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Danish Borders of Identity:Dankshed, Social Capital, And Immigration (Student Work)2016Lawson, Elyse Cultural, Gender, and Global Studies - Student, ASU
Motivations to Attend College Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, And Queer Students (Student Work)2016Rawson, Kate Psychology - Student, ASU
Product Placement In Mad Men (Student Work)2016Dykes, Dave Communication - Student, ASU
Savagery on the Eastern Front: Hitler’s Policy of Annihilation in Russia (Student Work)2016Smith, Ian Bachelor of ArtsGovernment and Justice Studies - Student, ASU
Are Personality And Facebook Use Related To Depression And Anxiety (Student Work)2016Roberts, Caroline Bachelor of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Seeing India: A Hyperreal Yoga Fantasy (Student Work)2016Long, Rebecca ElizabethBachelor of ArtsAnthropology - Student, ASU
The Emerging Role Of The Physician Assistant In The Medical Field (Student Work)2016McCune, Haley Bachelor of ArtsNursing - Student, ASU
Informed Songwriting Practice For Music Therapy Treatment OF Childhood Speech Sound Disorder... (Student Work)2016McCluskey, Shelley Bachelor of Music in Music TherapyMusic - Student, ASU
Accounting Practices Of Cacao Farmers In Southern Belize (Student Work)2016McKinney, Cody Bachelor of ScienceAccounting - Student, ASU
The Mediterranean Diet And The Effects On Primary And Secondary Prevention Of Heart Disease (Student Work)2016Minyard, Kayla Bachelor Of ScienceNutrition and Health Care Management - Student, ASU
Plant Inventory Of Random Sites At The Appalachian State Sustainable Development Teaching An... (Student Work)2016Mize, Charles Bachelor of ScienceSustainable Development - Student, ASU
Influence Of Human Activity On The Stress-Hormone Levels And Nestling Growth Of Wild Breedin... (Student Work)2016Mroz, Kylee Bachelor Of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Exploring The Unknown: An Onomastic Analysis of 'Over The Garden Wall' (Student Work)2016Purcell, Krysta Bachelor of ScienceEnglish - Student, ASU
Transformation Of Arabidopsis Thaliana For Tandem Affinity Purification Of Chloroplast Prote... (Student Work)2016Rzasa, Rebecca Bachelor of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Bearing Witness: The Case For Holocaust Education In Public Schools (Student Work)2016Sealey, Robert Bachelor of ScienceHistory - Student, ASU
Campaign Finance Limitations As Protections Of Free Speech (Student Work)2016Sasser, Timothy Bachelor Of ScienceCommunication - Student, ASU
Coming Out Of The Congregation: An Interpretive Analysis Of The Communication Of Homosexuali... (Student Work)2016Williams, Jonathan Bachelor of ScienceCommunication - Student, ASU
Strategic Behavior At The Certiorari Stage Of The Supreme Court Of The United States (Student Work)2016Walker, Aaron Bachelor of ScienceGovernment and Justice Studies - Student, ASU
Conlangtionary: Prototyping a Language-Agnostic Dictionary For The Web (Student Work)2016Waldon, Christopher Bachelor of ScienceComputer Science - Student, ASU
The Effects Of Dehydration And Rehydration On Oxidative Stress Levels In Athletes As Determi... (Student Work)2016Vaudo, Kathleen Bachelor of ScienceHealth and Exercise Science - Student, ASU
Exercise-Induced Myokine Response Following 75-km Cycling (Student Work)2016Tolbert, Brandon Bachelor of ScienceHealth and Exercise Science - Student, ASU
Mapping Transgressions: The Road To Privacy (Student Work)2016Taylor, Cody Bachelor of ScienceGovernment and Justice Studies - Student, ASU
Exploring Possible Roles Of Organic Anion-Transporting Polypeptides In Invadopodia Function (Student Work)2016Tabor, George Bachelor of ScienceChemistry - Student, ASU
An Evaluation Of Coverage Of Autism Spectrum Disorders In Speech-Language Pathology Masters ... (Student Work)2016Stockstad, Marissa Bachelor of SciencePsychology - Student, ASU
The Influence of Ambiguity and Uncertainty on Wishful Thinking (Student Work)2016Smith, Cassandra, Bachelor of SciencePsychology - Student, ASU