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Accounting Practices Of Cacao Farmers In Southern Belize (Student Work)2016McKinney, Cody Bachelor of ScienceAccounting - Student, ASU
Accumulated Cyclone Energy and Tropical Cyclone Tracks: An In-Depth Analysis of the Anomalou... (Student Work)2015Vaughan, Thomas ECU
Accuracy of Free Throw Shooting During Dual-Task Performance: Implications of Attentional Di... (Student Work)2008Price, Jayme MSKinesiology, UNCG
Accuracy of the SenseWear Pro ArmbandTM During Short Bouts of Exercise (Student Work)2016Barr, Avery ECU
Achievement Goal Profiles Among Elite Baseball Players (Student Work)2005Thomas, Jennifer A.Master of ScienceKinesiology, UNCG
Achievement Motivation In Hispanic University Students: Associations With Reasons For Attend... (Student Work)2017Gizdarska, Simona Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Acoustic Emission Characterization of Six Wind Turbines: A Diagnostic Tool to Isolate, Ident... (Student Work)2012Kirchner, Jon C.Master of ScienceTechnology and Environmental Design - Student, ASU
Activation of GPR4 by acidosis inhibits tumor cell migration invasion and metastasis. (Student Work)2011Castellone, Reid DavidM.S.Biology, ECU
Activation of the proton sensing G-protein coupled receptor, GPR4, regulates focal adhesion ... (Student Work)2014Justus, Calvin RichardECU
Activity recognition using Grey-Markov model (Student Work)2011Shouse, Kirke Master of Science in TechnologyEngineering and Technology, WCU
The acute effects of alcohol on attention using the attention network test (Student Work)2009Khalil, Shayma M.Master of Arts in PsychologyPsychology, WCU
AD/HD and adolescent substance use: the impact of subtype, parenting practices, and conduct ... (Student Work)2010Benson, Jessica W.MAPsychology, UNCG
Adaptation and amplification in Paul Auster's City of glass (Student Work)2009Williams, Cara Master of ArtsEnglish, UNCW
The Adaptive Nature of Cytochrome P4502E1-Mediated Ethanol Oxidation: Implications on the Ov... (Student Work)2010Ryan, Katherine GraceMSChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG
Addressing Resource Intermittency Through Co-Locating Utility-Scale Wind And Pv Systems: Str... (Student Work)2017O'Brien, Robert JamesMaster Of Science In TechnologySustainable Technology & The Built Env. - Student, ASU
Adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase inhibits vascular smooth muscle growth asso... (Student Work)2014Stone, Joshua ECU
ADHD and College Students: Experiencing an Illness Career (Student Work)2008Conway, Rebecca L.MASociology, UNCG
Administrative perspectives of recreational therapy services in North Carolina (Student Work)2010Harkins, Laura E.MSCommunity and Therapeutic Recreation, UNCG
Adolescent Sexual Assault and Suicidal Behaviors : Investigating a National Sample (Student Work)2012Tomasula, Jessica L.M.A.Psychology: School Psychology, ECU
Adolescent Sexual Assault and Suicidal Behaviors: Investigating a National Sample (Student Work)2010Tomasula, Jessica ECU
Adolescent Stress Induced by Family Structures and its Effect on Adult Health : A Longitudin... (Student Work)2012McDonald, Maria TrullM.A.Sociology, ECU
Adrift (Student Work)2007Oliphant, Kirsten Master of Fine ArtsEnglish, UNCG
Adsorption of aqueous copper on peanut hulls (Student Work)2014Davis, Kanika OctaviaMaster of Science in ChemistryChemistry and Physics, WCU
Adsorption of copper (II) by peanut hulls in a fixed-bed, continuous flow column (Student Work)2017Cook, Tyler StephenMasters of Science in ChemistryChemistry and Physics, WCU
Adult Attachment And Workplace Romance Motives: An Examination Of The Association Between Ro... (Student Work)2017Belinda, Casher Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU