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Murrell, Zack


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Phylogeography and Mating System of Spiraea Virginiana Britton: A Multi-Scale Exploration of the Biology of a Threatened Species 2010 799 This thesis explores the genetic structure and reproductive biology of Spiraea virginiana, a threatened shrub endemic to 2nd and 3rd order drainages in the southern Appalachians and Cumberland Plateau. I analyzed a dataset created with eight Inter S...
Developing New Morphological, Geographic, and Molecular Tools to Circumscribe Hexastylis naniflora 2013 419 Hexastylis Rafinesque is a genus of 11 species that is broken down into three groups. The Hexastylis Heterophylla subgroup contains three closely related species: H. heterophylla Small, H. minor Blomquist, and H. naniflora Blomquist. Hexastylis nanif...
Using cpDNA to Assess Species Delimitation between Liatris helleri Porter (Asteraceae) and Liatris turgida Gaiser 2013 114 Liatris helleri is a federally-threatened perennial species endemic to nine populations in Western North Carolina. Evidence suggests that L. helleri is morphologically indistinguishable from L. turgida, and thus should be subsumed into a single speci...