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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Perspectives on Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Taiwanese Health Insurance System2013Chuang, Charles StudentManagement - Student, ASU
Perverting Evolutionary Narratives of Heterosexual Masculinity Or, Getting Rid of the Hetero...1999McCaughey, Martha FacultySociology, ASU
A Phenomenological Inquiry Into Systemic Music Therapy to Accompany the Grief Journey of a ...2013Rayburn, Allison D.StudentMusic - Student, ASU
A Phenomenological Study of High School Biology Teachers’ Perceptions of the North Carolina ...2011Campany, Kay HudkinsStudentEducational Leadership - Student, ASU
Phenomenon of Declining Anxiety Sensitivity Scores: A Controlled Investigation2009Broman-Fulks, Joshua FacultyPsychology, ASU
Phylogeny of the critically endangered North American spinymussels (Unionidae: Elliptio and ...2014Perkins, Michael StudentBiology - Student, ASU
Phylogeography and Mating System of Spiraea Virginiana Britton: A Multi-Scale Exploration of...2010Pate, Sarah JoStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Phylogeography of American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L., Araliaceae): Implications for Co...2013Lockstadt, Ciara MarinaStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Phylogeography of a Coastal Grass in Eastern North America: Reconstructing an Evolutionary H...2011Hodel, Richard Groth JonesStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Physician’s Personal and Practice Use of CAM Therapies in a Rural Community in the Southeas...2006Martz, Denise M. FacultyPsychology, ASU
Phytosaur (Archosauria: Parasuchidae) cranial and mandibular material from the Upper Triassi...2003Heckert, Andrew B. FacultyGeology, ASU
A phytosaur skull from the Upper Triassic Snyder quarry (Petrified Forest Formation, Chinle ...2002Heckert, Andrew B. FacultyGeology, ASU
Picturing Pleasure: Fanny Stevenson and Beatrice Grimshaw in the Pacific Islands2009Waldroup, Heather L. FacultyArt, ASU
Pigouvian Tax Aversion and Inequity Aversion in the Lab2010Cherry, Todd FacultyEconomics, ASU
A Pilot Study To Investigate The Effects Of Imperceptible Wrist Vibration On The Corticospin...2016Nagy, Tibor Ferenc StudentBiology - Student, ASU
Piscatorial Protestants: Angling, Religion, and Nature in Nineteenth-Century America2012Lane, Albert BrentonStudentHistory - Student, ASU
Placebo Expectancies as a Mechanism in the Psychological and Physiological Benefits of Physi...2010Wullimann, Simon StudentPsychology - Student, ASU
Plant Inventory Of Random Sites At The Appalachian State Sustainable Development Teaching An...2016Mize, Charles StudentSustainable Development - Student, ASU
Playing Favorites? U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Kosovo and Palestine2010Miller, Lauren BrianaStudentGovernment and Justice Studies - Student , ASU
Plethora of Plastics: Lesson Plan2016Baird, Alana FacultyMathematical Sciences, ASU
Pliocene (latest Hemphillian and Blancan) vertebrate fossils from the Mangas Basin, southwes...1997Heckert, Andrew B. FacultyGeology, ASU
Police Perception of the Effectiveness of Megan’s Law on Sex Offenders2014Salsman, Andrea PaigeStudentGovernment and Justice Studies - Student , ASU
Policing possession of child pornography online: Investigating the training and resources de...2010Marcum, Cathy FacultyGovernment and Justice Studies, ASU
Political and Socioeconomic Indicators of State Restrictiveness Toward Abortion1992Strickland, Ruth Ann FacultyGovernment and Justice Studies, ASU