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NameInstitutionPublication Status
Faber, Sabrina ECU Student
Fabian, Juan ECSU Student
Fabian, Timothy C.ECU Student
Fabian, Timothy C.ECU Student
Facemire, Carie ECU Student
Fackler, Evan T.English, UNCG Student
Fadul, Nada ECU Student
Faeder, James R.ECU Student
Faenza, Irene ECU Student
Fagan, Patricia L.Education - Student, ASU Student
Fagone, Paolo ECU Student
Fagone, Paolo ECU Student
Fagundo, Raquel AnneBiology - Student, ASU Student
Fahim, Mohammed ECU Student
Fain, Adeline EdenEducation, UNCG Student
Fain, George AlexanderEducation, UNCG Student
Fair, Patricia A.,Stavros,Hui-Chen,Mollenhauer,Meagan A.M.,DeWittECU Student
Fairbanks, Carolyn A.ECU Student
Fairbrother, Kimberly RoseHealth and Exercise Science - Student, ASU Student
Faircloth, Ann HorneHome Economics, UNCG Student
Faircloth, Cathy L. Honors College, UNCP Student
Faircloth, Lindsay Biology and Marine Biology, UNCW Student
Faircloth, Morris BrentonSustainable Technology & the Built Env. - Student , ASU Student
Faires, Patricia McCallumArt, UNCG Student
Fairfield-Artman, Patricia Communication Studies, UNCG Student
Faison, Margaret BoazEnglish, UNCG Student
Faison, Mary DavisHome Economics, UNCG Student
Faison, Patrice JonesEducational Leadership, UNCG Student
Faiz, Filza ECU Student
Fala, Federica ECU Student
Falcon, Tiago ECU Student
Falcone, Josephine Fields Biology, WCU Student
Falconi, Mirella ECU Student
Falk, George JosephEducation, UNCG Student
Falkner, Karen L.ECU Student
Fallah, Niloofar Psychology, UNCG Student
Falloon, Marian Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, UNCG Student
Falls, Sarah ECU Student
Falocco, Joe English, UNCG Student
Falta, Nancy TurkHome Economics, UNCG Student
Falter, John English, WCU Student
Falzone, Luca,Candido,Saverio,Salemi,Rossella,Basile,Maria S.,Scalisi,Aurora,McCubrey,James A.,Torino,FrancesECU Student
Fan, Junming ECU Student
Fan, Junming,Tatum,Rodney,Hoggard,John,Chen,Yan-Hua ECU Student
Fan, Wei ECU Student
Fan, Wei,Zong,Jie,Luo,Zhijing,Chen,Mingjiao,Zhao,Xiangx ECU Student
Fan, X-E ECU Student
Fan, Yujiang ECU Student
Fanberg, Victoria ECU Student
Fancey, Marya J.School of Music, UNCG Student