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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Alcohol use and misuse in urban Mexican men and women: An epidemiologic perspective2006Murphy, Arthur D.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
Anthropomorphic Peg-Based Sculptures from the Banderas Valley of Coastal West Mexico.2005Mountjoy, Joseph B.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
Building Bridges For Social Justice In Global Publishing: Seeking The Mexican Perspective2020Scherlen, Allan G.FacultyUniversity Libraries, ASU
Burial Practices during the Late Formative/Early Classic in the Banderas Valley Area of Coas...2006Mountjoy, Joseph B.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
Capacha: Una Cultura Enigmática del Occidente de México1994Mountjoy, Joseph B.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
Childhood Trauma and Adulthood Physical Health in Mexico.2009Murphy, Arthur D.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
Childhood Trauma and Adulthood Physical Health in Mexico.2009Jones, Eric C.FacultyAnthropology , UNCG
A Dated Cruciform Artifact?1971Mountjoy, Joseph B.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
Data Quality in Multi-sited Cross-Sectional and Panel Studies.2010Murphy, Arthur D.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
Data Quality in Multi-sited Cross-Sectional and Panel Studies.2010Jones, Eric C.FacultyAnthropology , UNCG
Early physical health consequences of disaster exposure and acute disaster-related PTSD2006Murphy, Arthur D.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
Economic Impact Of A Rotavirus Vaccination Program In Mexico2009Rheingans, Richard FacultySustainable Development, ASU
From One Woman to Another: The Role of Spanish Women in the Catholic Education of Indigenous...2018Green, Kayla EStudentECU
Honoring Teachers: A World of Perspectives2007Hardin, Belinda JFacultySpecialized Education Services, UNCG
Income and Electoral Calculations in the 2006 Presidential Elections in Mexico2009Lehoucq, Fabrice FacultyPolitical Science, UNCG
Insights in Fungal Bioprospecting in Mexico2018Figueroa Saldivar, Mario FacultyChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG
Laguna de Terminos/Rio Candelaria Delta Core: Conditions of Sustainable Urban Occupation in ...2012Gunn, Joel D.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
The Last Acolhua: Alva Ixtlilxochitl and Elite Native Historiography in Early New Spain2014Villella, Peter FacultyHistory, UNCG
La Cacería Y La Presa: Una Exploración Del Trauma Migrante Y La Violencia Patriarcal En La F...2021Smith, Mary CarolineStudentLanguages, Literatures & Cultures - Student, ASU
La Línea De Tiempo Traumática De La Inmigración: La Representación De Los Efectos Perjudicia...2021Byrd, Madeline StudentLanguages, Literatures & Cultures - Student, ASU
“Maquilapolis.” Vicky Funari and Sergio De La Torre, dirs. (Film Review)2007Sills, Stephen J.FacultySociology, UNCG
Modeling Social Networks and Community Resilience in Chronic Disasters: Case Studies from Vo...2014Murphy, Arthur D.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
Postdisaster PTSD over four waves of a panel study of Mexico's 1999 flood2004Murphy, Arthur D.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
Public support of innovative activity in small and large firms in Mexico2021Link, Albert N.FacultyEconomics, UNCG
The role of individual well-being in risk perception and evacuation for chronic vs. acute na...2011Murphy, Arthur D.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG