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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Regulation of Cervical Epithelial Proliferation by Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor2012Donnelly, Siobhan M.StudentBiology - Student, ASU
The Role of Leaf Anatomy and Morphology in Determining Ozone Susceptibility in Cut-leaf Cone...2011Dolan, Chrisha LynnStudentBiology - Student, ASU
A Review of Hospitality and Tourism Management Graduates' Post Education Employment2015Adams, Amanda StudentBusiness - Student, ASU
Regulation Of Renal Organic AnionTransporter 3 (SLC22A8) Expression And Function By The Int...2013Cecile, Jennifer FacultyChemistry, ASU
The Role Of Global Civil Society In Restoring Citizens’ Trust In Democratic Elections2010Zatepilina-Monacell, Olga FacultyCommunication, ASU
RSA Cryptosystem: An Analysis And Python Simulator2017Metzgar, Cescily StudentCommunication - Student, ASU
Role Of Cerebellum In Deglutition And Deglutition Disorders2014McCullough, Gary FacultyCommunication Sciences and Disorders, ASU
RN Compliance With SLP Dysphagia Recommendations In Acute Care2007McCullough, Gary FacultyCommunication Sciences and Disorders, ASU
Resistance Straws and the Effortful Swallow Technique 2011Shelton, Natalia LouisaStudentCommunication Sciences and Disorders - Student, ASU
Refining Inductive Types2012Johann, Patricia FacultyComputer Science, ASU
A Relationally Parametric Model of Dependent Type Theory2014Johann, Patricia FacultyComputer Science, ASU
A Real-Time Database System For Managing Aquarium Data2017Sink, Devin StudentComputer Science - Student, ASU
Remix Racism: The Visual Politics Of The “Alt-Right”2017Stanovsky, Derek FacultyCultural, Gender, and Global Studies, ASU
Rationality Around the Clock: Sleep and Time-of-Day Effects on Guessing Game Responses2010Dickinson, David L. FacultyEconomics, ASU
Rationality Crossovers2007Cherry, Todd FacultyEconomics, ASU
Rationality Spillovers2003Cherry, Todd FacultyEconomics, ASU
Resource Quality Information and Validity of Willingness to Pay in Contingent Valuation1998Whitehead, John FacultyEconomics, ASU
A Revealed Preference Approach To Valuing Non-market Recreational Fishing Losses From The De...2014Whitehead, John FacultyEconomics, ASU
The Role of Social Distrust in Risk-Benefit Analysis: A Study of the Siting of a Hazardous W...1997Groothuis, Peter FacultyEconomics, ASU
Retail competition in electricity supply—Survey results in North Carolina2012Groothuis, Peter FacultyEconomics, ASU
Retail competition in electricity supply—Survey results in North Carolina2012Groothuis, Peter FacultyEconomics, ASU
Rationality And Forecasting Accuracy Of Exchange Rate Expectations: Evidence From Survey-Bas...2016Ince, Onur FacultyEconomics, ASU
Regulation And The Macroeconomy2007Dawson, John FacultyEconomics, ASU
Regulatory Federalism and the Distribution of Air Pollutant Emissions2007Strazicich, Mark FacultyEconomics, ASU
Regulatory enforcement with competitive endogenous audit mechanisms2011McKee, Mike FacultyEconomics, ASU