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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
The Aging Woman in Popular Film: Underrepresented, Unattractive, Unfriendly, and Unintellige...1997Bazzini, Doris FacultyPsychology, ASU
Alcohol in the Movies: Characteristics of Drinkers and Nondrinkers in Films from 1940-19891999Bazzini, Doris FacultyPsychology, ASU
The Allurement of Ethnonationalism in Nigerian Politics: The Contemporary Debate1994Udogu, E. Ike FacultyGovernment and Justice Studies, ASU
An Analysis of the Efficient Market Theory: Active Versus Passive Investment Management in E...2011Hopkins, Brandy ElaineStudentBusiness, ASU
"And Now a Word From..." and "Answer This"2002Wood, Cynthia FacultyCultural, Gender, and Global Studies, ASU
Anxiety Sensitivity and Retaliatory Aggressive Behavior in Research Volunteers2007Broman-Fulks, Joshua FacultyPsychology, ASU
The appropriation of endogenously provided common-pool resources2013Cherry, Todd FacultyEconomics, ASU
Are the Beautiful Good in Hollywood? An Investigation of the Beauty and Goodness Stereotype ...1999Bazzini, Doris FacultyPsychology, ASU
Are C02 Emission Levels Converging Among Industrial Countries?2003Strazicich, Mark FacultyEconomics, ASU
Are incomes converging among OECD countries? Time series evidence with two structural breaks...2004Strazicich, Mark FacultyEconomics, ASU
Are Item-Level Strategy Shifts Abrupt and Collective? Age Differences in Cognitive Skill Acq...2006Touron, Dayna FacultyPsychology, ASU
Are online auction markets efficient? An empirical study of market liquidity and abnormal re...2009Spaulding, Trent FacultyHealth Care Management, ASU
Are political freedoms converging?2004Strazicich, Mark FacultyEconomics, ASU
Are State and Provincial Governments Tax Smoothing? Evidence from Panel Data1996Strazicich, Mark FacultyEconomics, ASU
Are universities creating millennial narcissistic employees?2012Bergman, Shawn FacultyPsychology, ASU
Are we protecting our youth online? An examination of the lack of policies and programs keep...2007Marcum, Cathy FacultyGovernment and Justice Studies, ASU
Arizona’s Jurassic Fossil Vertebrates and the Age of the Glen Canyon Group2005Heckert, Andrew B. FacultyGeology, ASU
Arousal and Mood Factors in the "Mozart Effect"2000Steele, Kenneth FacultyPsychology, ASU
‘'An Art That Nature Makes’?: Shakespeare’s Ambiguous Garden in The Winter’s Tale2010Burnette, Amy KatherineStudentEnglish, ASU
Ask Me No Question, I'll Tell You No Lies: Does the Bradley Effect Still Exist?2008Ardoin, Phillip FacultyGovernment and Justice Studies, ASU
Assessing Criminal Justice Practice Using Social Justice Theory2010Robinson, Matthew B. FacultyGovernment and Justice Studies, ASU
Assessing Impacts of Rural Gentrification on an Appalachian Community in Watauga County, NC2010Saunders, Brandon ScottStudentGeography and Planning, ASU
Assessing Public Perceptions of Computer-Based Models2004Cockerill, Kristan FacultyCultural, Gender, and Global Studies, ASU
Assessing Sex Experiences of Online Victimization: An Examination of Adolescent Online Behav...2010Marcum, Cathy FacultyGovernment and Justice Studies, ASU
Assessing Wesley Wildman’s Religious Philosophy as Multidisciplinary Comparative Inquiry2012Schilbrack, Kevin FacultyPhilosophy and Religion, ASU