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Zadie Smith’s NW: A Compass in Sad Multicultural Land (Student Work)2014Custer, Heather ChildressMaster of ArtsEnglish - Student, ASU
Young Jesters and Old Fools: Jesting and Male Youth Masculinity in Seventeenth-Century Engla... (Student Work)2013Harville, Misty Master of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Wrongful Convictions: Reasons, Remedies, and Case Studies (Student Work)2014Morgan, Brittnay L.Master of ScienceGovernment and Justice Studies - Student , ASU
Writing in the Now: Cultural Consciousness and Critical Pedagogy in the Information Age of C... (Student Work)2013Hendricks, Crystal ReneeMaster of ArtsEnglish - Student, ASU
The Writing I: Re-Articulating First-Person Narrative in the Composition Classroom (Student Work)2010Blumberg, Dean Master of ArtsEnglish - Student, ASU
The Worlds of Edna St. Vincent Millay (Student Work)2015Lewis, Jenna Master of ArtsEnglish - Student, ASU
A Woman’s Place: Decolonizing Femininity Within American Indian Representations Of Women In ... (Student Work)2019Williams, Cheyenne AbigailMaster of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Wives Versus Career Women In Eleven Novels Of Sinclair Lewis: A Study Of Twentieth-Century M... (Student Work)1965Clites, Joyce BurnettMaster of ArtsEnglish - Student, ASU
With God On Our Side: Clerical Support Of Secession And The Confederate War Effort In North ... (Student Work)2021Waddell, Joshua LeeMaster of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Wireless Data Acquisition For Apiology Applications (Student Work)2013Rice, Luke AldridgeMaster of ScienceComputer Science - Student, ASU
Winter Climate Variability In The Southern Appalachian Mountains, 1910-2017 (Student Work)2017Eck, Montana AlanMaster of ArtsGeography and Planning - Student, ASU
The Wilmington-New Hanover County Consolidation Election, February 27, 1973: A Study Of Cons... (Student Work)1973Kornegay, Ralph B.Master of ArtsPolitical Science - Student, ASU
Willingness to Pay for High Country Farm Tour (Student Work)2012Kniceley, Jeff Master of Business AdministrationBusiness - Student, ASU
William S. Whiting Logging Railroads: An Historical Geography, 1900-1925 (Student Work)2003Quinn, Joseph H.Master of ArtsGeography and Planning - Student, ASU
Willard Watson And His Oral Narratives: An Analysis With Edited Texts (Student Work)1985Huntley, David EugeneMaster of ArtsEnglish - Student, ASU
Will You Lie Even If I’ll Find Out? The Dark Triad, Deception, And Ex Post Transparency (Student Work)2017Harris, Samantha Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Wilderness Imagery in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM): A Phenomenological... (Student Work)2014Honig, Timothy J.Master of Music TherapyMusic - Student, ASU
Wild-Type And Matrix Protein Mutant Strains Of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Differentially Mod... (Student Work)2021Sizemore, Dalton PatrickMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
A Wife's Dilemma: Legal And Extralegal Responses To Patriarchy And Domestic Violence In Colo... (Student Work)2009Wisnoski III, Alexander LeonardMaster of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Whole Body Heat Shock Attenuates Impact-Induced Skeletal Muscle Damage In Mice (Student Work)2019Godwin, Joshua Master of ScienceHealth and Exercise Science - Student, ASU
Who Is Better At Identifying At-Risk Behavior? Leader Versus Employee Processes To Implement... (Student Work)2020Laske, Matthew M.Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Who Am I Now? A Question of Creek Identity, 1830-1907 (Student Work)2013Patterson, Daniel AnthonyMaster of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
A Whistling Girl And A Crowing Hen Always Come To Some Bad End: The Singing Traditions Of Th... (Student Work)2008Pepper, Susan GrahamMaster of ArtsAppalachian Studies - Student, ASU
When You Can’t “Phone Home”: Subversive Politics Of The Foreign Other In E.T.: The Extra-Ter... (Student Work)2017Harvey, Samantha GeneMasters of ArtsEnglish - Student, ASU
When Representations Are Not Enough: Gendered And Sexual Violence, Pain, And Trauma In Graph... (Student Work)2021Sedlacek, Emily Master of ArtsEnglish - Student, ASU
What’s The Damage? Covid-19 Academic Impact Among High School Students (Student Work)2021Melzer, Austin MichaelMaster of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
‘What Means These Tears?’: Intersections Of Grief And Gender In Early Modern England (Student Work)2017Lawson, Betsy Master of ArtsEnglish - Student, ASU
Website Filtering: An Evaluation of Local Education Agencies (Student Work)2010Warren, Alan MichaelMaster of ArtsLeadership and Educational Studies - Student, ASU
Wearable Sensors For Personal Temperature Exposure Assessments: A Comparative Study (Student Work)2019Bailey, Elizabeth Master of ArtsGeography and Planning - Student, ASU
Weaponized Landscapes: An Environmental History Of The Battle Of Okinawa And Its Aftermath (Student Work)2019Keiser, Jr., Kennon HowellMaster of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Watermelon Supplementation to Improve Systemic Atherosclerotic Risk Factor Biomarkers in Ove... (Student Work)2015Carson, Lauren Tabitha Master of ScienceHealth and Exercise Science - Student, ASU
Watauga College And The Professionalization Of Student Affairs, A Case Study (Student Work)2017Nicholls, Samuel A.Master of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Wastewater Treatment Plant Influences On Macroinvertebrate Assemblage, Functional Feeding Gr... (Student Work)2018Park, Kelli Master of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
The Wars Of The Sects: The Cao Dai, Hoa Hao, And Binh Xuyen Insurrections, Cochinchina, 1940... (Student Work)1974Suggs, William HaroldMaster of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Warm Season Hydroclimatic Variability And Change In The Appalachian Region Of The Southeaste... (Student Work)2019Kinlaw, Timothy KeithMaster of ArtsGeography and Planning - Student, ASU
Wachovia As The Pennsylvania Culture Area Extended: A Study Of Town Morphology (Student Work)1987Enscore, Susan IreneMaster of ArtsGeography and Planning - Student, ASU
Vibriobactin Mediated Biofilm Formation in Vibrio cholerae (Student Work)2013Angotti, Anthony DavidMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Suppresses The Phagocytic Capacity Of A Tumor-Promoting Macrophag... (Student Work)2021Simmons, Austin GrantMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Ventilatory Dynamics And Exertional Dyspnea During Respiratory Challenges In Young Adults Wi... (Student Work)2021Province, Valesha M.Master of ScienceHealth and Exercise Science - Student, ASU
A Vegetational Characterization Of Cliff Faces In The Linville Gorge Wilderness Area (Student Work)1998Smith, Peter Master of SciencePsychology & Biology - Student, ASU
Vegetation Structure And Interspecific Interactions Predict Distribution And Abundance Of So... (Student Work)2017Thomas, Austin MaxwellMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Vegetation Responses To Grazing In A High Elevation, Southern Appalachian Wet Meadow (Student Work)2000Geissinger, Karen ElizabethMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Vegetation Dynamics of a Carolina Hemlock Community at Bluff Mountain, North Carolina, USA (Student Work)2012Austin, David AlanMaster of ArtsGeography and Planning - Student , ASU
The Vascular Flora of Three Top Mountain Game Land Preserve, Ashe County, North Carolina (Student Work)2011Jenkins, Andrew PatrickMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Vascular Flora Of The Sim's Pond Area (Student Work)1972Livengood, Joseph MichaelMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and its effect on the fluid dynamic and epithelia of the ... (Student Work)2010Rhyne, Scott BradyMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
The Values Of Science Workshops In Gaston County (Student Work)1956McIntosh, Rosabelle FayeMaster of ArtsEducation - Student, ASU
Validity of Ultrasound Velocity to detect changes in the hydration status of Male and Female... (Student Work)2015Calhoun, Mason Master of Science in Exercise ScienceHealth and Exercise Science - Student, ASU
Utilization of Transmission Electron Microscopy to Visulize Skeletal Muscle Damage Following... (Student Work)2015Ray, Betty Ann Master of Science Biology - Student, ASU
The Utility of CNS Vital Signs as an Indicator of Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Diso... (Student Work)2010Cook, Jared F.Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU