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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Conformity Behavior In Schizophrenics1979Garner, Thomas MitchellStudentPsychology - Student, ASU
Correlates Of Subjective Well-Being In Chronically Ill Older Persons1982Graham, Katherine ShelleyStudentPsychology - Student, ASU
A Correlation Of Prejudice With Creativity1974Green, Gloria DianeStudentPsychology - Student, ASU
A Correlational Study Of The Clyde Mood Scale And The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inve...1974Franklin, Larry DouglasStudentPsychology - Student, ASU
Decision To Return To Sport After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction, Part I: A Quali...2018Howard, Jennifer FacultyHealth and Exercise Science, ASU
The Development Of A Neurotic Styles Inventory1979Siek, Beth D.StudentPsychology - Student, ASU
The Development Of The Parole Success Scale1977Boykin, Lynn StudentPsychology - Student, ASU
Differences In Personality Characteristics Of A Younger Male Sibling In A Two-Child Family A...1982Reedy, John ArthurStudentPsychology - Student, ASU
The Effect Of Cottage Parent Expectancy On Reinforcement Administered To Oppositional Childr...1974Page, Charles NormanStudentClinical Psychology - Student, ASU
The Effect Of Error-Produced Frustration On Subsequent Error1972Buchanan, Stephen R.StudentPsychology - Student, ASU
The Effect Of Fin Length Changes On Apparent Shaft Length And Depth In The Muller-Lyer Illus...2021Jaeger, Ted StudentPsychology - Student, ASU
The Effect Of Learned Helplessness On Group Problem Solving Efficiency2022Ricciardelli, David V.StudentClinical Psychology - Student, ASU
The Effects Of Academic Achievement On Self Concept Of The Early Elementary Student1978Gennett, Shelby DallamStudentPsychology - Student, ASU
The Effects Of Alcohol Dosage And Dosage Expectancy On Aggressiveness And Assertiveness1978Kreutzer, Jeffrey ScottStudentPsychology - Student, ASU
The Effects Of Behavioral And Cognitive Therapy With Depressed Adolescent Inpatients1977Hood, Ronald RoyStudentPsychology - Student, ASU
Effects Of Both Anxiety Producing And Non-Anxiety Producing Instructions On Task Performance...1973Smith, Michael D.StudentPsychology - Student, ASU
The Effects Of Competition And Noncompetition On Productivity1978Hutchison, Tyler NyeStudentPsychology - Student, ASU
The Effects Of Concentrative Meditation, Receptive Meditation, And A Perceptual-Motor Task U...1982Colby, Faulder StudentPsychology - Student, ASU
The Effects Of Concrete And Abstract Reinforcement On The Performance Of Institutionalized R...1974Jones, Terrance DouglasStudentPsychology - Student, ASU
The Effects Of Current Deprivation On Exploratory Behavior1977Blakley, Barry StudentPsychology - Student, ASU
The Effects Of Developmental Guidance Activities On The Promotion Of Psychological Growth Of...1978Gentry, Betsy LouStudentCounselor Education and Research - Student, ASU
The Effects Of Experimental Deception In Behavior Research: A Replication Of The ASCH Confor...1973Bland, William D.StudentPsychology - Student, ASU
The Effects Of Exteroceptive Feedback VS. Instructional Sets On Cardiac Rate Control1979Suggs, Donald LeeStudentPsychology - Student, ASU
The Effects Of Feedback And Strength Of The Nervous System On Cardiac Rate Control2021McDaniel, William F.StudentPsychology - Student, ASU
The Effects Of Feedback Upon Attending Behavior1974Gallagher, M. Brooks StudentPsychology - Student, ASU