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Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and its effect on the fluid dynamic and epithelia of the ... (Student Work)2010Rhyne, Scott BradyMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Variability Of Responses To A Test Of Morphology As A Function Of Mode Of Presentation (Student Work)1979Greene, Debra KayMaster of ArtsSpeech Pathology - Student, ASU
The Values Of Science Workshops In Gaston County (Student Work)1956McIntosh, Rosabelle FayeMaster of ArtsEducation - Student, ASU
A Validity Study Of The North Carolina Psychoeducational Screening Test (Student Work)1978Gorrell, Ralph W.Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Validity of Ultrasound Velocity to detect changes in the hydration status of Male and Female... (Student Work)2015Calhoun, Mason Master of Science in Exercise ScienceHealth and Exercise Science - Student, ASU
Utilization of Transmission Electron Microscopy to Visulize Skeletal Muscle Damage Following... (Student Work)2015Ray, Betty Ann Master of Science Biology - Student, ASU
The Utility of CNS Vital Signs as an Indicator of Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Diso... (Student Work)2010Cook, Jared F.Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Using Physiological Conditions To Assess Current And Future Wood Frog (Rana Sylvatica) Habit... (Student Work)2020Hastings, Thomas PatrickMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Using microdialysis to investigate the local skeletal muscle inflammatory response to resist... (Student Work)2011Pratt, Brian A.Master of ScienceHealth and Exercise Science - Student, ASU
Using Invitational Rhetoric To Read Silence, Women, And Nature In Chaucer’s The Canterbury T... (Student Work)2019Sasser, Rachel Master of ArtsEnglish - Student, ASU
Using Internet Technologies in the Composition Classroom (Student Work)2010Wilson, Brian ClarkMaster of ArtsEnglish - Student, ASU
Using Expectancy-Value Theory to predict intent to conform in elementary school students (Student Work)2015Wentworth, Bethany Master of Arts Psychology - Student, ASU
Using An Elevation Gradient As A Surrogate For Climate Warming To Understand The Effects On ... (Student Work)2016Wood, Lauren KathleenMaster of BiologyBiology - Student, ASU
Using cpDNA to Assess Species Delimitation between Liatris helleri Porter (Asteraceae) and L... (Student Work)2013Sullins, Patrick Master of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
The Use Of A Token Economy System In The Treatment Of School Delinquents (Student Work)1976Buffone, Gary WarrenMaster of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
The Use Of Time Delay As An Instructional Procedure With The Severely Handicapped (Student Work)1982Cole, Richard AlanMaster of ArtsSpecial Education - Student, ASU
The Use Of The Semantic Differential For Measuring Attitude Towards Speech Communication (Student Work)1979Walters, Court C.Master of ArtsSpeech Pathology & Audiology - Student, ASU
The Use of Rap Music in Music Therapy Treatment with Adolescents and Young Adults: A Survey (Student Work)2015Renshaw, Sarah Master of Music TherapyMusic - Student, ASU
Use Of A Patient-Generated Outcome Measure To Identify Those Symptoms And Activities Of Grea... (Student Work)2020Tinsley, Jennifer Master of ScienceHealth and Exercise Science - Student, ASU
The Use Of An Oxygen Sensor And A Carbon Dioxide Electrode To Study The Effects Of 2, 4-Dich... (Student Work)1980Rolfe, Paul B.Master of ScienceChemistry - Student, ASU
The Use Of Offender Background Variables As An Aid In Selecting Offenders For Prison Work An... (Student Work)1977Black, John BartowMaster of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
The Use of Music Therapy Informed by Motivational Interviewing With College Student Drinkers... (Student Work)2010Cloud, Jessica Joan PearsonMaster of Music TherapyMusic - Student, ASU
The Use Of Inertial Measurement Units To Perform Kinetic Analyses Of Sprint Acceleration And... (Student Work)2017Gurchiek, Reed Master Of ScienceHealth and Exercise Science - Student, ASU
The Use of Dreamwork with the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music: A Survey of Current ... (Student Work)2012Deans, Carole MargaretMaster of Music TherapyMusic - Student, ASU
The Use of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in Music Therapy: A Survey of Current Practice... (Student Work)2013Chwalek, Carolyn MarieMaster of Music TherapyMusic - Student, ASU
The Use Of Creative Arts In Music Therapy Supervision: A Sequential-Explanatory Mixed Method... (Student Work)2019Mercier, Amy ElizabethMaster of Music TherapyMusic Therapy - Student, ASU
Use of a Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention to Address Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity-... (Student Work)2013Eddy, Laura DownsMaster of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
The Use Of Behavior Rehearsal To Teach Phone Skills To Developmentally Delayed Adults (Student Work)1977Efstation, James FarthingMaster of ArtsClinical Psychology - Student, ASU
An urban forest in a rural town: biodiversity, ecosystem services, and management of trees o... (Student Work)2013Harkey, Jason CoitMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
An Unusual Succulent In The Appalachian Understory: Light Capture And Drought Tolerance In S... (Student Work)2017Cole, Catherine JeanMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Unmasking Religious Rule In Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure (Student Work)2021Gutierrez, Marcel Master of ArtsEnglish - Student, ASU
United States Economic And Military Assistance To China, 1937-1941 (Student Work)1972Daves, Norris WayneMaster of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
The Unintended Victims of Mass Incarceration: The Effect of Parental Incarceration on Childr... (Student Work)2012Edmonds, Cynthia RoseMaster of ScienceGovernment and Justice Studies - Student , ASU
Understanding How Western-Trained Music Therapists Incorporate Chinese Culture In Their Prac... (Student Work)2017Donley, Jessica MarieMaster of Music TherapyMusic - Student, ASU
Understanding Gender Patterns: Early Stage Development of a Gender Neutral Body Talk Scale (Student Work)2012Warren, Allison RaeMaster of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Understanding Computer Science Academic Performance Using Principal Components Analysis (Student Work)2017Smith, Christopher Master of ScienceComputer Science - Student, ASU
The Type I Interferon Anti-Viral Pathway Contributes To Macrophage Polarization Following In... (Student Work)2020Owen, Sylas Master of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Two Years of Aerosol Properties and Direct Radiative Effects Measured at a Representative So... (Student Work)2011Beuttell, William BullittMaster of SciencePhysics and Astronomy - Student, ASU
Two Methods For Increasing Self-Disclosure (Student Work)1980Potter, Jr., Benjamin FranklinMaster of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Twenty-Five Common Mosses Of Watauga County, North Carolina (Student Work)1969Bagnell, Jr., Charles RobertMaster of ArtsBiology - Student, ASU
“The Truth of It Is, She has Her Reasons for Procreating So Fast”: Maria Taylor Byrd’s Chall... (Student Work)2012Luthern, Allison Master of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Trust-Choice Incompatibility and the Role of Automatic Activation (Student Work)2011Conrad, Jacob N.Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Trophic Ecology Of An Imperiled Giant Salamander (Cryptobranchus A. Alleganiensis) In Southe... (Student Work)2019Yaun, Ashley Master of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
The Trolley Car Company of Mexico City and the Absence of Institutionalized Accounting: 1940... (Student Work)2013Bradley, John BenjaminMaster of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Treatment Of Pupil Misbehavior By Textbooks Used In Undergraduate Education Courses At Appal... (Student Work)1957Joyner, Judith RebeccaMaster of ArtsEducation - Student, ASU
Traumatic Brain Injury: Reclaiming ‘Self’ Through Voluntarism (Student Work)2017Reynolds, Jillian GraceMaster of ScienceCommunication Sciences and Disorders - Student, ASU
Transition And Inequality: Female Students At Appalachian State University, 1939-89 (Student Work)1998McGurk, Lisa AlannaMaster of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Transformation Of Arabidopsis Thaliana For Tandem Affinity Purification Of Chloroplast Prote... (Student Work)2016Rzasa, Rebecca Bachelor of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Transcriptomic Profiling Of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor-Induced Signature Genes In Hu... (Student Work)2019Johnson, MacKinsey DianeMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Transcriptional Regulation Of The Meis2 Locus (Student Work)2018Tennant, Megan DaleyMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU