A survey of the teaching of filing in the public white high schools of North Carolina and of filing activities in offices represented in area 3 of the National Office Management Association, February, 1948

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Rowena Wellman

Abstract: This study developed out of the planning of units to be included in a high school clerical practice course. For a learning unit in filing, two types of information were desired: (a) information about the filing instruction in the North Carolina high schools, and (b) information about the filing in business offices. The purpose of this study is to ascertain the status of filing in the public white schools of North Carolina and to evaluate the findings according to information obtained from business offices in the state. Answers to the following questions were sought from the schools: 1. To what extent is filing taught in North Carolina schools? 2. If filing is taught, is it offered as a separate subject or included as a learning unit within a course? 3. What are the courses in which filing units are offered? U. What equipment is used in the schools for the teaching of filing? Background information concerning the size of the schools in terms of pupil enrollment and number of full-time and part-time teachers of business subjects, and the grade levels of the business courses offered was requested in addition to data on specific aspects of filing instruction.

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Language: English
Date: 1949
Filing systems $x Study and teaching (Secondary)
High schools $z North Carolina $x Curricula

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