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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Determining requirements for meiotic pairing in Drosophila melanogaster Spermatogenesis2020Hylton, Christopher StudentBiology, UNCG
Developmental genetics basis of life history variation in Arabidopsis lyrata2022Giri, Bishwa KiranStudentBiology, UNCG
Do physiological and environmental factors influence vocal communication and associated beha...2020Petric, Radmila StudentBiology, UNCG
The effects of Endophytic Epichloë species on host plant fitness of two native grasses, Poa ...2016Shymanovich, Tatsiana StudentBiology, UNCG
Effects of forest fires on mercury biogeochemical cycling in terrestrial and aquatic ecosyst...2020Ku, Peijia StudentBiology, UNCG
Epstein-Barr virus as a piece of the neurodegenerative disease mosaic2022Tognasoli, Ana Paula CarvalhoStudentBiology, UNCG
Experimental landscape epidemiology of La Crosse virus in the southern Appalachian Mountains...2021Schwarz Giribaldi, Marcelo StudentBiology, UNCG
The genetics of thermal plasticity in Plantago lanceolata2017Marshall, Matthew M.StudentBiology, UNCG
How does behavior drive population and community dynamics of rodents?2017Larsen, Angela LynnStudentBiology, UNCG
The impact of saltwater intrusion on mercury cycling in coastal plain wetlands2021Ulus, Yener StudentBiology, UNCG
Impacts of triclosan on stream microbial communities: investigating mitigation and multidrug...2018Trowbridge, Kirsten EliseStudentBiology, UNCG
Investigation of endothelial cell injury and dysfunction induced by air pollutant benzo-a-py...2018Shah, Halley JayeshStudentBiology, UNCG
Investigation of environmental virus-host interactions: chlorpyrifos effects on Epstein-Barr...2019Miller, Katelyn JoStudentBiology, UNCG
An investigation of the long-term effects of early developmental stress exposure in the Hone...2019Vega Meléndez, Carlos JoseStudentBiology, UNCG
An investigation of the relationships between common stressors, brood-signaling, hygienic be...2015Wagoner, Kaira MalindaStudentBiology, UNCG
Methylmercury production in two urban artificial wetlands2022Morales, Kristina StudentBiology, UNCG
Nanoparticle toxicity in Drosophila melanogaster: a case study with nickel, nickel oxide, an...2018Zhang, Tian StudentBiology, UNCG
The presence, bioavailability, and impact of antibiotics in rural and urban streams of North...2020Gray, Austin Douglas StudentBiology, UNCG
Responses of human bronchial epithelial cells to ?-9- tetrahydrocannabinol exposure in vitro...2022Doldron, Megan StudentBiology, UNCG
The role of dTopors in nuclear structure and meiotic chromosome segregation in Drosophila me...2022Binder, Andrea MariaStudentBiology, UNCG
Role of topographic corridors and small mammals in facilitating the spread of Lyme disease f...2022Garshong, Reuben AkweiStudentBiology, UNCG
Understanding the consequences of invasive plant species for native rangeland communities in...2023Frost, Morgan D. T.StudentBiology, UNCG