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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Acute and chronic exercise effects on NrF2 and antioxidants in the muscle and brain tissue o...2017Vervaecke, Lauren SuzanneStudentKinesiology, UNCG
Antioxidant activity and total phenolic content of aqueous and methanolic extracts of Jordan...2007Oberlies, Nicholas FacultyChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG
Disparate effects of similar phenolic phytochemicals as inhibitors of oxidative damage to ce...2001Loo, George FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Effects of açaí berry (Euterpe oleracea) extracts on human antioxidant systems and drug meta...2015Kandagatla, Suneel KumarStudentChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG
Effects of epigallocatechin gallate and quercetin on oxidative damage to cellular DNA2000Loo, George FacultyNutrition, UNCG
Effects of vitamin E and Lipoic acid on skeletal muscle contractile properties2001Shanely, Andrew FacultyHealth and Exercise Science, ASU
Effects of vitamin E deficiency on fatigue and muscle contractile properties2002Shanely, Andrew FacultyHealth and Exercise Science, ASU
Mechanistic studies of water soluble fullerenes as free radical scavengers, biological antio...2014Rawashdeh, Rabeah YousefStudentNanoscience, UNCG
Nuclear Factor E2-Related Factor 2-Dependent Myocardiac Cytoprotection Against Oxidative and...2008Jia, Zhenquan FacultyBiology, UNCG
The oxidative stress-induced niacin sink (OSINS) model for HIV pathogenesis2010Taylor, Ethan WFacultyNanoscience, UNCG
The role of dietary components in mitigating inflammation and related health conditions2022Larvie, Doreen Y.StudentNutrition, UNCG
The role of KEAP1 in Nrf2 regulation in response to chronic exercise training2021Martin, Kerry JamesStudentKinesiology, UNCG
Role of leptin as antioxidant in obstructive sleep apnea: an in vitro study using electron p...2013Jia, Zhenquan FacultyBiology, UNCG
Short-term exercise training improves diaphragm antioxidant capacity and endurance2000Shanely, Andrew FacultyHealth and Exercise Science, ASU
Studies examining the anti-aging effects of fullerenes2017Turner, Ashley R.StudentJoint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, UNCG