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Comparative Memories: War Defeat and Historical Memory Formation in the Post-Civil War Ameri... (Student Work)2013Edmondson, Taulby HawthorneMaster of ArtsHistory, ASU
A Comparison Between Male and Female Strength to Body Mass Ratios and Varus/Valgus Knee Angl... (Student Work)2010Haines, Tracie LynnMaster of ScienceHealth, Leisure, and Exercise Science, ASU
Comparison of Physiological Variables to Perceived Exertion During Aerobic and Anaerobic Exe... (Student Work)2013Vasquez, Ligia MariaMaster of ScienceHealth, Leisure, and Exercise Science, ASU
Comparison of Squat Strength and Muscle Activity Between Female Athletes With Varus Versus V... (Student Work)2014Goodman, Courtney LeaMaster of ScienceHealth, Leisure, and Exercise Science, ASU
Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Anxiety Sensitivity Index-3 (Student Work)2011Zawilinski, Laci L.Master of ArtsPsychology, ASU
Conserved Non-Coding Element Derived Regulation of the Meis2.2 Homeobox Gene During Embryoni... (Student Work)2013Barrett, Cody EvanMaster of ScienceBiology, ASU
Contribution of IT through Microfinance: Establishing Socio-Economic Sustainability in Devel... (Student Work)2011Byers, Sarah MicheleMaster of Business AdministrationBusiness, ASU
Contribution of Rural Land Use to Floristic Diversity: A Multi-Scale Study of Organic Farms ... (Student Work)2010Smith, Stephanie LauraMaster of ArtsGeography and Planning, ASU
Conversations About Drinking: College Student Perceptions of Personal and Peer Drinking (Student Work)2012Smith, Sarah CourtneyMaster of ArtsPsychology, ASU
The Cost of Participation: Reducing Response Effort to Increase Participation and Quality in... (Student Work)2012Boitnott, Michael KeithMaster of ArtsPsychology, ASU
Course Engagement as a Mediator between Student-Instructor Personality Fit and Academic Outc... (Student Work)2010Lackey, Matthew W.Master of ArtsPsychology, ASU
The Cultural History and Future of Sheep Farming in the High Country (Student Work)2011Jarrell, Tracy TurnerMaster of ArtsAppalachian Studies, ASU
Current Use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication in Music Therapy: A Survey and Cas... (Student Work)2012Roberts, Sarah MeganMaster of Music TherapyMusic, ASU
Can We Be Saved?: Edward Owings Guerrant and the Mission Movement on the Cumberland Plateau,... (Student Work)2012Akey, John AaronMaster of ArtsHistory, ASU
Dear Johnny Depp: Would You Please Buy the State of West Virginia? Autoethnography of an App... (Student Work)2012Corriher, Donna T.Master of ArtsEnglish, ASU
Decadal-Scale Trends in Forest Succession and Climatic Sensitivity in a Red Spruce-Fraser Fi... (Student Work)2010White, Philip BradleyMaster of ArtsGeography and Planning, ASU
Decision-Making in the Selection of Food Waste Diversion Systems for Boone, North Carolina: ... (Student Work)2014Kim, Hei-Young Master of ScienceTechnology and Environmental Design, ASU
Dehydration and Acute Weight Gain in Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Prior to Competition (Student Work)2012Jetton, Adam MontgomeryMaster of ScienceHealth, Leisure, and Exercise Science, ASU
Describing the Subtle Factors That Influence Moments of Interactive Responses During Music T... (Student Work)2014Barwick, Carey AnnMaster of Music TherapyMusic, ASU
Detection of Physiological and Affective Desensitization to Violent Video Games Using Facial... (Student Work)2012Read, Glenna LeeMaster of ArtsPsychology, ASU
Determining the Accuracy of Solar Trackers (Student Work)2013Sabry, Muhammad SamiMaster of ScienceTechnology and Environmental Design, ASU
Determining Mean Grain-Size in High Gradient Streams With Autocorrelative Digital Image Proc... (Student Work)2010Penders, Carla AnnMaster of SciencePhysics and Astronomy, ASU
Detritivore Diversity or Dominant Species: What Drives Detrital Processing? (Student Work)2010Rollins, Mark AlanMaster of ScienceBiology, ASU
Developing New Morphological, Geographic, and Molecular Tools to Circumscribe Hexastylis nan... (Student Work)2013Wagner, Jacqueline ReneeMaster of ScienceBiology, ASU
The Development of Bridging and Bonding Social Capital Among Sudanese Refugees in Guilford ... (Student Work)2010Ziegler, Sandra KathleenMaster of ArtsGeography and Planning, ASU