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NameInstitutionPublication Status
Ohashi, Takako Biology - Student, ASU Student
Orders, Tanner MarcBiology - Student, ASU Student
O'Neill, Joseph OwensComputer Science - Student, ASU Student
Overman, Jan GardnerEducational Leadership - Student, ASU Student
Oates , Fran Bates Educational Leadership - Student, ASU Student
Olender, Victoria T.Government and Justice Studies - Student, ASU Student
Oakley, Heather NicoleHealth and Exercise Science - Student, ASU Student
Oliver, Jayvaughn Health and Exercise Science - Student, ASU Student
Otto, Joseph W.History - Student, ASU Student
Oshnock, Kevin DavidHistory/Gov & Justice Studies - Student, ASU Student
Olivet, Andrea Mathematical Sciences - Student, ASU Student
Orlando, Carissa MaryPsychology - Student, ASU Student
O'Brien, Robert JamesSustainable Technology & The Built Env. - Student, ASU Student
Ogburn, Joyce University Libraries, ASU Faculty
Ochoa, Louise University Libraries, ASU Faculty
Orkiszewski, Paul T.University Libraries, ASU Faculty
Orr, Elizabeth ECU Student
Ohman, Dennis E.ECU Student
Ohtsu, Takashi ECU Student
Obuchi, Shuchi ECU Student
Offenbacher, Steven ECU Student
Oglesby, Amanda G.ECU Student
Oh, Minsoo ECU Student
Ohl, Christopher ECU Student
O'Brien, John B. 1958-ECU Student
O'Connor, David H.ECU Student
O'Connor, Sunila E.ECU Student
O'Malley, Michael S.ECU Student
O'Neal, William ECU Student
O'Neill, Jeff ECU Student
O'Shea, T. MichaelECU Student
O'Toole, George A.ECU Student
Obiefuna, P. C. M.ECU Student
Overton, Reginald F.ECU Student
Oxendine, Telisha L.ECU Student
Orrock, Jeff ECU Student
Otaki, Masaki ECU Student
Ouellette, Anthony J. A.ECU Student
Oury, Tim D.ECU Student
Olomu, Nicholas ECU Student
Olsen, Dorte Aa.ECU Student
Olson, Joan C.ECU Student
Orenduff, Melissa C.ECU Student
Owens, Ashley BrennaECU Student
Oh, Minsoo ECU Student
Ouyang, Dong-Yun ECU Student
Ono, Yohei ECU Student
Overcash, Ryan F.ECU Student
Olopade, Olufunmilayo I.ECU Student
O’Neal, Wesley TECU Student
O’Neal, Wesley T.ECU Student
O’Neal, Jason B.ECU Student
O'Neal, Wesley T.ECU Student
O’Neal, Wesley T.ECU Student
O’Neal, Jason B.ECU Student
O’Neal, Jason B.ECU Student
O’Neal, Wesley T.ECU Student
O’Neal, Wesley T.ECU Student
O’Neal, Jason B.ECU Student
O'Neal, Wesley T.ECU Student
O’Neal, Wesley T.ECU Student
O’Neal, Jason B.ECU Student
O’Callaghan, James P.ECU Student
Ozhuner, Esma ECU Student
Okay, Sezer ECU Student
Olden, Matthias ECU Student
Omar, Nabeel A.ECU Student
Ortner, Peter B.ECU Student
Ognibene, Andrea ECU Student
Orsini, Ester ECU Student
Orsini, Ester ECU Student
Opyrchal, Mateusz ECU Student
Ottery, Faith DECU Student
Olsen, Jeffrey R.ECU Student
O’Shea, T. MichaelECU Student
Oberdörster, Günter ECU Student
Olmstead, Stephen ECU Student
O'Neal, Wesley T.ECU Student
Oleski, Jessica L.ECU Student
Olendzki, Barbara C.ECU Student
Ockene, Ira S.ECU Student
O’Neal, Wesley T.ECU Student
O’Neal, Jason B.ECU Student
O’Neal, Wesley T.ECU Student
Opyrchal, Mateusz ECU Student
Osenga, Austin PatrickECU Student
Oddone, Eugene ZECU Student
Ozment, Danielle K.ECU Student
Orr, Debra ECU Student
Oluwajana, Temitope ECU Student
Ocheltree, Diana ElisseECU Student
Owers, James E.ECU Student
Olson, Christopher J.ECU Student
Overfield, Michael ECU Student
O'Hara, Anne HuittECU Student
Orr, Stephen AECU Student
Osborne, Jillian HECU Student
Oddone, Eugene Z.ECU Student
Ospina, Maria ECU Student
Orbita, Adrienne MarieECU Student
O'Brien, Anna CECU Student
Ortega, Lidia ECU Student
Ogake, Stella ECU Student
O'Hara, John ECU Student
Ormsbee, Michael JECU Student
Outlaw, Kimberly RECU Student
Odom, Michael RayECU Student
Overcash, Ryan FranklinBiochemistry and Molecular Biology, ECU Student
Obondi, Christopher OtaraChemistry, ECU Student
Ohlhaut, Angela Communication Sciences and Disorders, ECU Student
Oles, Ashley English, ECU Student
Olivo, Jr JamesMathematics, ECU Student
Ojeda, Jenifer F.Microbiology and Immunology, ECU Student
Ongsuco, Albee Therese SantillanPsychology: School Psychology, ECU Student
Orr, Elizabeth MarieRecreational Therapy Administration, ECU Student
Osakwe, Afi NCCU Student
Osler, James School of Education , NCCU Faculty
Overly, Wade Literature, UNCA Student
Overall, Christopher C. Bioinformatics and Genomics, UNCC Student
Oza, Shubhashini Civil and Environmental Engineering, UNCC Student
Owens, Rodney Computer Science, UNCC Student
Olivera-Celdran, Galina Counseling, Special Education & Child development, UNCC Student
Onsomu, Elijah Ogeto Public Health Sciences, UNCC Student
Odum, Susan Marie Public Health Sciences, UNCC Student
Oxendine, Sammy RayUNCG Student
Ouellette, Sandra AHN, UNCG N/A
O'Rourke, Maureen EAHN, UNCG N/A
O'Neal, Eugene Art, UNCG Student
O'Connor, Francis WilliamArt, UNCG Student
Ould, Mary Jane FoxArt, UNCG Student
Orgeron, Mark Art, UNCG Student
O'briant, Patricia Biology, UNCG Student
O'Neil, Susan ElizabethChemistry, UNCG Student
Oyekunle, Olalekan SaheedChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Oberlies, Nicholas Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Faculty
Onyemachi, Jeremiah Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Olson, Loreen Communication Studies, UNCG Faculty
Oh, Jiyoung Computer Science, UNCG Student
O'Neal, Gwendolyn SneedConsumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies, UNCG N/A
Ou, Yingjie Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies, UNCG Student
Ong, Jennifer IsabelleCounseling and Educational Development, UNCG Student
Olson, Eric EllisDrama and Speech, UNCG Student
Oakley, Jesse RonaldEducation, UNCG Student
Owen, Shirley BrownEducation, UNCG Student
Oliver, Edward EugeneEducation, UNCG Student
Oliver, Dorothy McMichaelEducation, UNCG Student
Overton, Ruby JeanEducation, UNCG Student
Owen, Blanche HedgecockEducation, UNCG Student
Oliver, Donna H.Education, UNCG Student
Olangunju, Amos OmotayoEducation, UNCG Student
Owen, Jean DavisEducation, UNCG Student
Oglesby, Penny E.Education, UNCG Student
Oakley, Whitney W.Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Okun, Tema JonEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Ostasiewski, Danita MiskiewiczEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Ormond, Allison HuffmanEducational Studies, UNCG Student
O'Connor, Christina KoelbEducational Studies, UNCG Student
Osborne, James MichaelEnglish, UNCG Student
Oliphant, Kirsten English, UNCG Student
Oliphant, Ashley YarbroughEnglish, UNCG Student
O' Donnell, Mary English, UNCG Student
O'Hara, Caitlin English, UNCG Student
Owens, Phillip LamarEnglish, UNCG Student
Osborn, Michael D.English, UNCG Student
Olson, Barbara English, UNCG Student
Ortegren, Jason T.Geography, UNCG Student
Owusu-Adjei, Joseph Geography, UNCG Student
Omer, Omer AbdallaGeography, UNCG Student
Owens, Norma DianeHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG Student
O'Brien, Barbara A.Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG Student
Oussaty, Janet MaryHealth, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, UNCG Student
Oakley, Eric OdellHistory, UNCG Student
O'Brien, Greg History, UNCG Faculty
Ott, Peggy SueHome Economics, UNCG Student
O'Connell, Sister Mary FrancesHome Economics, UNCG Student
Outlaw, Eunice BryanHome Economics, UNCG Student
Otten, Mary Home Economics, UNCG Student
Ogbogu, Uchenna Home Economics, UNCG Student
O'Brien, Marion Human Development and Family Studies, UNCG Faculty
Ok, Kyunghee Human Environmental Sciences, UNCG Student
Odhuno-Otieno, M. AdhiamboHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG Student
Opiyo, Felicia A.Human Environmental Sciences, UNCG Student
Oakley, Richelle LucyInformation Systems and Operations Management, UNCG Student
O'Rourke, Sheila M.Interior Architecture, UNCG Student
Ocasio Adorno, Jessica M.Interior Architecture, UNCG Student
Ochije, Henry IkechukwuJoint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, UNCG Student
Opon, David JohnKinesiology, UNCG Student
Oh, Eungwang Kinesiology, UNCG Student
Oberlin, Douglas J.Kinesiology, UNCG Faculty
Owens, Robert ElliottKinesiology, UNCG Student
Oguz, Fatih Library and Information Studies, UNCG Faculty
Orr, Emily G.Music, UNCG Student
Osada, Mayumi Music, UNCG Student
Oliveira, Carolina C.Music, UNCG Student
Overmeir, Douglas RoyMusic, UNCG Student
Oviedo, Astrid D.Nursing, UNCG Student
Oglesby, Ryan L.Nursing, UNCG Student
Overman, Angel Nutrition, UNCG Student
O'Connell, Kellie MarieNutrition, UNCG Student
O'Rourke, Sarah R.Psychology, UNCG Student
O'Sullivan, Jame T.Psychology, UNCG Student
Oakley, Marta Valerie Tlapova'Psychology, UNCG Student
Ortman, Deborah EllenPsychology, UNCG Student
Odom, James VernonPsychology, UNCG Student
Oakes, Lindsey Public Health Education, UNCG Faculty
Orsini, Muhsin MichaelPublic Health Education, UNCG Student
Orzech, Charles D.Religious Studies, UNCG N/A
Owen, Harold TRPT, UNCG N/A
Olson, Julianne GraceSchool of Music, UNCG Student
Olson, Nathaniel School of Music, UNCG Student
Ostercamp, Neil LewisSchool of Music, UNCG Student
Ottoni do Rosario, Leonardo School of Music, UNCG Student
Oliver, Janet DStudio Art, UNCG N/A
Olive-Taylor, Rebecca A.Teacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG Student
Oxendine, Symphony D.Teacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG Student
Oxendine, Derek Teacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG Student
O'Connor, Christopher Teacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG Student
Okeyo, Sherrad Teacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG Student
Olsen, Rachel University Libraries, UNCG Faculty
Oxendine, Chasity Chancellor's Scholars, UNCP Student
Oxendine, Chasity Chancellor's Scholars Program, UNCP N/A
Oviedo, Nina Bianca Economics, Finance, and Decision Sciences, UNCP N/A
Oxendine, Olivia Educational Leadership and Specialties , UNCP Faculty
Oxendine, David Elementary Education , UNCP Faculty
Oxendine, Adrianna Esther G. Maynor Honors College, Biology, UNCP Student
Ortiz, Jessica Honors College - Biology, UNCP Student
Odate, Shobu Biology and Marine Biology, UNCW Student
Owens, Meredith Q.Biology and Marine Biology, UNCW Student
Oldham, Alexis JeanChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCW Student
Oscarson, Karen Anna MarthaChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCW Student
Oates, Jerry L.Education, UNCW Student
Oliver, William R.English, UNCW Student
Odom, Ronnie HughHistory, UNCW Student
Ortwine, Michelle L.Marine Science, UNCW Student
Oates, Holly G.Marine Science, UNCW Student
O'Reilly, Jennifer M.Marine Science, UNCW Student
O'Donnell, Sandra MNursing, UNCW Student
Olson, Adric DelrayBiology, WCU Student
Oxenreider, Anne LouiseEnglish, WCU Student
Owen, James AnthonyHistory, WCU Student
Oprean, Celeste PramikHuman Services, WCU Student
Owens, Jacqueline D.Human Services, WCU Student
Olah, Andrew R.Psychology, WCU Student
Ogden, Kristen BarlowPsychology, WCU Student
Okon, Amanda LynnPsychology, WCU Student
O'Connor, Emma MariolesPsychology, WCU Student
Ohanmamooreni, Alyna Psychology, WCU Student