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Characterization of the Meis2a Downstream Regulatory Element Dr-m2de1 (Student Work)2015Ferrara, Tyler Masters of ScienceBiology - Student , ASU
Characterization of the norspermidine/spermidine ABC-type transporter, PotABCD1, in Vibrio c... (Student Work)2015Sanders , Blake Edward Master of ScienceBiology - Student , ASU
Characterization of the Norspermidine/Spermidine Transport Protein, PotD1, in Vibrio cholera... (Student Work)2012Rutkovsky, Alexandria ColettMaster of ScienceBiology - Student , ASU
Characterization of the NspS-MbaA signaling system controlling biofilm formation from polyam... (Student Work)2015Sobe, Richard Master of ScienceBiology - Student , ASU
Characterization of Protein-Protein Interaction Within a Polyamine Responsive Signaling Syst... (Student Work)2012Pendergraft, Samuel SparrowMaster of ScienceBiology - Student , ASU
Characterization of the Vegetational Communities Associated with Ancient Juniperus Virginian... (Student Work)2010Nepal, Bal KrishnaMaster of ScienceBiology - Student , ASU
Characterizing Electrical Output of Sanyo HIT 195 Bifacial Photovoltaic Modules By Altering ... (Student Work)2012Sciara, Steven A.Master of ScienceTechnology and Environmental Design, ASU
“Charged with resistance”: An Ecocritical Reading of Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer an... (Student Work)2015Hawkins, Brendan Master of ArtsEnglish - Student, ASU
Chasing the Good Ol’ Boys and Girls of Wilkes County, North Carolina (Student Work)2013Lancaster, Aaron EnnisMaster of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Classification of Plants Using Images of their Leaves (Student Work)2010Shrestha, Biva Master of ScienceCIS & SCM - Student, ASU
Cliff Ecology of the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area (Student Work)2013Boggess, Laura M.Master of ScienceBiology - Student , ASU
ClockIt: Monitoring and Visualizing Student Software Development Profiles (Student Work)2010Rountree, Joshua JoelMaster of ScienceCIS & SCM - Student, ASU
Clothing Size Dissatisfaction: A Stronger Predictor of Size-related Avoidance than Body Mass... (Student Work)2011Maphis, Laura ElizabethMaster of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Cloud Computing at the University Level: A Study of Student Use of Cloud Computing Applicati... (Student Work)2011Taylor, Christopher WarrenMaster of Business AdministrationCIS & SCM - Student, ASU
Collaboration in Communities of Difference (Student Work)2010Tarrant, Seaton PatrickMaster of ArtsAppalachian Studies - Student, ASU
The College Persistence Questionnaire: Developing Scales to Assess Student Retention and Ins... (Student Work)2011Lindheimer, Jacob BenjaminMaster of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Committed Romantic Relationships in Couples with ADHD: Subtypes, Conflict Resolution and Sat... (Student Work)2010Tabor, Lindsey S.Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Common Language Infrastructure for Research (CLIR): Editing and Optimizing .NET Assemblies (Student Work)2012Windle, Shawn H.Master of ScienceComputer Science - Student, ASU
Comparative Memories: War Defeat and Historical Memory Formation in the Post-Civil War Ameri... (Student Work)2013Edmondson, Taulby HawthorneMaster of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Comparing Water Immersion Skin Wrinkling and Tilt Table Testing in a Young Healthy Populatio... (Student Work)2015French, Ricky Master of ScienceHealth and Exercise Science - Student, ASU
A Comparison Between Male and Female Strength to Body Mass Ratios and Varus/Valgus Knee Angl... (Student Work)2010Haines, Tracie LynnMaster of ScienceHealth and Exercise Science - Student, ASU
Comparison of Physiological Variables to Perceived Exertion During Aerobic and Anaerobic Exe... (Student Work)2013Vasquez, Ligia MariaMaster of ScienceHealth and Exercise Science - Student, ASU
Comparison of Squat Strength and Muscle Activity Between Female Athletes With Varus Versus V... (Student Work)2014Goodman, Courtney LeaMaster of ScienceHealth and Exercise Science - Student, ASU
Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Anxiety Sensitivity Index-3 (Student Work)2011Zawilinski, Laci L.Master of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
Conserved Non-Coding Element Derived Regulation of the Meis2.2 Homeobox Gene During Embryoni... (Student Work)2013Barrett, Cody EvanMaster of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU