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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Ideology as symbolic change : a study of public perception of social movements1975Seltz, Stephen WayneStudentPsychology, UNCG
Investigations in drawing and painting1975Abbott, Janet NewsomeStudentArt, UNCG
Interface I for horn and orchestra1975Follas, Ronald WilliamStudentMusic, UNCG
An investigation of the effects of feedback on creativity and self-confidence levels of perf...1975Higgs, Howard RutterStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Implications of Genetic Variation in Mouse Brain Structure for Electrode Placement by Stereo...1975Wahlsten, Douglas FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Is Aristotle's Account of Incontinence Inconsistent?1975McConnell, Terrance C.FacultyPhilosophy, UNCG
An Investigation Of The Effectiveness Of Four Practice Schedules On Learning The Serve In Te...1975Felts, Ronald F.StudentHealth, Physical Education, & Recreation - Student, ASU
The influence of choice of materials and prompts and feedback upon the arithmetic performanc...1976Yelton, Ann RubinsohnStudentPsychology, UNCG
An investigation of the relationship between positive and negative assertive behavior1976Talbert, Elisabeth ElaineStudentPsychology, UNCG
Instigative aggression: traditional versus liberal sex roles1976Nirenberg, Theodore D.StudentPsychology, UNCG
Investigating the physical properties of still life objects and figure studies1976Quick, Archie StudentArt, UNCG
Interrelationships of light and space within the still-life painting and the figure drawing1976Williams, Gretchen Van LoonStudentArt, UNCG
International Terrorism Under International Law1976Culbreth, Cynthia A.StudentPolitical Science - Student, ASU
The Intellectual And Personality Characteristics Of The North Carolina Presentence Diagnosti...1976Johnson, Patricia AnnStudentPsychology - Student, ASU
I Don't Want a Walky-Talky Doll!1976Cummings, Connie Dudley FacultyEnglish, UNCP
Incised tondos1977Maggio, Kimberly JaneStudentArt, UNCG
Interactions of variants of the host blue-green bacterium Anacystis nidulans with a variant ...1977Brown, Anne HowardStudentBiology, UNCG
Influence of zinc supplementation on protein utilization in young rats1977Motsinger, Brenda McAdamsStudentHome Economics, UNCG
Isolation of auxotrophic mutants of the blue-green bacterium, Anacystis nidulans, and Isolat...1977Spivey, David LeeStudentBiology, UNCG
Iron carbonyl catalyzed rearrangement of BICYCLO[6.1.0]nonene systems1977Dasher, Luther WinfieldStudentChemistry, UNCG
An investigation of the relationship between aphasia and sensorimotor level cognitive functi...1977Earle, Patty T.StudentHome Economics, UNCG
An investigation of auditory laterality effects for verbal and melodic stimuli among musicia...1977Franklin, Elda StudentMusic, UNCG
An interpretative essay concerning six works of art1978James, Walton BurtonStudentArt, UNCG
Interior studies1978Smith, Clare PurcellStudentArt, UNCG
“I am me” AAHE membership survey: Report one1978Eddy, James M.FacultyPublic Health Education, UNCG
“I am me” AAHE membership survey: Report two1979Eddy, James M.FacultyPublic Health Education, UNCG
The incentive argument for the unionisation of medical workers1979McConnell, Terrance C.FacultyPhilosophy, UNCG
Intrauterine birth position predicts newborn supine head position preference.1979Michel, George F.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Impact: The Effect of Climatic Change on Prehistoric and Modern Cultures in Texas (First Pro...1979Gunn, Joel D.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
An investigation of the perception of the role of resource teacher in the education of educa...1979Boyles, Carolyn DaleStudentEducation, UNCG
An investigation into the effects of a specially designed introductory poetry unit on the co...1979Ball, Eugenia RuthStudentEducation, UNCG
An investigation of auditory laterality effects for sung stimuli : influence of musical trai...1979Mayo, Walter StephenStudentMusic, UNCG
An interpretive inquiry into the world of the teacher1979Rubio, Carmelo AlbertStudentEducation, UNCG
An investigation of the prediction of success in women's field hockey1979Chapman, Nancy L.StudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
An investigation of performance consistency of intercollegiate and interscholastic basketbal...1980McDuffie, Richard AdrianStudentHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG
Institutional relocation : examination of effects and efficacy of two preparatory training p...1980Nirenberg, Theodore D.StudentPsychology, UNCG
The influence of hygroscopic movement on seed dispersal in Daucus carota (Apiaceae)1980Lacey, Elizabeth P.FacultyBiology, UNCG
The Influence Of Preschool And Social Class On Children's Language Skills1980Steelman, Anna AlstonStudentReading Education & Special Education - Student, ASU
Influences of energy conservation education on attitudes and behaviors of selected youths in...1981McCutcheon, Linda FlowersStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The identity-equivalence conservation paradigm : development relative to age and task criter...1981Hoover, Roberta RoseStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The Impact of Demand and Cost Factors on Inflation in Open Economies1981McCrickard, Donald L.FacultyEconomics, UNCG
The Impact of Demand and Cost Factors on Inflation in Open Economies1981Allen, Stuart D.FacultyEconomics, UNCG
Indeterminacy is inherent in an inadequate model of evolution, not in nature1981Wahlsten, Douglas FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Immediate effects of win-loss on perceptions of cohesion in intramural and intercollegiate v...1982Gill, Diane L.FacultyKinesiology, UNCG
Instigative aggression as a function of past experience.1982White, Jacquelyn W.FacultyPsychology, UNCG
Instigative aggression as a function of past experience.1982Gruber, Kenneth FacultyCenter for Youth, Family, & Community Partnerships, UNCG
The influence of selected social variables on the achievement of elementary school children ...1982Hansley, Clementine Elizabeth BarberStudentHome Economics, UNCG
The influence of rate of behavior and predictability of rate conditions on observer accuracy...1982Kapust, Jeffry AllanStudentPsychology, UNCG
The identification of certain competencies appropriate for secondary school business teacher...1982Vaughan, E. Rose TateStudentEducation, UNCG
An investigation of the professed characteristics and backgrounds of women in managerial pos...1983Vincent, Joan KayStudentEducation, UNCG