls: Geographical Implications and the Quest for Female Autonomy in Zelda Fit... (Student Work)2018Herron, Madeline Bachelor of ArtsEnglish, UNCA
“Among Mankind’s Deepest Needs”: Repetitive Grief and Intimate Isolation in Milan Kundera’s ... (Student Work)2016Bonner, Emily ABALiterature, UNCA
“The Answer to Laundry in Outer Space”: The Rise and Fall of the Paper Dress in 1960s Americ... (Student Work)2015Knight, Virginia BAHistory, UNCA
The Anti-Social Network (Student Work)2016McDonald, Kathryn BALiterature, UNCA
Appa-LAY-Shuh: Environmentalism and Challenging Appalachian Stereotypes in Ron Rash’s Serena... (Student Work)2016Schermerhorn, Margaret GraceBALiterature, UNCA
Apple Stack Cake (Student Work)2016Harris, Olivia Literature, UNCA
Apple-Achia (Student Work)2016Hinton, Calla Literature, UNCA
Apple-Achia (Student Work)2016Ambroso, Renee Literature, UNCA
The Art and Science of Political Deception: The Political Artist and Neurobiological Mecamis... (Student Work)2014Garver, David Master of Liberal ArtsMaster of Liberal Arts and Sciences, UNCA
Aurora Slicer (Student Work)2016Bond, Jonathan BALiterature, UNCA
Babbling, Braining, and Brooding Mr. Bones: An Exploration of the Metapoetic in 77 Dream Son... (Student Work)2015Pollifrone, Max BALiterature, UNCA
Benefit of Sulfur Deposition Reductions for Brook Trout in the National Forests of Southern ... (Student Work)2018Jackson, William AMaster of Liberal Arts and SciencesMaster of Liberal Arts and Sciences, UNCA
Beside Good and Evil: Religious Satire and Moral Relativism in Good Omens: The Nice and Accu... (Student Work)2020Jones, Richard Bachelor of ArtsEnglish Literature, UNCA
Biscuits (Student Work)2018Dadian, Mia Literature, UNCA
Biscuits (Student Work)2018Schweitz, Carolyn Literature, UNCA
The Body as His Book: The Unification of Spirit and Flesh in John Donne's Holy Sonnets (Student Work)2019Hober, Kelli Danielle Bachelor of Arts EnglishEnglish, UNCA
Breaking the Narrow Circle: A Contextual Approach to William Blake's "Visions of the Daughte... (Student Work)2019Coggin, John Bachelor of Arts EnglishEnglish, UNCA
Breathless Expectations: A Spiritual Autobiography (Student Work)2020Rucker, Kirby Bachelor of Arts English-Creative WritingEnglish, UNCA
Bringing Home Food: An Investigation into Multiculturalism as a Pathway to Sustainability (Student Work)2015Masciarelli, Tina Master of Liberal ArtsMaster of Liberal Arts and Sciences, UNCA