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NameInstitutionPublication Status
Eades, Mark P.Counseling, UNCG Student
Eagle, Keith EvanMusic - Student, ASU Student
Eaker, Herman AlfredEducation, UNCG Student
Eanes, Angella Human Development and Family Studies, UNCG Student
Eanes, Lauren A.Biology, UNCG Student
Earle, Patty T.Home Economics, UNCG Student
Earley-Thiele, Margaret ECU Student
Earls, Marian FECU Student
Earls, Neal FranklinHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG Student
Earls, Ruth FairfieldEducation, UNCG Student
Early, Daniel WECU Student
Early, Mary Graduate School, UNCG Faculty
Early, Tara MicheleEnvironmental Science - Student, ASU Student
Earnest, Conrad P.ECU Student
Earp, Jo AnneECU Student
Earp, Justin Art and Design, WCU Student
Easley, Corrine EliseEnglish, WCU Student
Easly, Olivia Communication - Student, ASU Student
Eason, Clifton WayneEducation, UNCG Student
Eason, Dorothy JeanEducation, UNCG Student
Eason, Kathryn AConsumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies, UNCG Student
Eason, Troy ECU Student
East, James H.English, UNCG Student
Easter, Martha GallimoreHome Economics, UNCG Student
Easton, Charles EdwardHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG Student
Eastridge, Marilyn Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG Student
Eatman, John L.Information Systems and Operations Management, UNCG N/A
Eaton, Victoria ECU Student
Eaton, Victoria ECU Student
Eaves, Audrey DECU Student
Eaves, Audrey DeniseECU Student
Eaves, Edward HenryKinesiology, UNCG Student
Ebaugh, Lindsey C.Honors College, Biology Department, UNCP Student
Ebel, Wolfgang ECU Student
Ebeling, Tyler ECU Student
Eberhardinger, Mary J. Communication Studies, UNCG Student
Eberhart, Mary Catherine EdmondsEducation, UNCG Student
Ebert, Eva Psychology - Student, ASU Student
Ebert, James R.ECU Student
Ebert, James R.ECU Student
Eble, Michelle F.ECU Student
Eble, Michelle F.ECU Student
Eboch, Sharon StevensHome Economics, UNCG Student
Ebot, Agbor Andu Mathematics, UNCC Student
Ebrahimi-Fakhari, Darius ECU Student
Echevarria, Sloane NECU Student
Echeverría, Sandra E. Public Health Education, UNCG Faculty
Eck, Montana History, UNCA N/A
Eck, Montana AlanGeography and Planning - Student, ASU Student
Eckardt, Megan AnnBiology, WCU Student
Eckert, Chelsea S.English, UNCG Student
Eckert, George J.ECU Student
Eckman, Guy Psychology, UNCG Student
Eckstein, Felix ECU Student
Eddington, Kari Psychology, UNCG Faculty
Eddins, Peyton HudsonHome Economics, UNCG Student
Eddins, William AugustusECU Student
Eddy, James M.Public Health Education, UNCG Faculty
Eddy, Laura DownsPsychology - Student, ASU Student
Edenfield, Teresa MECU Student
Edens, Robert ManningPsychology, UNCG Student
Edge, Chase Sustainable Technology & the Built Env. - Student, ASU Student
Edgell, Dennis J. Geology & Geography, UNCP Faculty
Edidin, Michael ECU Student
Edington, Charles ArthurBusiness and Economics, UNCG Student
Edkins, Susan C.Kinesiology, UNCG Student
Edmisten, Kelly L.English, UNCW Student
Edmonds, Adam C.History, ECU Student
Edmonds, Cynthia RoseGovernment and Justice Studies - Student , ASU Student
Edmonds, Kristen MECU Student
Edmondson, Sylvia NelsonEnglish, UNCG Student
Edmondson, Taulby HawthorneHistory - Student, ASU Student
Edmunds, Julie SERVE Center, UNCG Faculty
Edmundson, Mary ElizabethEnglish, UNCG Student
Edney, Wendy FryeHuman Services, WCU Student
Edward, Kert Physics and Optical Science, UNCC Student
Edwards, Abigail H.Marketing - Student, ASU Student
Edwards, Alex TannerBiology, WCU Student
Edwards, Charles SheltonEducation - Student, ASU Student
Edwards, Colette M.Communication Sciences and Disorders, UNCG N/A
Edwards, Danielle Felder Educational Leadership, UNCC Student
Edwards, Domonique A.Human Development and Family Studies, UNCG Student
Edwards, Emily ArleneECU Student
Edwards, Emily D.Media Studies, UNCG Faculty
Edwards, Grace AnneExercise and Sports Science, ECU Student
Edwards, Hannah EvangelineEnglish, UNCG Student
Edwards, Heather M.Psychology - Student, ASU Student
Edwards, James Geography, ECU Student
Edwards, Jennifer LipseyArt and Design, WCU Student
Edwards, Jerri D.ECU Student
Edwards, Julia English, UNCG Student
Edwards, Kathleen ElizabethEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Edwards, Katie Literature, UNCA Student
Edwards, Layla Chancellor's Scholars Program, UNCP N/A
Edwards, Layla Chancellor's Scholars, UNCP Student
Edwards, Leah RosePsychology, WCU Student
Edwards, Lienne Human Environmental Sciences, UNCG Student
Edwards, Louise Home Economics, UNCG Student
Edwards, Matthew T.Biology, ECU Student
Edwards, Maxine S.ECU Student
Edwards, Melissa MicheleMusic, UNCG Student
Edwards, Meredith ECU Student
Edwards, Michael A. J.ECU Student
Edwards, Richard D.Music, UNCG Student
Edwards, Sierra C.Honors College, Chemstry, UNCP Student
Edwards, Stephanie JaneGeography, UNCG Student
Edwards, Suzanne OzmentEnglish, UNCG Student
Edwards, Tanya Music Education, UNCP Student
Edwards, Tanya Music Education, UNCP N/A
Edwards, Tara LynnECU Student
Edy, Carolyn Communication, ASU Faculty
Efird, J.T. ECU Student
Efird, J.T. ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy TECU Student
Efird, Jimmy T.ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy T.ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy T.ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy T.ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy T.ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy T.ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy T.ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy T.ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy T.ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy T.ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy T.ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy T.ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy T.ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy T.ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy T.ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy T.ECU Student
Efird, Jimmy ThomasECU Student
Efird, Jimmy ThomasECU Student
Egan, Joseph M.Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Egan, Kathleen L.Public Health Education, UNCG Student
Egan, Theresa ElizabethPsychology - Student, ASU Student
Egeland, Charles P.Anthropology, UNCG Faculty
Egeln, Laura Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies, UNCG Student
Egelson, Pauline EricsonEducation, UNCG Student
Eger, A. AsaHistory, UNCG Faculty
Egerton, Juanita FowlerHome Economics, UNCG Student
Ehlert, Alex M.Kinesiology, UNCG Student
Ehrhardt, Richard A.Information Systems and Operations Management, UNCG Faculty
Eid, G. M.ECU Student
Eidam, Sylvia English, UNCG Student
Eidschun, Bradley Mathematics, ECU Student
Eifert, Elise K.Public Health Education, UNCG Faculty
Eilbacher, Craig A.Kinesiology, UNCG Student
Eisenbise, Travis English, UNCG Student
Eisenmann, James William,IIIECU Student
Eisenmann, Joey C.ECU Student
Ejimofor, Anurika D.Human Development and Family Studies, UNCG Student
Eker, Rachel MECU Student
Ekezue, Bolarinwa Fungbe Public Health Sciences, UNCC Student
Eklund, Christopher RyanHistory - Student, ASU Student
Eklund, Robert C.Health and Human Performance, UNCG Student
Eko, Ebele OfamaEnglish, UNCG Student
El-Elimat, Tamam M.Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
El-Garhy, Rana ECU Student
El-Gosbi, Ali MohamedEducation, UNCG Student
El-Hinshiri, Ali KhalifaHealth, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG Student
El-Mas, Mahmoud M.ECU Student
El-Masry, Ebtesam A.Home Economics, UNCG Student
Elam, Annie Merle WhiteHome Economics, UNCG Student
Elavia, Swati TonyHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG Student
Elbourakadi, Najoua Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Eldem, Vahap ECU Student
Elder, Alison ECU Student
Eldreth, Leslie Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Eldridge, Janita HayworthArt, UNCG Student
Eldridge, John A.Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Elhammali, Adnan ECU Student
Elhassanny, Ahmed E. M.ECU Student
Elia, Hala ECU Student
Elias, Michael GeorgeJoint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, UNCG Student
Eliot, Kathrin ECU Student
Eliot, Kathrin A.ECU Student
Elissondo, Guillermina Education, UNCG Student
Elkhatib, Stacey D.ECU Student
Elkins, Christina WilliamsonMusic, UNCG Student
Elkins, Jane AnselEnglish, UNCG Student
Elkins, Sue NealDrama and Speech, UNCG Student
Elledge, Charles CowlesEducation - Student, ASU Student
Ellenberger, Timothy RoyEducation, UNCG Student
Ellenburg, Fred CarrollEducation - Student, ASU Student
Ellenwood, Christian KentMusic, UNCG Student
Eller, Daphne Home Economics, UNCG Student
Eller, H. JeanneArt, UNCG Student
Eller, Wayne ClarkEducation, UNCG Student
Ellerbe, Calvina Sociology and Criminal Justice, UNCP Faculty
Ellerbe, Samayah Music and Visual Arts, ECSU Student
Ellern, Gillian (Jill) D. Hunter Library, WCU Faculty
Ellett, Elizabeth WoodHome Economics, UNCG Student
Ellington, J. Kemp Management, ASU Faculty
Elliott, Brooke ErinInterior Architecture, UNCG Student
Elliott, Carmen AlmaArt, UNCG Student
Elliott, David S.Education, UNCG Student
Elliott, Deborah L.ECU Student
Elliott, Helen Y.English, UNCG Student
Elliott, Jay C.ECU Student
Elliott, Katie C.Human Services, WCU Student
Elliott, Madelyn LeighCommunication Sciences and Disorders - Student, ASU Student
Elliott, Marvin LeeHuman Services, WCU Student
Elliott, Nadya T MECU Student
Elliott, Nadya T. M.ECU Student
Elliott, Nancy LeeMathematics, UNCG Student
Elliott, Paul CherryDrama and Speech, UNCG Student
Elliott, Rita FolseECU Student
Elliott, Teresa AnnArt, UNCG Student
Elliott, Zachary ECU Student
Ellis, Alisha Geology, ECU Student
Ellis, Andrea ClaireEducational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, UNCG Student
Ellis, Bryan C.Studio Art, UNCG N/A
Ellis, Charles ECU Student
Ellis, Charles ECU Student
Ellis, Danny ECU Student
Ellis, Donald LeslieMusic, UNCG Student
Ellis, Elizabeth A.History, UNCG Student
Ellis, Erin University Speaking Center, UNCG Faculty
Ellis, John C.History, UNCG Student
Ellis, Jordan MECU Student
Ellis, Jordan Michael Psychology - Student, ASU Student
Ellis, Joshua LeeEngineering and Technology, WCU Student
Ellis, Laura VictoriaBiology - Student, ASU Student
Ellis, Martha ShieldsEducation, UNCG Student
Ellis, Richard DaleEducational Leadership - Student, ASU Student
Ellis, Richard SimonEducation, UNCG Student
Ellis, Rocio JazminDepartment of Kinesiology, ECU Student
Ellis, Seth SStudio Art, UNCG N/A
Ellis, Tarra Denise Department of Middle, Secondary and K-12 Education, UNCC Student
Ellis, Thomas ECU Student
Ellis, Thomas B. Philosophy and Religion, ASU Faculty
Ellis Jr, Charles ECU Student
Ellison, Alice Faye BrownHome Economics, UNCG Student
Ellison, Antoinette Crawford Educational Leadership, UNCC Student
Ellison, Brian A. Past faculty member, ASU Faculty
Ellison, Matthew L.ECU Student
Ellison, Timothy LeeMusic, UNCG Student
Ellsworth, Mary L.ECU Student
Ellwood, Crystal English, WCU Student
Ellwood, Crystal SquiresEnglish, WCU Student
Elmes, Melissa RidleyEnglish, UNCG Student
Elmquist, William F.ECU Student
Elrod, Joshua David Leadership and Educational Studies - Student, ASU Student
Elshaarrawi, Ahmed G.Biology, UNCG Student
Elsik, Christine GECU Student
Elton, Charles W.ECU Student
Eluka, Nneze NjidekaPublic Health Education, UNCG Student
Ely, Christopher PalumboGeography and Planning - Student, ASU Student
Ely, William Mathematics and Statistics, UNCG Student
Elzer, Philip H.ECU Student
Emerson, Carla HendersonCounseling and Educational Development, UNCG Student
Emerson, Kathleen Education, UNCG Student
Emery, Kristin Biology, UNCA Student
Emery, Lisa Psychology, ASU Faculty
Emery, Maria IsabelSociology, UNCG Student
Emma, Patsy AnnRomance Languages-French, UNCG Student
Emmerling, David A.ECU Student
Emmert, Lynn CookerlyDrama and Speech, UNCG Student
Emmons, Celeste MildredMusic, UNCG Student
Emory, Damian DecaturEnglish - Student, ASU Student
Emslie, Steven D.Biology and Marine Biology, UNCW Faculty
Emson, Claire ECU Student
Endara Loaiza, Juan JoseEngineering and Technology, WCU Student
Endries, Jason Geography And Planning - Student, ASU Student
Eng, Eugenia ECU Student
Eng, Stephanie ECU Student
Engel, Christine M.Psychology, UNCW Student
Engel, Jeffrey P.ECU Student
Engel, Laura FugateHistory, UNCA Student
Engelke, Martha KeehnerECU Student
Engelke, Stephen ECU Student
Engelke, Stephen ECU Student
Engelke, Stephen C.ECU Student
Engelke, Steve ECU Student
Engelstatter, Mary T.Psychology, UNCW Student
Engeman, Katherine S.ECU Student
Enghild, Jan J.ECU Student
England, Kenneth FranklinEducation - Student, ASU Student
Engle, Kathryn S.Sociology - Student, ASU Student
Englebert, Mary F. Educational Leadership, UNCC Student
Engleman, Roberta English, UNCG Student
English, Christopher LafateWCU N/A
English, Christopher LafateHuman Services, WCU Student
English, Jordan LollarBiology - Student, ASU Student
English, Justin History, UNCA N/A
English, Kent Art, UNCG Student
English, Michael DewayneBusiness and Economics, UNCG Student
Enloe, Loraine DavisMusic, UNCG Student
Ennis, Catherine D.Kinesiology, UNCG Faculty
Ennis, Don G.ECU Student
Enos, Graham Mathematics, UNCC Student
Enscore, Susan IreneGeography and Planning - Student, ASU Student
Ensenat, Diana ECU Student
Ensley, Rebecca DillsHuman Services, WCU Student
Ensley, Rebecca DillsWCU N/A
Ensor, Dale DuvallChemistry, UNCG Student
Enzor, Harriett LeighEducation, UNCG Student
Epanchin, Betty CooperDED, UNCG N/A
Epperson, Sandra Drama and Speech, UNCG Student
Epps, Remy HeavenSociology, UNCG Student
Erath, Marion SkinnerHome Economics, UNCG Student
Erath, Tyler Psychology - Student, ASU Student
Erausquin, Jennifer TollerPublic Health Education, UNCG Faculty
Erba, Joseph R.Business Administration, UNCG Faculty
Erby, Adrienne N. Counseling, Special Education & Child development, UNCC Student
Ercan-Oruc, Duygu Chemistry & Fermentation Sciences, ASU Faculty
Ereman, Rochelle ECU Student
Erhart, Edward SamuelECU Student
Erickson, David L.ECU Student
Erikson, Keith M.Nutrition, UNCG Faculty
Erisman, Graham Art, ECU Student
Erler, Silvio ECU Student
Erler, Silvio ECU Student
Erler, Silvio ECU Student
Ermakov, Igor VECU Student
Ernst, Allison ECU Student
Ernst, Jacob MatthewExercise and Sports Science, ECU Student
Ernst, Melissa H.Biology and Marine Biology, UNCW Student
Ernstes, Amy MarieSociology, UNCG Student
Erovenko, Igor Mathematics and Statistics, UNCG Faculty
Errickson, Marissa Psychology: Clinical Psychology, ECU Student
Eruotor, Shaheerah Nur Id-DinNursing, UNCG Student
Ervin, Aaron Literature, UNCA Student
Ervin, Martha ECU Student
Esch, Gwyn ECU Student
Esch, H. CarterBiology and Marine Biology, UNCW Student
Escott-Stump, Sylvia ECU Faculty
Escott-Stump, Sylvia ECU Student
Eshenbaugh, Brooklyn Psychology - Student, ASU Student
Eshmawi, Ala A.Computer Science, UNCG Student
Eslinger, Kimberly LaneHistory, ECU Student
Eslinger, Kimberly LaneECU Student
Espitia, Monica Honors College, Mass Communication, UNCP Student
Esposito, David ECU Student
Esposito, Kathryn Music Therapy - Student, ASU Student
Essayli, Jamal HECU Student
Essick, Ellen C.Residential College, UNCG Faculty
Essick-Brookshire, Elizabeth AnnBiology, UNCG Student
Essington, Meghan NicholeHistory, WCU Student
Estep, Brittany ECU Student
Estep, Erik ECU Student
Estep, Erik ECU Faculty
Estep, Matt Biology, ASU Faculty
Ester, Corbin DanielChemistry - Student, ASU Student
Estes, Jordan AnneBiology - Student, ASU Student
Estévez, Joseph EvansNanoscience, UNCG Student
Estrada, Carlos A.ECU Student
Etheridge, Andrew Art, UNCG Student
Etheridge, Doris English, UNCG Student
Etheridge, Randall ECU Student
Etienne, Shirley Nursing, UNCG Student
Etnier, Jennifer L.Kinesiology, UNCG Faculty
Ettefagh, Keivan A.Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Etters, James NolanHome Economics, UNCG Student
Eubanks, Komal ECU Student
Eubanks, Sarah Rachael ElizabethBiology - Student, ASU Student
Eubanks, Sonja R.Genetic Counseling, UNCG Faculty
Euchner, Catherine History, UNCA Student
Eudy, Virginia BlaireEnglish, UNCG Student
Eulie, Devon Geography and Geology, UNCW Student
Eure, Megan ECU Student
Eury, Adam L.Mathematics, UNCG Student
Eury, Kiersten R.English, UNCG Student
Eury, Randa ECU Student
Evagelisti, Camilla ECU Student
Evancho, Sarah ElizabethECU Student
Evangelisti, Camilla ECU Student
Evangelisti, Camilla ECU Student
Evangelisti, Camilla ECU Student
Evangelisti, Camilla ECU Student
Evangelisti, Camilla ECU Student
Evangelisti, Camilla ECU Student
Evangelisti, Camilla ECU Student
Evangelisti, Camilla ECU Student
Evangelisti, Camilla ECU Student
Evangelisti, Cecilia ECU Student
Evangelisti, Cecilia ECU Student
Evangelou, Konstantinos ECU Student
Evans, ECU Student
Evans, Annette FultonArt, UNCG Student
Evans, April WhichardECU Student
Evans, Ashley GHuman Development and Family Studies, UNCG Student
Evans, Ashley JanePsychology, WCU Student
Evans, Charles B.Music Education, ECU Student
Evans, Christopher ECU Student
Evans, Dena Nursing, UNCP N/A
Evans, Dennis JamesArt, UNCG Student
Evans, Diana Psychology, UNCG Student
Evans, Dorotea LugaricHome Economics, UNCG Student
Evans, Ellen M.ECU Student
Evans, Gareth History, UNCW Student
Evans, Jacinda NaTashaSociology, UNCG Student
Evans, Jackson WesleyBiology, WCU Student
Evans, James E.English, UNCG Faculty
Evans, Jay ECU Student
Evans, Jay ECU Student
Evans, Jay ECU Student
Evans, Jeff ECU Student
Evans, Jeffrey L.English, ECU Student
Evans, John Ryan LeeKinesiology, UNCG Student
Evans, Kristen N.ECU Student
Evans, Marilyn LangPCN, UNCG N/A
Evans, Mary ElizabethMathematics, UNCG Student
Evans, Michelle C.Home Economics, UNCG Student
Evans, William "Bill"Public Health Education, UNCG Faculty
Evans, Zachary HECU Student
Evatt, Dustin WilliamLeadership and Educational Studies - Student, ASU Student
Evenson, Kelly RECU Student
Evenson, Kelly RECU Student
Evenson, Kelly RECU Student
Evenson, Kelly R.ECU Student
Everett, Ann BostonHome Economics, UNCG Student
Everett, Audrey Communication - Student, ASU Student
Everett, Barbara BlanksEducation, UNCG Student
Everett, Micah PaulMusic, UNCG Student
Everett, Olivia D.ECU Student
Everhart, Amanda CrisleyHuman Services, WCU Student
Everhart, Barbara LinkEducation, UNCG Student
Everhart, James DonaldHome Economics, UNCG Student
Everhart, Lance M.Mathematics and Statistics, UNCG Student
Everhart, Stephen Daniel Spanish, UNCA Student
Everingham, Karen ECU Student
Evers, Rebecca SES, UNCG N/A
Everson, Elizabeth A.Chancellor's Scholars - Psychology, UNCP Student
Evins, Virginia BarrettHome Economics, UNCG Student
Evivie, Loretta Gbemudu Educational Leadership, UNCC Student
Ewald, Ben ECU Student
Ewald, Rose Public Health Education, UNCG Faculty
Ewanchuk, Patrick J.ECU Student
Ewell, Lars ECU Student
Example, Joe ChristopherStudio Arts, UNCG N/A
Exline, Tia ECU Student
Exoo, Josh English, UNCG Student
Exoo, Sarah RoseEnglish, UNCG Student
Exum, Kayzandra Psychology: School Psychology, ECU Student
Eyer, Joshua Cameron Psychology, UNCC Student
Eyl, Jennifer S.Mathematics and Statistics, UNCW Student
Ezell, Efferman Kinesiology, UNCG Student
Ezell, Erin ECU Student
Ezzard, Anne DowlingECU Student
Ezzell, Robert LeeECU Student