Desirable equipment related to available space in typical first grade classrooms in North Carolina schools

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Abstract: The physical equipment of the classroom is very important in the education of the child. Lack of the proper equipment may result in a drab, uninteresting room which discourages curiosity and activity on the part of the pupil and arouses feelings of dislike, fright, and homesickness or of boredom and disgust. On the other hand, the classroom may be so equipped as to make it an attractive, stimulating, home-like place which will appeal to the interests of the child, encourage him to find answers to his own questions, and to plan and complete many projects which seem important to him, arouse his curiosity along new lines, and enlarge his interests. The equipment may be so fitted to his size and his needs as to help him to do things for himself, to experience success in what he undertakes, to feel that the room belongs to him, and to develop a genuine love for his school and for what it represents.

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Language: English
Date: 1950
Schools $x Furniture, equipment, etc. $z North Carolina
Classroom utilization
Classrooms $z North Carolina

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