The Populus holobiont: dissecting the effects of plant niches and genotype on the microbiome

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Abstract: Abstract Background Microorganisms serve important functions within numerous eukaryotic host organisms. An understanding of the variation in the plant niche-level microbiome , from rhizosphere soils to plant canopies , is imperative to gain a better understanding of how both the structural and functional processes of microbiomes impact the health of the overall plant holobiome. Using Populus trees as a model ecosystem , we characterized the archaeal/bacterial and fungal microbiome across 30 different tissue-level niches within replicated Populus deltoides and hybrid Populus trichocarpa × deltoides individuals using 16S and ITS2 rRNA gene analyses. Results Our analyses indicate that archaeal/bacterial and fungal microbiomes varied primarily across broader plant habitat classes (leaves , stems , roots , soils) regardless of plant genotype , except for fungal communities within leaf niches , which were greatly impacted by the host genotype. Differences between tree genotypes are evident in the elevated presence of two potential fungal pathogens , Marssonina brunnea and Septoria sp. , on hybrid P. trichocarpa × deltoides trees which may in turn be contributing to divergence in overall microbiome composition. Archaeal/bacterial diversity increased from leaves , to stem , to root , and to soil habitats , whereas fungal diversity was the greatest in stems and soils. Conclusions This study provides a holistic understanding of microbiome structure within a bioenergy relevant plant host , one of the most complete niche-level analyses of any plant. As such , it constitutes a detailed atlas or map for further hypothesis testing on the significance of individual microbial taxa within specific niches and habitats of Populus and a baseline for comparisons to other plant species.

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Microbiome. 2018 Feb 12;6(1):31
Language: English
Date: 2018

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