Trichotomous Visual Analytics [TVA]: Visual Statistical Cumulative Data Analysis Via the Tri-Squared Calculator a Digital Instrument Designed to Present the Outcomes of the Tri-Squared Test

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James Osler, Professor (Creator)
North Carolina Central University (NCCU )
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Abstract: This paper presents an innovative digital instrument the Tri–Squared Calculator © that uses the novel Trichotomous Visual Analytics [TVA] as a supportive research model for traditional confirmatory trichotomous statistical analyses. This research adds to the publication entitled, “Trichotomous Exploratory Data Analysis [Tri–EDA]: A Post Hoc Visual Statistical Cumulative Data Analysis Instrument Designed to Present the Outcomes of Trichotomous Investigative Models” published in the i-manager's Journal on Instrumentation and Control Engineering. This narrative provides an epistemological rational for the use of “Trichotomous Exploratory Data Analysis” and other trichotomous statistical analytical models for the in–depth analysis of the transformative process of qualitative data into quantitative outcomes through the Tri–Squared Test. TheTri–Squared Test was first introduced in the i-manager’s Journal on Mathematics, and further detailed in the Journal onEducational Technology, Journal on School Educational Technology, and in Journal on Educational Psychology. TVA is used in Tri–Exploratory Data Analysis as a series of graphical and visual statistical models that are a part of the Tri–Squared Calculator©. The Tri–Squared Calculator © digital instrument was created, designed, and developed by the author to quickly calculate and report Tri–Squared Test outcomes. It also allows the researcher to rapidly check the validity and reliability of Tri–Squared Test results. This is a novel approach to advanced statistical Tri–Squared modeling and reporting. It adds a potent new tool to the mixed methods approach of the trichotomous research design (that intrinsically involves the holistic trichotomous combination and comparison of qualitative and quantitative data outcomes).

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Journal on Electronics Engineering, Vol 6. No. 2 December 2015- February 2016
Language: English
Date: 2015
Analysis, Cognitive, Engineering, Instrument, Investigation, Mathematical Models, Outcomes, Research, Statistics, Trichotomy, Tri–Coordinate Model, Tri–Squared Calculator ©, Tri–Squared Confirmatory Data Analysis,Tri–Squared Exploratory Data Analysis, Tri–Squared Test, Trichotomous Visual Analytics, Visual Graphics.

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