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Katz, Gabrielle


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The Effects of Stream Restoration on Woody Riparian Vegetation in the Northwestern North Carolina Mountain Region: A Comparative Study of Restored, Degraded, and Reference Stream Sites 2010 1059 Re-vegetation is nearly ubiquitous to stream restoration. This research examined the effects of restoration on woody riparian plant communities on temperate mountain headwater streams. We sampled 27 sites within restored, degraded, and reference gr...
Contribution of Rural Land Use to Floristic Diversity: A Multi-Scale Study of Organic Farms and Subdivisions in the Southern Appalachians 2010 856 In the rural countryside of the Southern Appalachians, a trend of land-use change from agriculture to exurban development continues to alter the landscape at multiple spatial scales. This research seeks to answer how such land-use trends alter specie...
Factors influencing restoration success of abandoned agricultural fields on the lower San Pedro River terraces, southeastern Arizona 2011 1441 Abandonment of agricultural fields is a common occurrence worldwide. Natural recovery, or succession, often occurs following land abandonment. However, in arid regions succession may not occur and active restoration techniques are sometimes used to ...