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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
1.C_D_E2008Goff, Peter FacultyStudio Art, UNCG
1___For_the_Noise2008Bell, Jeffrey FacultyStudio Art, UNCG
1_buildingalight2008Queener, Kelly FacultyStudio Art, UNCG
10___Cutters2008Bell, Jeffrey FacultyStudio Art, UNCG
10_ThroughMyFingers2008Queener, Kelly FacultyStudio Art, UNCG
10b_ThroughMyFingersRight2008Queener, Kelly FacultyStudio Art, UNCG
11___Valiant_Effort2008Bell, Jeffrey FacultyStudio Art, UNCG
11_ThreeStages_Left2008Queener, Kelly FacultyStudio Art, UNCG
11_ThreeStages_Middle2008Queener, Kelly FacultyStudio Art, UNCG
11_ThreeStages_Right2008Queener, Kelly FacultyStudio Art, UNCG
12 Firefox Extensions for Libraries2008Wolf, Robert FacultyMary Livermore Library, UNCP
12___Guild2008Bell, Jeffrey FacultyStudio Art, UNCG
12_TotemToBreakPatterns2008Queener, Kelly FacultyStudio Art, UNCG
13_AnUncomfortable2008Queener, Kelly FacultyStudio Art, UNCG
1582 Pinehurst2011Revels, Amber DawnStudentEnglish, ECU
The 16 April 2011 EF3 Tornado in Greene County Eastern North Carolina2012Rickenbach, Thomas M.StudentECU
(17S)-2[alpha],3[alpha],18[beta],23,24-Pentahydroxy-19(18-->17)- abeo-28-norolean-12-en-21-o...2006Jia, Wei FacultyNutrition, UNCG
The 17th topological type of [omega-star]2006Verner, Jonathan StudentMathematics and Statistics, UNCG
1920's North Carolina high schools adapting to twenty-first century needs2012Gentry, Abby StudentInterior Architecture, UNCG
The 1927 Longwood Sketches of Firmin Swinnen: Replica of a Scenic Film Score2013Kane, Pamela MeysStudentMusic, UNCG
1959 Jazz: A Historical Study and Analysis of Jazz and Its Artists and Recordings in 19592008Gelb, Gregg StudentMusic, UNCG
1970's Southern rock and W.J. Cash's Hell uva fella 2007Burkhart, Thad A.StudentEnglish, UNCG
1994 Athletic trainer employment and salary characteristics1996Perrin, David H.FacultyOffice of the Provost, UNCG
The 1999 elections in Guatemala2002Lehoucq, Fabrice FacultyPolitical Science, UNCG
The 1999 Flood of the Century: Extraordinary Hydrometeorological Event or Human-Induced Cata...2013Kotecki, Erica S.StudentECU