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NameInstitutionPublication Status
Madrigal, Karla E.Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCG Student
Madrigal, Kimberly B.Educational Studies, UNCG Student
Madrigal, Leilani Kinesiology, UNCG Student
Madsen, Rachel S.Sociology, UNCG Student
Maerz, Drew Rory Educational Leadership, UNCC Student
Magee, Jeremy PrestonMathematics and Statistics, UNCG Student
Mageean, Deirdre ECU Student
Mager, Marlowe GeoffreyWCU Student
Magge, Anil ECU Student
Magner, James A.ECU Student
Magolan, Kathleen M.Chemistry and Biochemistry, UNCW Student
Maguire, David R.Psychology, UNCW Student
Maguma, Hercules ECU Student
Maguma, Hercules Pharmacology, ECU Student
Mahoney, Haley K. Economics, UNCA Student
Mails, Ryan FredrickHistory, UNCG Student
Mainuddin, Mohammad Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science , UNCC Student
Maison, Stephane F.ECU Student
Majestic, Catherine Psychology, UNCG Student
Majewski, Diane J.ECU Student
Major, Kevin John Nanoscale Science, UNCC Student
Makhyoun, Miriam NabilBusiness, ASU Student
Malinauskas, Brenda M.ECU Student
Mallett, William ECU Student
Mallinson, David J.ECU Student