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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Telepractice Versus In-Person Delivery of Voice Therapy for Primary Muscle Tension Dysphonia...2015McCullough, Kim FacultyCommunication Sciences and Disorders, ASU
Temporal Coding in Conditioned Inhibition: Analysis of Associative Structure of Inhibition2004Denniston, James FacultyPsychology, ASU
Temporal Encoding as a Determinant of Overshadowing1998Denniston, James FacultyPsychology, ASU
Temporal Measurements of Pharyngeal Swallowing in Normal Populations2005McCullough, Gary FacultyCommunication Sciences and Disorders, ASU
Temporal Reliability of Willingness to Pay from the National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and...2007Whitehead, John FacultyEconomics, ASU
A Test of Parental Preferences for Offspring Sex and Ornamentation in Eastern Bluebirds (Sia...2011Barrios, Nicole LauraStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Testing for Non-Response And Sample Selection Bias in Contingent Valuation: Analysis of a Co...1993Groothuis, Peter FacultyEconomics, ASU
Testing Language: Media Language Influence on Public Attitudes about River Management2003Cockerill, Kristan FacultyCultural, Gender, and Global Studies, ASU
Testing the null of stationarity in the presence of a structural break2001Strazicich, Mark FacultyEconomics, ASU
Testing of the Maximal Dynamic Output Hypothesis in Trained and Untrained Subjects2010Triplett, N. Travis FacultyHealth and Exercise Science, ASU
Testing A Vicariance Model To Explain Haplotype Distribution In The Psammophilic Scorpion Pa...2005Estep, Matt FacultyBiology, ASU
Testosterone and Cortisol Levels in Crewmen of U.S. Air Force Fighter and Cargo Planes1985Leedy, M. Gail FacultySocial Work, ASU
Tetrapod biostratigraphy and biochronology across the Triassic- Jurassic boundary in northea...2005Heckert, Andrew B. FacultyGeology, ASU
The tetrapod fauna of the Upper Triassic lower Chinle Group (Adamanian:latest Carnian), of t...1997Heckert, Andrew B. FacultyGeology, ASU
Tetrapod fauna of the Upper Triassic (Revueltian) Owl Rock Formation, Chinle Group, Arizona2007Heckert, Andrew B. FacultyGeology, ASU
Tetrapod Footprints from the Middle Triassic (Perovkan—Early Middle Anisian) Moenkopi Format...2003Heckert, Andrew B. FacultyGeology, ASU
“That’s so Gay!” Examining the Covariates of Hearing this Expression among Gay, Lesbian, an...2012Howell, Michael FacultySocial Work, ASU
“That’s so Gay”: Heterosexual Male Undergraduates and the Perpetuation of Sexual Orientation...2013Howell, Michael FacultySocial Work, ASU
Theorizing Religion and the Role of Philosophy2015Schilbrack, Kevin FacultyPhilosophy and Religion, ASU
“There is a Place Set For You at Our Table, if You Will Choose to Accept tt”: An Invitationa...2013Lozano, Victoria I.StudentEnglish - Student, ASU
These Signs Shall Follow: Endangered Pentecostal Practices in Appalachia2015Harsha, Melanie StudentAppalachian Studies - Student, ASU
They’re Not “Abnormal” and We’re Not Making Them “Abnormal”: A Longitudinal Study2004Martz, Denise M. FacultyPsychology, ASU
“The Thing That Makes It So Important is Also the Thing That Makes It Challenging”: One Univ...2014Johnson, Marian Tan StudentEducational Leadership - Student, ASU
Thinking about Product Attributes: Investigating the Role of Unconscious Valence Processing ...2009McElroy, Todd FacultyPsychology, ASU
This is How We Do: Living and Learning in an Appalachian Experimental Music Scene2011Perry, Shannon A.B.StudentAppalachian Studies - Student, ASU