MCM10 Genetic Screen Using Drosophila melanogaster

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Abstract: Extracted text; Genes and the proteins they encode are responsible for virtually every aspect of life. The vast array of biological processes make it difficult to identify genes to study that are relevant to human diseases. MCM10 (short for mini chromosome maintenance 10 replication initiation factor) is one of many genes involved with eukaryotic DNA replication. The factors that make MCM10 prime for study over others however are that it's function and roles are not yet completely understood, and that several studies have linked it to various forms of cancer. One powerful way of examining a gene is simply to see what happens to an organism that is deficient for the gene in question. Currently, we know that eukaryotic organisms who are homozygous deficient for MCM10 are still able to function (Christensen, T. 2003). This observation suggests that other genes are able to compensate for the loss of MCM10. In order to help clarify the involvement of MCM10 and associated genes in the formation of cancer cells, a genetic screen was performed to identify these associated genes. For the screen, the model organism Drosophila melanogaster was selected. Fly lines with deficiency regions spanning the 2nd chromosome were chosen to be crossed with flies defective for MCM10. Preliminary data from the screen has uncovered regions of the 2nd chromosome that may contain genes that genetically interact with MCM10. Some of the genes identified have previously demonstrated roles in DNA biology while others do not. Further work is aimed at validation of these individual genetic interactions with MCM10. Overall, the identification of Mcm10 associated proteins will serve as a starting point to investigate future treatment for human cancer.

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Language: English
Date: 2016
mcm10, cancer

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