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Browning, Judkin


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The Isolation Factor: Differing Loyalties in the Mountain Counties of Watauga and Buncombe During the Civil War 2010 1217 This work closely examined the Civil War in Watauga County and Buncombe County while comparing their situations to the each other and the rest of Appalachia. After making a geographical profile of Union and Confederate enlistees, it was clear that t...
Comparative Memories: War Defeat and Historical Memory Formation in the Post-Civil War American South and Post-World War II Germany 2013 458 Defeat in war, and the humiliation that sometimes follows, creates memories of war and the defeated society that are often more myth than reality. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the American South following the American Civil War and Germa...
Propaganda against Propaganda: Deconstructing the Dominant Narrative of the Committee on Public Information 2014 469 Of the various interpretations of the World War I-era Committee on Public Information (CPI), one has emerged as the dominant narrative. This narrative utilizes common propaganda techniques and factual errors to present the CPI as a case study in the...