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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
An Adaptation of the Coping Cat Program: The Successful Treatment of a 6-Year-Old Boy With G...2012Michael, Kurt D.FacultyPsychology, ASU
An Adaptation of the Coping Cat Program: The Successful Treatment of a 6-Year-Old Boy With G...2012Albright, Abby E.FacultyPsychology - Student, ASU
Adaptive and Maladaptive Narcissism among University Faculty, Clergy, Politicians, and Libra...1998Hill, Robert FacultyPsychology, ASU
ADHD Comorbidities: Handbook for ADHD Complications in Children and Adults 2010Canu, Will FacultyPsychology, ASU
Administrative Data Versus Corrected Administrative Data2003Price, Jammie FacultyPast faculty member, ASU
Admitting Their Worlds: Reflections of a Teacher/Researcher on the Self-Initiated Art Making...2009Grube, Victoria FacultyArt, ASU
The advocacy coalition framework and implementation of the Endangered Species Act: a case st...1998Ellison, Brian A. FacultyPast faculty member, ASU
Aerosol-Precipitation Interactions in the Southern Appalachian Mountains2011Kelly, Ginger MarieStudentGeography and Planning - Student , ASU
Aetosaurs (Archosauria:Stagonolepididae) from the Upper Triassic (Revueltian) Snyder Quarry2003Heckert, Andrew B. FacultyGeology, ASU
Affordable Family Rental Housing: Successful Practices in Massachusetts Communities2005Tighe, J. Rosie FacultyPast Faculty Member, ASU
African Americans in the Republican Party: Choosing the Road Less Traveled2006Ardoin, Phillip FacultyGovernment and Justice Studies, ASU
After We Deconstruct Religion, Then What? A Case For Critical Realism2013Schilbrack, Kevin FacultyPhilosophy and Religion, ASU
Age and Sex Differences in Orofacial Strength2011Clark, Heather FacultyPast Faculty Member, ASU
Age Differences in Item-Manipulation Span: The Case of Letter-Number Sequencing2007Emery, Lisa FacultyPsychology, ASU
Age Differences in Proactive Interference, Working Memory, and Reasoning2008Emery, Lisa FacultyPsychology, ASU
Age-Related Changes in Neural Activity During Performance Matched Working Memory Manipulatio...2008Emery, Lisa FacultyPsychology, ASU
Aged Rats: Sex Differences and Responses to Chronic Stress2006Zrull, Mark C. FacultyPsychology, ASU
Aging Inmates: A Convergence of Trends in the American Criminal Justice System2007Rosenberg, Ed FacultySociology, ASU
The Aging Woman in Popular Film: Underrepresented, Unattractive, Unfriendly, and Unintellige...1997Bazzini, Doris FacultyPsychology, ASU
Alcohol in the Movies: Characteristics of Drinkers and Nondrinkers in Films from 1940-19891999Bazzini, Doris FacultyPsychology, ASU
ALA Disaster Relief for Nepal: Impact on Libraries2015Cramer, Elizabeth FacultyUniversity Libraries, ASU
The Allurement of Ethnonationalism in Nigerian Politics: The Contemporary Debate1994Udogu, E. Ike FacultyGovernment and Justice Studies, ASU
An American Drama: The Debate of Slavery in Ante-bellum Theatre2015Winstead, Molly StudentHistory - Student, ASU
Anal Cleansing Practices And Fecal Contamination: A Preliminary Investigation Of Behaviors A...2011Rheingans, Richard FacultySustainable Development, ASU
An Analysis of the Efficient Market Theory: Active Versus Passive Investment Management in E...2011Hopkins, Brandy ElaineStudentBusiness - Student, ASU