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¡Cómo produce la tierra! A Documentary on Life, Land, Family and Food Among Mexican-American... (Student Work)2015Logsdon, Kenneth Bachelor of ScienceAnthropology - Student, ASU
Abrahamic Religions And Terrorism: The Common Themes And Power Of Politics (Student Work)2020Parker, Alexander D.Bachelor of ArtsPhilosophy and Religion - Student, ASU
Absolut Vodka Media Plan 2019 (Student Work)2018Adams, Maria Bachelor of ArtsCommunication - Student, ASU
Accessibility over Appeal: Developing Classical Music Audiences through Community (Student Work)2015Knotts, Anna Bachelor of ScienceCommunication - Student, ASU
The Acolytes of Being: A Definition of "Transcendence" in German History and Politics (Student Work)2015Long , Emily Bachelor of Arts History - Student, ASU
The Adequacy And Impact Of Financial Literacy Education In The United States (Student Work)2018Hamiter, Madeline Bachelor of ScienceFinance, Banking, and Insurance - Student, ASU
ADHD Traits, Emotion Dysregulation, And Romantic Relationship Satisfaction In College Studen... (Student Work)2020Davenport, Toria ReneeBachelor of SciencePsychology - Student, ASU
The Advertising Effectiveness Of Anthropomorphic Spokes Characters Versus Spokespeople In A ... (Student Work)2020Edwards, Abigail H.Bachelor of ScienceMarketing - Student, ASU
Advertising In An Assembled Franchise: Utilizing Product Placement As Storytelling Instrumen... (Student Work)2019Clark, Jean-Luc Bachelor of ScienceCommunication - Student, ASU
Age Differences In Emotional Response To Future Events (Student Work)2018Steinbicker, Natalie Bachelor of SciencePsychology - Student, ASU
Alphabet Knowledge Interventions And Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Need For Mnemonics Or Motiv... (Student Work)2020Poythress, Haley ChristineBachelor of SciencePsychology - Student, ASU
Alternative Billing Structures For Watauga County Municipal Buildings (Student Work)2019Lorenzini, Katherine Bachelor of ScienceSustainable Technology & the Built Env. - Student, ASU
Alternative Food And Neoliberal Capitalism: Community Gardens, Food Justice, And The Creatio... (Student Work)2021Klinck, Aurelia FlemingBachelor of ScienceAnthropology - Student, ASU
An American Drama: The Debate of Slavery in Antebellum Theatre (Student Work)2015Winstead, Molly Bachelor of ArtsHistory - Student, ASU
Amicus Curiae Briefs In The United States Supreme Court (Student Work)2020Rentz, Bradley Bachelor of ScienceGovernment and Justice Studies - Student, ASU
Analysis Of Photochemical Compounds In Moringa Oleifera Leaves With Capillary Zone Electroph... (Student Work)2018Uribe-Rheinbolt, Franchesca Bachelor of ScienceChemistry - Student, ASU
An Analysis Of The Relationship Between Recent Electronic Data Breaches And Enacted Data Sec... (Student Work)2020Wilson, Christian M.Bachelor of ScienceCIS & SCM - Student, ASU
An Analysis Of Tools, Techniques, And Mathematics Involved In A Penetration Test (Student Work)2017Zuehlke, Andrew KerneyBachelor Of ScienceComputer Science - Student, ASU
An Analysis Of Violence Victimization, Substance Use, And Gender As Predictors Of Violence P... (Student Work)2018Codella, Enzo Bachelor of ArtsPsychology - Student, ASU
An Android Mobile App To Visualize ASU Wind Energy Production (Student Work)2017Anderson, Mikeal C.Bachelor of ScienceComputer Science - Student, ASU
Animals And The Law: Legal Subjects And Oppressed Objects In “The Black Cat” And “The Murder... (Student Work)2017Wharton, Joshua DanielBachelor of ArtsEnglish - Student, ASU
Anthropocene Writing: Ocracoke 2159 and Speculative Ethnography (Student Work)2019James, Patrick Bachelor of ArtsAnthropology - Student, ASU
Anti-Psychiatry And The Biomedical Model: From Delusion To Disorder (Student Work)2020Curtis-Warner, Logan CarolineBachelor of ArtsPhilosophy and Religion - Student, ASU
The Antibacterial Efficacy Of Ethanolic Whole-Leaf Moringa Oleifera Sub-Fractions On Escheri... (Student Work)2018Orders, Tanner MarcBachelor of ScienceBiology - Student, ASU
Anxiety Sensitivity And Risk-Taking Behaviors (Student Work)2015Dowd, Correy LynnBachelor of SciencePsychology - Student, ASU