The effect of growth regulating compounds on isolated stem sections

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Abstract: Recently, plant physiologists have witnessed what in all probability will be a milestone in understanding plant growth. This is due to observations that growth is regulated by hormone-like chemical compounds, referred to as plant growth substances. It is with several of these growth regulating substances that the present investigation was concerned. The first growth substance discovered was "auxin". Fritz Went (1926), using the coleoptile of an oat seedling, discovered the presence of a certain growth promoting factor. After the removal of the tip of the coleoptile, Went placed the excised tip on a block of agar. He then discarded the tip, removed the tip of a second coleoptile, and placed the block of agar to one side of the stump of this plant. The fact that the seedling bent away from the agar block side indicated growth had occured more rapidly under the block. This led Went to conclude that the coleoptile tip produced a hormone that influenced plant growth.

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Language: English
Date: 1964

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