100 Plus Tips to Improve Your Club Operation

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Ed Rehkopf, Donor to Hospitality and Tourism Administration (Creator)
North Carolina Central University (NCCU )
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Abstract: Introduction: Most of us recognize that our business is not rocket science. The basics of what we do are well-known to any club professional. What makes our jobs so challenging is the sheer volume of things that must be attended to daily in a detail and people-intensive business. Unless a club operation is well-organized and its managers highly disciplined, it operates in a state of barely controlled chaos interspersed with periods of downtime. The challenge for all is to transition quickly from storm to calm back to storm while remaining focused on long term goals, ongoing projects, and continual process improvement. The solution is to organize the club so that most things happen routinely and that managers at all levels be highly disciplined in approaching their duties and efforts to improve the operation.This book contains 100 plus tips to improve club operations. Some are specific and simple to put into practice; others are more abstract and require the necessary “will to make it happen” to implement. Some will make an immediate impact on organization and service; others will improve your operation and bottom line by consistent application over time.

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Language: English
Date: 2010

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