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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
The Adsorption Of Cobalt Ions By Clay Minerals1981Feeney, David GeraldStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
Analysis Of The Mineral Monazite For Rare-Earths And Associated Metals1966Hall, Seymour GeraldStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
A Chemical Assessment Of Airborne Particle Sources In Spruce Pine, NC1982Breiner, Steven JayStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
Correlations Among Visual Range, Aerosol Sulfate Level, And Relative Humidity In The Mountai...1982Wilson, David CharlesStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
The Effect Of Lead Tutoring At Appalachian State University On Grades And Student Confidence...2020Carter, Jordan A.StudentChemistry - Student, ASU
The Effect Of Some Anions On The Coordination Of Aluminum III By Dimethylformamide (DMF) Usi...1977Burns, J. HarrisonStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
An Experimental Polarographic Investigation Of Some Trans-Dichlorobis (Substituted Aniline) ...1972Chittam, Lester WadeStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
Flavonoid Isolation, Identification And Chemotaxonomy Of Trichipteris Sp. (Cyatheaceae)1977Mustaklem, Jack FarahStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
The Indirect Determination Of Enzyme Kinetics Using Capillary Electrophoresis With Chemilumi...2021Portagallo, Gracie StudentChemistry - Student, ASU
An Infrared Investigation Of Alkaline Earth Chelates Of N-Hydroxyethylethylenediaminetriacet...1969Bluemel, Sarah McDuffieStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
An Investigation By Infrared Spectroscopy Of The Crystalline Order In Stereoregular Polyprop...1965Loos, Jr., Earl DonStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
An Investigation Of The Infrared Spectra Of The Rare Earth Acetylacetonates And Oxalates1966Morris, Terry LesterStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
An Investigation Of A Method Of Preparation Of Boron Trifluoride From Colemanite (2CaO-3B2O3...1967Rhyne, Thomas CrowellStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
An Investigation Of A Method Of Preparation Of Boron Trifluoride From Colemanite (2CaO-3B2O3...1969Cooke, William MarcusStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
An Investigation Of The Orientation Texture In Stereoregular Polypropylene Films1969Snider, Jr., Albert MonroeStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
An Investigation Of The Structure Of Fractionated Stereoregular Polypropylene By Polarized I...1967Putnam, Wallace McBrideStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
An Investigation Of The Structure Of Polyacrylonitrile1965Overbay, Alfred BenjaminStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
Meteorological Modeling Of Ozone Concentrations In Western North Carolina1991Mock, Melanie AnnStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
Modeling Ozone Concentrations Using Meteorological Variables1990Thomas, Terry LeeStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
Molecular Weight Investigation Of Polystyrene By Light Scattering, Osmometry, And Viscosity ...1976Bradford, William WillsStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
A New Spectrophotometric Method For The Determination Of Manganese With N,N,N'N'-Tetrakis (2...1965McKenzie, Jerry WellonsStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
The Preparation And Exchange Reactions Of Certain Dialkylmagnesium Compounds1967Atwood, Gelene AndrewsStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
The Preparation And Study Of The Properties Of Polymers Of 1,1'-Ferrocenedicarboxylic Acid1965Greene, James CarsonStudentChemistry - Student, ASU
The Reduction Of 2-Acetyl-1, 3-Indanedione Oxime With Formic Acid1972Gwaltney, John M.StudentChemistry - Student, ASU
A Structural Study Of 66 Nylon Fibers And Films By Iodine Sorption1967Painter, Benjamin ThomasStudentChemistry - Student, ASU