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“’Sheart, man, pass o’er the history and commence thy fabrication!”: The Two Sot-Weed Factor... (Student Work)2015Staton, Matthew Ryan Master of ArtsEnglish - Student, ASU
Abbreviated Historical Structure Report On The Lucas Mansion In Hiddenite, North Carolina (Student Work)2017Simmerman, Leah Masters Of ScienceSustainable Technology & The Built Env. - Student, ASU
Acceptance And Commitment Therapy And Heavy Episodic Drinking Among College Students: An Exa... (Student Work)2019Kirkpatrick, Jamie Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Acceptance In Stuttering Therapy: A Clinician Perspective (Student Work)2018Sheehan, Caitlin Master of ScienceCommunication Sciences and Disorders - Student, ASU
Acceptance-Based Interventions For Direct Care Staff: An Assessment Of Need (Student Work)2016Erath, Tyler Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Accounting Practices Of Cacao Farmers In Southern Belize (Student Work)2016McKinney, Cody Bachelor of ScienceAccounting - Student, ASU
Achievement Motivation In Hispanic University Students: Associations With Reasons For Attend... (Student Work)2017Gizdarska, Simona Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Acolyte Of Nature: Spirituality In Faulkner’s Wilderness (Student Work)2018Mize, Brendan ConorMaster of ArtsEnglish - Student, ASU
Acoustic Emission Characterization of Six Wind Turbines: A Diagnostic Tool to Isolate, Ident... (Student Work)2012Kirchner, Jon C.Master of ScienceTechnology and Environmental Design - Student, ASU
Activity Patterns And Population Biology In The Terrestrial Salamander Community At Saddle M... (Student Work)1998Lapp, Kevin DeanMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Adaptive Segmentation Of Cardiovascular Vessels (Student Work)2019Cole, Erik J.Master of ScienceComputer Science - Student, ASU
Addressing Resource Intermittency Through Co-Locating Utility-Scale Wind And Pv Systems: Str... (Student Work)2017O'Brien, Robert JamesMaster Of Science In TechnologySustainable Technology & The Built Env. - Student, ASU
An Administrator's Perceptions Of Political Influence Imposed Upon Administrators Of Environ... (Student Work)1976Edsel, William MartinMaster of ArtsPolitical Science - Student, ASU
Adolescents In Crisis: A Geographic Exploration Of Help-Seeking Behavior Using Data From Cri... (Student Work)2018Thompson, Laura Master of ArtsGeography and Planning - Student, ASU
The Adsorption Of Cobalt Ions By Clay Minerals (Student Work)1981Feeney, David GeraldMaster of ScienceChemistry - Student, ASU
Adult ADHD Traits And Selective Visual Attention (Student Work)2020Mondlak, Zachery Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Adult Attachment And Workplace Romance Motives: An Examination Of The Association Between Ro... (Student Work)2017Belinda, Casher Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Advocating Scientism, 1963-2013 (Student Work)2014James, Dylan Master of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Aerosol-Precipitation Interactions in the Southern Appalachian Mountains (Student Work)2011Kelly, Ginger MarieMaster of ArtsGeography and Planning - Student , ASU
Against The Odds: Preschoolers, Like Adults, Predict Outcomes That Are Desirable But Unlikel... (Student Work)2016Morgan, Zachary HollingsworthMaster of Arts in Experimental PsychologyPsychology - Student, ASU
Agents Of The Devil?: Women, Witchcraft, And Medicine In Early America (Student Work)2018Parker, Jewel CarrieMaster of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Aggressive Behavioral Effects Of Display Water By Dominant And Subordinate Siamese Fighting ... (Student Work)1978Vickery, J. DavidMaster of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Aggressive Behaviors Among College Students: Parental Factors, Callous-Unemotional Traits, A... (Student Work)2017Gruenwald, Chelsea ElisabethMaster of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Agrarianism, Industry, the Environment, and Change: Gold Mining in Antebellum North Carolina... (Student Work)2012Hauser, Jason LinwoodMaster of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Agrarian Reform and Agricultural Improvement in Lowland Scotland, 1750-1850 (Student Work)2013Haddix, Joshua David ClarkMaster of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Ajuga Turkestanica as a Countermeasure Against Sarcopenia and Dynapenia (Student Work)2012Lawrence, Marcus MichaelMaster of ScienceHealth and Exercise Science - Student, ASU
Alcohol Use and Blood Flow in College Men: The Relationship with Personality (Student Work)2015Belhumeur, Jacqueline Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Aleuts In A Changing Alaska: A Comparative Study Under Russian And American Rule (Student Work)2009Kaserman, Rebecca LynnMaster of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Alexa Skill Voice Interface For The Moodle Learning Management System (Student Work)2019Melton, Michelle Master of ScienceComputer Science - Student, ASU
Alkane Distribution And Chemotaxonomy Of Tree Ferns (Cyatheaceae) (Student Work)1972Vaughan, Thomas BurtonMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Alliances, Shared Identity, and Continued Cooperation (Student Work)2012Lemmons, David FrederickMaster of ArtsGovernment and Justice Studies - Student , ASU
Alpha Activity, Anxiety, And Distraction (Student Work)1976McDonald, Robert D.Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Always The Same Old Story: How Urban Legends Develop And Spread In Modern America (Student Work)2000Gardner, Stephanie SusetteMaster of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Ammonia excretion in the Atlantic hagfish, (Myxine glutinosa) (Student Work)2013Arnold, Justin MatthewMaster of ScienceBiology - Student , ASU
Ammonia Transportation Via Rhesus Glycoproteins In Lonhorned Sculpin (Myoxocephalus Octodece... (Student Work)2016Ellis, Laura VictoriaMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Amp Up The Wrappers: Multiple Metacognitive Wrappers Do Not Improve Student Academic Perform... (Student Work)2020Chambers, Jessica M.Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Anaerobic Digestion From the Laboratory to the Field: An Experimental Study Into the Scalab... (Student Work)2014Gamble, Kevin JamesMaster of ScienceTechnology and Environmental Design - Student, ASU
Anagram Solution Ability: A Function Of Verbal Intelligence (Student Work)1974Moon, Thomas W.Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
An Analysis And Application Of The Major Psychological Concepts For The Religious Educator-C... (Student Work)1960Methvin, R.H. Master of ArtsEducation - Student, ASU
An Analysis Of Biorhythms And The Effect On The Performance Of The Twenty Leading Lady Golf ... (Student Work)1976Jano, Bonnie L.Master of ArtsHealth, Physical Education & Recreation - Student, ASU
An Analysis Of Bureaucratic Wages And Levels Of Corruption (Student Work)2009Viens, Justin Master of ArtsGovernment and Justice Studies - Student, ASU
Analysis of Changes in Landfill Gas Output and the Economic Potential for Development of a L... (Student Work)2014Harrill, David JustinMaster of ScienceTechnology and Environmental Design - Student, ASU
An Analysis of the Efficient Market Theory: Active Versus Passive Investment Management in E... (Student Work)2011Hopkins, Brandy ElaineMaster of Business AdministrationBusiness - Student, ASU
An Analysis of Entries in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon 2011 with a Focus ... (Student Work)2012Royall, Chelsea Master of ScienceTechnology and Environmental Design - Student, ASU
Analysis Of Fossil Salamanders From Cheek Bend Cave, Maury County, Tennessee (Student Work)1992Miller, Jr., Mack DavisMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Analysis of the Function of Matrix Attachment Region-Binding Filament-Like Protein 1 (MFP1) ... (Student Work)2012Havighorst, Amanda RoseMaster of ArtsBiology - Student , ASU
An Analysis Of Literature Textbooks In The Secondary Schools Of North Carolina (Student Work)1953Hardy, Blanche NewsomeMaster of ArtsEducation - Student, ASU
An Analysis Of The Maury High School Public Relations Program As Attested To By The News App... (Student Work)1951Harris, Charles EverettMaster of ArtsEducation - Student, ASU
Analysis Of The Mineral Monazite For Rare-Earths And Associated Metals (Student Work)1966Hall, Seymour GeraldMaster of ArtsChemistry - Student, ASU
An Analysis Of Public Attitudes In Elizabethtown, North Carolina (Student Work)1976Wilkinson, Thomas W.Master of ArtsPolitical Science - Student, ASU