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Hartman, Todd


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Funhouse Mirrors: Do Polls Reflect Public Opinion or Refract Democracy? 2012 1425 The news media’s dissemination of public opinion polls has increased exponentially over the past decade. While most citizens treat polls as reliable sources of information upon which to base their political decisions, political scientists have decrie...
Mortal Morality: How Threat and Partisanship Influence Moral Judgment 2012 986 According to Moral Foundations Theory (MFT), ideologues’ moral judgments fundamentally diverge. Liberals resonate more with individual appeals (to issues of harm or fairness), while conservatives are more responsive to plights of the in-group. Extant...
Polling Place Priming: Studying the Effects of Patriotic Symbols on American Voter Choices 2013 339 Priming has been shown to have a powerful effect upon the mind of voters. Previous scholarship has demonstrated that something as simple as the location and surroundings of voters can modify their choices to a significant degree. Polling places in Am...